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11 Evidence Based Foods to Eat That Help Keep Your Liver Healthy

Every one of us is aware of the function of the liver. The liver is that organ of the body which plays the main role in regulating the chemical levels in the blood and then excretes a product called bile. The liver helps in carrying away the waste from the body. The blood that leaves the stomach as well as the intestines then pass through the liver. The main three functions of the liver are detoxification, synthesis, and storage. It is very important to take good care of the liver so that there is no harm later on. 

food for healthy liver

There are certain fruits that are good for the liver. It is very important to include certain ingredients in your diet, which helps in keeping the liver healthy. The liver is known as a powerhouse of an organ, and therefore it is necessary to take good care of the same. The liver is also said to break down toxins like alcohol, medications and also natural byproducts of metabolism. In this article, we have mentioned the 11 best foods that you should eat to keep your liver healthy. 

What food to eat to keep the liver healthy?

There is different importance for every food that we eat, and keeping the liver in good health is one of the most important parts of keeping it healthy as well. There are various activities that are performed by the liver, and therefore it should be taken good care of.

11 Best Foods for a Healthy Liver You Should Know About

Here are the 11 best foods you should eat to keep your liver healthy as mentioned below:-

  1. Coffee
  2. Tea
  3. Grapefruit
  4. Blueberries and Cranberries
  5. Grapes
  6. Beetroot Juice
  7. Vegetables
  8. Fatty Fish
  9. Prickly Pear
  10. Olive Oil
  11. Nuts


1. Coffee

Coffee works wonders and is one of the best beverages that you can drink in order to promote liver health. There are many studies where it has been proved that drinking coffee protects the liver from the disease. When you drink coffee, it eventually reduces the risk of developing a common type of cancer that is liver cancer. Therefore, you can drink coffee in the morning or even evening according to your timetable.

Coffee to keep your liver healthy

2. Tea

It is one of the most beneficial beverages for health and has particular benefits for the liver. Drinking green tea is beneficial in treating liver diseases. A study has proved that drinking green tea is likely to reduce the risk of liver cancer. Therefore, include green tea in your regime so as to help in treating liver diseases.

tea to keep your liver healthy.jpg

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3. Grapefruit

The grapefruit is known to contain antioxidants that help in protecting the liver naturally. Grapefruit is fruit good for the liver. Consuming grapefruit helps you in two ways, i.e., reducing the inflammation and also protecting the cells. This is one of the best foods for a healthy liver. Having grapefruit daily is a good way to keep your liver healthy which also helps in preventing damage as well as inflammation.

Grapefruit to keep your liver healthy

4. Blueberries and Cranberries

These fruits are good for liver health as both of these fruits have anthocyanins that are antioxidants and are linked to some of the health benefits. When you consume these fruits for continuous 21 days, it is said to protect the liver from damage. Making blueberries and cranberries a part of your diet is a good way of helping the liver with the supply of antioxidants that are needed to keep the liver healthy.

Blueberries and cranberries to keep your liver healthy

5. Grapes

The grapes that are especially red or purple in colour have different benefits that are helpful in treating liver health. Grapes are known to be beneficial for the liver. There are various benefits of grapes, i.e., they lower inflammation, prevent damage, and also increase the level of antioxidants. You can choose to eat grapes every day, either in the morning, afternoon, or night.

Grapes to keep your liver healthy

6. Beetroot Juice

It is one of the best sources of nitrates and antioxidants as well known as betalains which helps in benefiting the heart and also reduces damage and inflammation. You can consume beetroot juice anytime in the day but make sure that you consume it in a proper proportion.

Beetroot juice to keep your liver healthy

7. Vegetables

The cruciferous vegetables like Brussels, sprouts, broccoli, and mustard greens as well are known to have fibre content that is high and helps in preventing liver disease. Consuming these vegetables will protect your liver from damage and also improve the blood level of the liver enzymes.

