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What Are The Treatment Options Available For Adhd?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD as it is commonly known, is a neurological condition that affects the patient’s power to focus on things. Consequently, it affects the person’s social life and greatly impacts their quality of life. A large percentage of the people who have ADHD have had it since they were kids. Most of them have been aware of it while some people figure it out when they are adults. ADHD can be diagnosed easily by a qualified health care practitioner. Once that’s done, the ADHD treatment can commence.

What Are The Adult Adhd Symptoms?

The adult ADHD symptoms may be different from the childhood ADHD symptoms. ADHD is usually seen in children when the child is extremely distracted, hyperactive, and finds it difficult to sit in one place and focus on one thing. The child also struggles to communicate properly and has an extremely low attention span. 

The Adult Adhd Symptoms Usually Are

Difficulties In Getting Organized

A person who suffers from ADHD finds it difficult to organise his things. From an unkempt wardrobe to an unorganised work schedule, there is a lack of discipline that is predominantly seen. This is not voluntary and the person genuinely struggles to get organized.

Prone To Vehicle Accidents

ADHD hinders the ability to focus and be attentive in different situations. This is why a task such as driving a car or riding a two-wheeler becomes very risky. The inability to focus and hold one’s concentration leads to frequent road accidents and therefore, this is one of the most dangerous symptoms of adult ADHD.

Not Able To Maintain Relationships

ADHD hinders a person’s ability to listen and thereby be sympathetic towards others. When this happens in a marriage, the other partner begins to feel bad and frequent arguments happen. Also, the patient’s failure to stick to commitments causes a further blow to the marriage. Apart from marriage, it also affects the person’s other personal and professional reasons, much for the same reasons.

Very Distracted

Distraction is a major adult ADHD symptom. Since there is a deficiency of attention, the patient finds it very difficult to fix their attention on one particular task and get it done wholesomely. This affects their work-life and also hinders their ability to run the house and the family efficiently.

Not Punctual 

People with ADHD cannot manage their time well. This mainly happens because they are very distracted and forget what they were doing and where they were going. This leads to a delay in achieving the targets and makes the person very unpunctual.

Lack Of Anger Management

And finally, a person who has no control over his anger may be very prone to having ADHD. The lack of proper anger management skills is a common adult ADHD symptom. Not only does this affect the person’s interpersonal relationships, but it also contributes towards him becoming a social outcast.

A large number of adults are unaware that they have ADHD. However, if the above-mentioned symptoms are present in abundance, a diagnosis must be carried out to rule out the disorder.

What Is The Treatment For Adhd In Adults?

While there isn’t any specific medication for ADHD in adults, there are treatment courses that are carried out to control the symptoms of ADHD in the adult, so that he can lead a normal, healthy and impactful life. Commonly, the treatment for ADHD in adults is similar to the treatment of ADHD in kids. It is done with a combination of medicines, therapy, counselling, and life skills training. Here are some of the ADHD treatment options available:


The health care practitioner will suggest the appropriate medication for ADHD in adults after diagnosis. These medicines help to calm the patient down and make him less distracted as well. It is very important to remember here that ADHD medications are strong and need to be taken only under the guidance of a doctor. Never pop any pill without getting a proper diagnosis first, as that may have an adverse effect on your neurological health.


Various forms of therapy are available for people with ADHD. From counselling to occupational therapy, there are many ways in which a person can be helped. Cognitive behavioural therapy, in fact, is one of the strongest treatment options for adult ADHD. Here, through verbal communication, the therapist influences the patient’s mind and allows him to change the way he perceives situations and alters his responses.

Diet And Fitness

Eating a high-protein diet is recommended as it helps the person’s concentration skills. Also, a diet rich in carbohydrates is recommended as it gives the person the required energy to complete the tasks at hand. An adult ADHD patient needs to have a very nutritious and balanced diet as that will help in manyfold ways. Along with that, staying fit and exercising regularly is also important as that imbibes the principles of discipline and self-control in the person.

Life Skills Coaching 

As you can clearly see from the points mentioned above, a person with ADHD majorly struggles to maintain his personal and professional relationships. This is why he needs a different life approach. The life skills training thus proves to be very beneficial for him. With the help of this training, he learns how to deal with the people around him and how to appropriately respond to situations. Hence, along with the medication for ADHD in adults and therapy, life skills coaching is also a crucial ADHD treatment path.

These are some common adult ADHD treatment options. If you have been prescribed some medication for ADHD in adults, take it and along with it, get into therapy and counselling too to see faster and better results.


ADHD affects approximately 4% of the global population. Fortunately, there are some very good ways to manage the symptom of ADHD, both in kids and adults. Speak to your health care practitioner and follow the ADHD treatment plan and you will be able to lead a happy and healthy life.

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