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What Is A FODMAP Diet? How Does It Deal With Digestive Issues?

Sanjay is working in a private limited company in Hyderabad. For the past few days, he has been suffering from digestive issues which affected him in various ways. Hence, he approached a nearby hospital for a medical check-up. Doctors who attended him said that he is facing digestion problems due to an improper diet plan. They also recommended a new diet program called FODMAP for leading a healthy lifestyle. Those who suffer from digestive problems can follow the diet plan that will help them gain more benefits.

What Is A FODMAP Diet How Does It Deal With Digestive Issues

Several factors will influence digestive issues and one should know how to overcome them effectively. Diet is one of them because it plays an important role in enhancing the quality of life to a large extent. A poor diet that lacks enough nutrients can cause indigestion which requires a proper solution. The FODMAP diet is suitable for those who want to get relief from digestion complications. It makes feasible ways to improve the quality of life by addressing the essential needs. At the same time, one should know more about the diet plan in detail that will help accomplish goals.

What is a FODMAP Diet?

A FODMAP diet includes foods that contain certain types of carbohydrates. It stands for Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides, and Polyols. Some common nutrients of FODMAP diets are lactose, fructose, polyols, galactans, and fructans. They show methods to minimize digestive disorders allowing a person to lead a trouble-free life. The diet is not suitable for those who are having irritable bowel syndrome and small intestine bacterial overgrowth.

How does a FODMAP diet work?

Anyone who wants to overcome digestion problems should consider a low FODMAP diet to experience peace of mind. It involves three phases that provide ways to lead a healthy lifestyle. One can follow them properly which will help lower health issues to a large extent.

Step 1

A person should stop eating high FODMAP foods and he/she should consider taking low FODMAP foods for 2-6 weeks. It works as a substitution instead of elimination allowing a person to live a healthy lifestyle.

Step 2

The second step includes introducing low FODMAP foods into a diet plan after consulting with a dietician. Moreover, it gives ways to identify which foods are troublesome that can cause indigestion symptoms. This phase can last for 6-8 weeks.

Step 3

A person can return to a normal diet as soon as possible after limiting only the FODMAP foods that will lead to digestion problems. Furthermore, he/she can focus more on his/her health goals.

What are the foods to eat and avoid on a low FODMAP diet?

People who follow a FODMAP diet should know the type of foods to eat in detail that will do major wonders. Not only that, they promote wellness and health conditions which give ways to lead an active lifestyle. Another thing is that they show methods to recover from digestion problems effectively.

What are the foods to eat and avoid on a low FODMAP diet

Here are some foods to take in the FODMAP diet.

  • All vegetables except artichokes, onions, garlic, beans, lentils, karela, cauliflower, chicory leaves, and asparagus
  • All fruits except apples, pears, peaches, and cherries
  • Grains such as corn, oats, rice, tapioca, sorghum, and quinoa
  • Eggs and meat such as beef, chicken, fish, lamb, pork, etc
  • Most herbs and spices
  • Almond milk, nuts, and seeds
  • Beverages such as water and peppermint tea
  • Seeds such as pumpkin, sunflower, and sesame
  • Dairy items such as Greek yogurt, Colby, Cheddar, and lactose-free milk


At the same time, one should avoid taking some foods after choosing the FODMAP diet that will help enhance living standards. They include mushrooms, wheat, legumes, pulses, sweeteners, barley, rye, crackers, bread, cereal, etc. It is wise to avoid beverages such as coconut water, chamomile tea, rum, dessert wine, and so on.

Is the Low-FODMAP Diet worth it for everyone?

The diet plan is only suitable for those who are experiencing digestive distress and not everyone should try it. Since it is a short-term approach, one should know what works well for his/her health condition. A person who wants to try this plan should test it out for a short period. However, those who are underweight shouldn’t try this diet plan to avoid unwanted problems. Although the plan is not ideal for weight loss, it can help lose weight.

What are the Benefits of the Low FODMAP Diet?

Here are the top 5 benefits of the low FODMAP Diet as mentioned below:-

  1. Reduces Bloating: Bloating is one of the common symptoms of poor digestion that can cause discomfort to others. Having a FODMAP diet offers solutions for lowering the symptom because it passes through the digestive system as soon as possible without trapping the air. Besides that, it will help overcome the gas problem significantly.
  2. Reduces Constipation: Constipation is another symptom of indigestion that can lead to various problems and taking a FODMAP diet helps to reduce the same. It makes feasible ways to regulate the digestive system that will help lower constipation.
  3. Minimizes the chances of Diarrhea: A poor diet plan will increase the chances of diarrhea and following a FODMAP diet lets a person minimize the condition.
  4. Reduces pain and discomfort associated with IBS: Irritable bowel syndrome, shortly known as IBS, can lead to several complications such as pain. The FODMAP diet makes feasible ways to recover from them effectively.
  5. Provides Emotional Benefits: Following a FODMAP diet provides emotional benefits to a person to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and other problems.


The Bottom Line

A majority of people suffer from digestion problems due to lifestyle changes, poor diet, and other factors. If a person wants to recover from indigestion problems, then he/she can choose the FODMAP diet plan. On the other hand, it is wise to consult with a doctor before selecting this plan. This, in turn, gives ways to stay away not only from indigestion but also from health hazards. The FODMAP diet is a perfect choice for those who want to recover from problems caused by indigestion because it allows a person to eat certain foods that can cause the condition.

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