Vegetable to keep your liver healthy

8. Fatty Fish

The fatty fish contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to help in reducing inflammation and are associated with a lower risk of heart disease. It helps in lowering the fat of the lower liver. Fatty fish is very beneficial for your liver, and adding it to your diet is one of the most important things to do.

fatty fish to keep your liver healthy

9. Prickly Pear

This is a popular type of cactus that is edible and is used in treating ulcers, wounds, and diseases of the liver. It is consumed in the form of either fruit or juice. This is one of the best foods for a healthy liver. It reduces the inflammation which is caused after the consumption of alcohol. The prickly pear has a positive effect on the liver.

prickly pear to keep your liver healthy

10. Olive Oil

This is considered one of the healthy fats as it has numerous health benefits. Olive oil also has a positive effect on the health of the liver as well. Consuming one spoon of olive oil per day will improve the enzymes of the liver and also control the fat levels and keep it in moderate check.

olive oil to keep your liver healthy

11. Nuts

Nuts are also one of the best foods for a healthy liver. They are high in fats and have nutrients like vitamin E and other plant compounds that are beneficial. It is found out that having a diet that is higher in nuts is associated with decreased risk of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Ensure that you include nuts in your diet and consume them accordingly.

nuts to keep your liver healthy



Therefore, the above-mentioned are the best foods that you should eat in order to keep your liver healthy as it is one of the most important organs of the body. You should try these foods and consume them in proper proportion so as to treat liver diseases and keep the health of the liver in check. 


1. What foods help repair the liver?

Following is the list of foods that help repair the liver:

1. Grapes
2. Beetroot Juice
3. Cruciferous Vegetables
4. Blueberries
5. Cranberries
6. Pear
7. Tea
8. Coffee

2. How do I make my liver healthy again?

The following ways can help you make your liver healthy again:

1. Eating a balanced diet
2. Maintaining an ideal weight
3. Avoiding alcohol
4. Avoiding toxins
5. Regularly exercising
6. Avoiding contaminated needle insertion
7. Availing regular liver check-ups and medical care when required

3. What foods destroy your liver?

Following is the list of food items that can destroy your liver:

1. Fried Food
2. Spicy Food
3. Food with High Salt
4. Sugar-Rich Food
5. Alcohol
6. White Bread, Pasta, Rice
7. Red Meat

4. What fruit is best for the liver?

There are a lot of fruits that are good for your liver. But, talking about the best fruit out of them, we can say all citrus fruits are good for the liver and the best fruit in that respect is grapes or grapefruit.

5.What are signs that your liver is struggling?

Some easy to detect signs that show your liver is struggling are:
1. Jaundice or Pale Skin and Eyes
2. Chronic Fatigue
3. Itchy Skin
4. Leg and Ankle Swelling
5. Nausea
6. Pale Stool
7. Dark Urine
8. Abdominal Discomfort

6.Is coffee good for the liver?

Yes, coffee is considered good for the liver, as it helps reduce the risk of liver conditions such as fibrosis and cirrhosis. What happens, is when you drink coffee, it slows down the progression of some common liver diseases, hence coffee is good for the liver.

7. What are the 3 signs of a fatty liver?

Following are the 3 common signs of a fatty liver:
1. Weakness or Constant Fatigue
2. Weight Loss and Loss of Appetite
3. Cramping and Abdominal Discomfort

8. What color is your poop with liver problems?

The color of your poop can help you identify your health problems. For people with liver problems, the color of poop would be pale. If the poop color is brown, it means your liver is healthy, but if it is not brown but pale or yellow, it suggests something is wrong with the liver.

9. What part of the body itches with liver problems?

If you are suffering from a liver problem, you may experience body itching. This itching is most likely to take place on your lower arm and sometimes all over the body.

10. Where do you feel liver pain?

When you have a liver disorder, you might feel pain in your right-side upper abdomen. It is a place just below your ribs on the right-hand side. Besides, you may experience abdominal discomfort and pain due to swelling or spleen enlargement.

11. Can you reverse liver damage?

If any liver damage caused due to cirrhosis is detected at an early stage, the damage can be reversed. Otherwise, the liver once damaged can’t be reversed.

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