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What Is HbA1C? Know Everything

Hema has been feeling quite low for the past 3 months. At first, she thought it was due to exertion. Later she started feeling dizzy more often. She informed her family members about the same.

She consulted a doctor. She had high glucose levels in her body. That is why her body was reacting in such a manner. She started researching the same. She gained some fruitful information, which is as follows;

What is HbA1C?

HbA1C refers to the term when someone has diabetes. It refers to glycated hemoglobin. Haemoglobin refers to a protein that is present within the red blood cells inside the human body. It carries oxygen throughout your body and it mixes with the glucose in your blood, becoming glycated.

This test is done to measure the blood sugar level in the body. It is also known as the glucose level. This test shows the average amount of glucose in your body for the past three months.

If your HbA1C levels are high, you may contract diabetes. It is a chronic disease that can cause multiple diseases throughout the body. People having diabetes should regularly monitor their sugar levels, to keep them under a specific range.

What does it mean?

Glycated hemoglobin is made when the sugar in your body starts sticking to your red blood cells. Your body is not able to use the sugar properly. It starts building up in your blood.

Your body can develop serious diabetic complications if sugar levels increase too much. Getting regular tests and check-ups done will work in your favor. Keeping a strict eye on your sugar levels is advisable.

What are its symptoms?

Various symptoms can tell whether your body is suffering from diabetes. Some of them are mentioned below;

  •       Increased urination
  •       Fatigue
  •       Increased thirst
  •       Blurry vision
  •       Physically inactive
  •       Heart-related issues
  •       High blood pressure
  •       Hair loss
  •       Depression
  •       Weight gain


Why is the test done?

Maintaining stable sugar levels is very important. If you are over the age of 45, getting tested is recommended. This disease is more common among older people due to physical inactivity and a slow immunity system.

If your results are normal, getting tested once every 2 to 3 years can be good for you. If the results show prediabetes, the test should be done once every year.

  • For overall health; a hemoglobin test is done to keep a vigil on your overall health, with the help of a blood test. It can help look for any kind of disorder.
  • Medical condition monitoring; a hemoglobin test can help with various medical conditions like anemia. It can guide treatment.
  • Diagnosis; various symptoms like dizziness, fatigue, shortness of breath, weakness shouldn’t be ignored. These can be signs of diseases like polycythemia. Hemoglobin tests can help in its diagnosis.


How is it done?

A health professional takes a blood sample from your vein using a needle. You can either call the professional home or visit a clinic or hospital. After the insertion of the needle, the blood is collected in a vial or tube. It takes less than 10 minutes to get the test done.


What do the results mean?

Various results show a different kinds of percentages;

  •       Normal; HbA1C below 5.7%
  •       Prediabetes; HbA1C between 5.7% and 6.4%
  •       Diabetes; HbA1C if 6.5 or higher


Different results mean different things. You should consult a professional healthcare provider after getting these results. Getting a proper diagnosis and treatment can be beneficial.

Risk of type 2 diabetes

There are different target HbA1C levels for people at risk. For you to be at risk of developing type 2 diabetes, the target level should be below 42mmol/mol (6%).

Type 2 remission

Remission refers to the period when a type 2 diabetes person has healthy sugar levels without taking any medication. Type 2 diabetes is a serious illness so it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

How to lower HbA1C levels?

People get worried and overwhelmed after seeing their test reports. It is quite natural. High HbA1C levels put both you and your body at a lot of risks. But you can always keep your sugar levels under control. Start with knowing your sugar levels. The following can also help a lot;

  • Getting active; people underestimate the value of exercise. Exercising helps break the sugar levels in your body by making you sweat. It will help with getting your body fit and your sugar under control.
  • Good diet; having a healthy and timely breakfast can work wonders for your body. It will not only maintain your sugar level but will also keep you healthy. Early morning breakfast secretes enzymes and gets bodily juices flowing.
  • Medication; This cannot be stressed enough. You should always take your medication on time and with doctor’s consultation only. Maintaining a healthy medical habit can help keep your sugar levels under control. It can also help you in avoiding various side effects of high sugar levels.


How often should the test be done?

When you start noticing the symptoms you should get yourself tested. Consultation is a very important and crucial step of diagnosis. How often you need to take the test depends on things like;

  •       Your blood sugar control
  •       The type of diabetes you have
  •       Your treatment plans

You can take a test any time of the day. Things like kidney diseases, liver diseases, high cholesterol levels, can also affect your test results. keep an eye on these as well.



Many people have diabetes and are living a perfectly normal life. You should keep in mind that getting timely diagnosed is very important for any kind of disease.

From symptoms to causes to various other factors, this article will guide you through it all. You should carefully read it and consider whether you want to go for the HbA1C test or not.


At what age should I get this test done?

There is no specific age for getting your sugar levels checked. But getting an early diagnosis can be beneficial for you in the long run. You should get this test done once at least if your age is more than 45 years.

How can I avoid getting my condition worse?

You can always maintain a healthy sugar level for your body. You should maintain a healthy diet, regular exercise. Keep in mind that it is not difficult to maintain your disease.

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