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What Can You Expect From a COVID – 19 Vaccine?

Contact the vaccination location or review your appointment confirmation email for information on what identification you may need to bring to your vaccination appointment.

Both you and your healthcare provider will need to wear masks that protect your nose and mouth when getting a vaccination. While you are standing in a queue, keep a distance of 6 feet between you and others.

You should get all the information from the information sheet in the mail or through email that explains more about the COVID-19 vaccine you’re getting. Each COVID-19 vaccine that has been approved and authorized has its fact sheet that offers information to assist you in understanding the risks and advantages of getting that vaccination.

You should be observed on-site for at least 15 minutes after receiving a COVID-19 immunization. After receiving a COVID-19 immunization, ask your vaccination provider about v-safe, a free smartphone-based program that utilizes text messaging and web questionnaires to give tailored health check-ins. After COVID-19 immunization, parents and guardians can enroll teenagers (ages 12 and up) or dependents in v-safe and conduct health check-ins on their behalf. 

You should receive a CDC COVID-19 Immunization Record card at your first vaccination session, which will inform you what COVID-19 vaccine you had, when you received it, and where you received it. Keep your CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record card in case you need it in the future. As a backup copy, take a picture of your card following your immunization appointment. If you did not get a CDC COVID-19 Immunization Record card at your initial appointment, contact the vaccination provider or your state health department to find out how to acquire one. If you require another injection of the COVID-19 vaccine, bring your CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record card to your next appointment so your provider can fill in the details.

Which Country Invented COVID – 19 Vaccine?

Bharat Biotech produced COVAXIN, India’s indigenous COVID-19 vaccine, in conjunction with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) – National Institute of Virology (NIV).

Bharat Biotech’s BSL-3 (Biosafety Level 3) high containment facility develops and manufactures the indigenous, inactivated vaccine.

The vaccine is being developed using a platform derived from Whole-Virion Inactivated Vero Cells. Because inactivated vaccinations do not multiply, they are unlikely to revert and cause disease. They include dead viruses that are unable to infect humans but can nevertheless teach the immune system to produce a defensive response in the face of infection.

Comparison Between Covaxin vs. Covishield

1. Covishield is a Covid 19 vaccine developed by Oxford-AstraZeneca and produced by the Serum Institute of India. The viral vector platform is used to create the Covishield vaccination. It entails genetically altering a chimp adenovirus to contain the Covid-19 spike protein. The cold virus cannot infect the infected person, but it can assist the body’s immune system in producing antibodies.

  • Covaxin, on the other hand, is produced in collaboration with the National Institute of Virology and the Indian Medical Research Council by Hyderabad-based Bharat Biotech. It is an inert viral vaccination that does not assault the body but aids in the formation of antibodies. When comparing Covaxin vs. Covishield, keep in mind that the latter has WHO approval.

2. Doctors and nurses inject 0.5 ml of the Covishield or Covaxin vaccine into an individual’s upper arm. The Covishield vaccination is administered in two doses separated by 84 days or 12-14 weeks. Covaxin is given in two doses, 30 days apart, by doctors.

  • Both vaccinations can be stored at temperatures ranging from 2 to 8 degrees Celsius. It is appropriate for the Indian environment and makes it easy to store in a refrigerator. Transporting the vaccinations is also simplified.

3. Covishield is the first vaccination to be approved used for people over the age of 18. The vaccination has a confirmed 71 percent effectiveness rate, which can be increased to 91 percent when both doses are administered by the nurse. Covishield is free in government settings and the least price of the vaccinations accessible in commercial enterprises.

  • Covaxin is also approved for use in people over the age of 18. The Bharat Biotech team is working on clinical trials for the administration of Covaxin to children above the age of 12. Covaxin has a confirmed effectiveness rate of 78 percent, which can be scaled up to 100 percent. The cost of Covaxin is Rs.1200 per dosage.

Some of the side – effects of both the vaccine are – 

  • Fever, body soreness, headache, pain at the injection site, and vomiting are some of the Covishield adverse effects that may occur. The effects are more severe after the first dosage and last for two to three days.
  • The adverse effects of Covaxin are substantially milder and more confined. Swelling at the injection site, trouble elevating the arm, sleepiness, body soreness, and headache are some of the adverse effects.

Registration for COVID – 19 Vaccine

This immunization has already begun. You can sign up for it online. The government has established many immunization sites across all states, which will begin operations on May 1. By registering them online, you can keep them and your family secure. We ask that everyone remains two yards apart, use sanitiser after meeting anybody, don’t eat anything without washing your hands, and don’t leave the house without a cause.

After registering online, you must visit your private covid vaccination clinic to obtain the vaccine. If you do this, it will be much easier to avoid this sickness. Aarogya Setu App and Umang App allow you to register online. Then you must first download this app into your phone, and only then can you apply for vaccination. The internet site will also provide you with detailed information about it.

You can find out how to register by visiting the online portal. You will need your current phone number to complete this registration. Only four persons with their photos can be registered using a phone number.

The government believes that no patient should die because of a lack of connectivity. The government’s Covid-19 Vaccine Helpline Contact information has been made available for this purpose. So that every patient is included in the government’s healthcare circle. To combat Corona, the government has directed that all states maintain their hotline numbers operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These hotlines have only been utilized for communicating corona patients’ information to the health department.

Benefits of COVID – 19 Vaccine

  • You are free to travel. A great advantage of getting vaccinated is that you can travel without being quarantined, both locally and abroad. However, outside of the house, it is deemed necessary to wear masks to avoid COVID-19 transmission, especially considering the emergence of COVID variants of concern that may circumvent the human immune system.
  • You can reconnect with family and coworkers. Another advantage of getting vaccinated is that families may feel more at ease meeting again, sharing meals, and enjoying one other’s company.
  • Long-term health protection from any virus because the long-term implications of this illness, say after ten years of Covid infection, is unclear, it is prudent to acquire immunity today by vaccination. Many infections are widely known to researchers and clinicians, and they can lead to a variety of health concerns in the future. Those who suffer chickenpox and gain immunity, for example, are nonetheless at risk of developing shingles after many years. Those who have been immunized against the varicella-zoster virus are less likely to contract it. This is also true for coronavirus. Vaccination is, therefore the only method to avoid it.


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Dr.William Lewis Aliquam sit amet dignissim ligula, eget sodales orci. Etiam vehicula est ligula, laoreet porttitor diam congue eget. Cras vestibulum id nisl eu luctus. In malesuada tortor magna, vel tincidunt augue fringilla eget. Fusce ac lectus nec tellus malesuada pretium.

MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery) Gold Medalist (2009-2015) M.D In General Medicine (2016-2019), CCID (Infectious Diseases)

PG Diploma In Clinical Endocrinology v& Diabetes, Clinical Associate in Non-Invasive Cardiology

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