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Weight Loss and Maintenance – Lessons For Us All

Human nature is indeed very strange.

Sometimes they panic about their weight and want to lose their weight all of a sudden. And they go for the fastest way to lose weight. Once they achieve the goal, they return to their previous lifestyle, and that makes them gain their weight back. 

Once you lose weight and achieve the target, it is always easy to maintain it if you are a disciplined person. For maintaining the lost weight, we should follow certain disciplines, which include a healthy eating pattern, moderate exercise, and a happy mind. For many, weight gain can put them under the mental pressure of losing self-confidence. For those, it is always better to motivate them to include regular exercises and physical activities in their lifestyle to reduce their weight and to bring back their self-confidence about their body and size. 

Healthy Weight Loss – Principles to follow

It is good to have a principle in life. The same is applicable in weight loss and its maintenance too. The principles play a core role for anything to happen successfully. And with weight loss programs, you should take care that you regularly follow these things too. Some of the principles that are important to practice to have a healthy weight loss and weight management are:

  • Never go for a fad diet.
  • Always have a balance – let it be about food, exercise, or rest.
  • Take care of your nutrient timings – eat food at the proper time and in proper amounts.
  • Monitor yourself and encourage yourself to follow it regularly.
  • Restrict eating more of low caloric density foods and try to include vegetables & fruits with their high water and fiber content which have less calorie density.  
  • Consistency and motivation is the key to success.
  • Find the perfect plan- each of us is different, physically and metabolically. Therefore go for the perfect weight loss plan and diet that you are required to have. 
  • Engage your body in some sort of physical activities at least once a day- like walking, exercising, etc. 
  • Eat when you are hungry.
  • Try not to skip your healthy breakfast. 
  • Follow the plate rule.
  • Limit screen time.
  • Never get discouraged cause you can do it. 


Weight loss programs

Today everyone is into weight loss programs and treatments. People like to see themselves thin and fit into their dreamy slim dresses and wear short dresses like models. We always see thin people as our idols and want to become like them. Getting a body shape like them is no easy job. 

Compromises in your food habits and easy lifestyle would be needed for you to get such amazing bodies like those of supermodels. Actually, taking the fastest way to lose weight is not an ideal way in which you could reduce your weight and maintain them properly. For that, you need to continuously and regularly follow the exercises and healthy lifestyle. There are many weight loss programs that might help you to lose weight and get you into a more healthy way of living from fast-food eating habits, non-exercising lazy activities, and sitting all day without even getting up from your seat. Also, today’s researchers find out that stress and anxiety could also become a reason for us to gain weight. For people who find exercises hard to do, they have options to participate in weight loss programs offered by wellness resorts and weight loss spas. All the treatments and programs that are offered by these weight loss programs and centers are based on healthy living habits, good food, yoga, meditation, and some simple exercises and activities to encourage you to lose weight. 

Why is maintaining your weight loss important?

Losing extra weight and maintaining the right weight has always shown a good influence on people’s life and health. Those people are seen to live more with good health and stamina. Well, those who are obese are seen to get many diseases at more rate than one who maintains his/her weight and stays healthy. 

Weight loss improves the total quality of the life of a person. By maintaining one’s weight, you can avoid getting affected by disorders, diabetes, and other health-related problems. And also, it is better not to go for the fastest way to lose weight. Just like how the phrase means, slowly and steadily, we can win our race of weight loss. But you see, anyone can reduce their weight with hard full-time exercises and fitness routines. But losing their weight doesn’t end there. Once you become successful with weight loss, it is as important to maintain it that way. You might have followed the best exercise to lose weight. Well, try to regularly do it and maintain your weight. Increased body weight will lead us to lifestyle diseases. Sometimes people with a lower calorie burn rate are experienced to regain weight easily after getting weight loss programs as well. And due to these reasons, it is advised not to go for a low-calorie diet scheme or a rapid weight loss treatment. 

How can you maintain your weight?

Losing weight is not easy. Particularly of certain parts of our body. But once we have successfully lost weight, the next toughest part is to maintain it that way. There have been many people who have regained weight after losing weight within 2-3 years. It is primarily due to not maintaining their weight loss by regularly exercising and continuing a healthy lifestyle. 

You can maintain your weight by:

  • Following a healthy eating pattern. Depending on a person’s height, weight, and nature of work, they should find out how many calories they need for a day and eat accordingly.
  • For maintaining the lost weight, the person should eat sensibly by opting for healthy -seasonal and organic vegetables and fruits, homemade food, nuts and seeds, fiber-rich foods, fortified foods, etc. 
  • Weight loss is easy, but maintenance is not. Even if we take the example of building a house, the building process is easy. But it needs daily maintenance to keep it clean. 
  • Regular exercise and physical activities for your body are very important for weight management. 
  • Social and moral support from your friends and family might encourage you to continue your weight management process.
  • Quick weight reduction programs, which include heavy diet reduction, heavy exercises, and intake of protein powders and unwanted drugs, create havoc in your body. 
  • Correct kind and suitable exercises for a prescribed time help in the maintenance of your weight. 
  • Healthy behavior and lifestyle modification can help you to regulate your weight loss. Maintaining your psychological balance helps to maintain and manage weight. 
  • It is necessary to weigh yourself once a week to check that your weight continues to remain stable.

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