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Top 10 Incredible Benefits Of Kalonji Seeds And Oil For Skin, Hair, And Body

Kalonji or Nigella seeds are integral parts of Indian households and kitchens. This spice adds its own distinct flavor and aroma to Indian dishes. Dry and roasted Kalonji is often used in Indian kitchens for adding flavors to several curries, vegetable fries and even other snacks like Papdis, Samosas and delicious Kachoris. Along with the flavor and aroma, there are many other Kalonji benefits for the whole system including the hair and skin. You will learn more about these benefits in this article.

Kalonji Nutritional Facts

The multitude of Kalonji benefits for females and males arises from the nutrient composition. It contains the following nutrients:

  • Amino Acids
  • Fiber
  • Sodium
  • Iron
  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin C
  • Niacin
  • Fatty acids (Oleic and linolenic acids)


Read on for more on the Kalonji benefits for male and female consumers alike.

10 Biggest Kalonji Benefits

Here is a list of the black seed benefits that you should know more about:

1. Enhances Memory 

One of the biggest black seed benefits is the ability to improve memory. Taking this on an empty stomach every day will boost brain functions and abilities. It is especially recommended for senior citizens with declining cognitive functions. You can also combat disorders like Alzheimer’s disease with this magical spice. 

2. Keeps Diabetes in Check 

When considering different Kalonji seeds uses, it is found effective to control diabetes too. It helps in checking blood sugar levels for those with type 2 diabetes. Consuming Kalonji with tea or on an empty stomach can lead to positive outcomes in such cases.

3. Boosts Heart Health 

Kalonji is great for ensuring improved heart health. This happens since it regulates cholesterol levels and controls bad cholesterol within the system. You can combine Kalonji and milk for preparing a health potion each day. 

4. Reduces Inflammation 

Kalonji seeds possess anti-inflammation attributes, ensuring protection against several chronic ailments. It helps in healing affected joints through better lubrication.

5. Reduces Blood Pressure 

Kalonji helps in keeping blood pressure levels in check. You can drink lukewarm water mixed with Kalonji for easing blood pressure related ailments.  

6. Strengthens Teeth 

Kalonji is excellent for oral hygiene. It strengthens teeth and tackles issues like bleeding gums. It is often used for relieving tooth aches and dental disorders. 

7. Tackles Asthma 

Those suffering from asthma can mix Kalonji with honey and warm water. Drinking this concoction daily will help in relieving asthma symptoms greatly. 

8. Helps You Lose Weight 

Kalonji is known to activate your metabolism, helping you lose weight and knock off the pounds. Take the seeds in warm water regularly and you will see the benefits for yourself. 

9. Tackles Hair and Skin Issues 

Benefits of black seed oil contains crucial nutrients which enhance hair quality and strength. It combats hair fall and gives you glowing skin. 

10. Effective for Kidney Disorders 

Kalonji helps in lowering a condition known as diabetic neuropathy. It also helps keep blood sugar levels in check along with ensuring proper blood urea and serum Creatinine figures simultaneously. It also helps in treating kidney infections and stones. 

Kalonji can also help in combating cancer-causing free radicals within the body. Reports state that it may help in tackling cervical, breast, pancreatic and lung cancers. It also helps in lowering headaches and constipation. It may also help in curing ulcers in the stomach. 

Kalonji Side Effects

Kalonji does not have any listed side effects. Yet, you should always consume the seeds in moderation. If you take it in excessive quantities, you may face sudden drops in blood pressure or blood sugar. It is also not recommended for lactating women. It may also hinder the procedure of blood clotting during any surgery or even afterwards. Some people may have skin allergies resulting from excessive consumption of Kalonji. 

The Bottom Line

Kalonji seeds are magical ingredients that you should add to your daily diet. Consume them daily on an empty stomach with warm water and other healing ingredients. It ensures several benefits including better skin, teeth, hair, along with improved heart health. It also helps regulate blood pressure while enabling faster weight loss simultaneously. It is a great option for long-term health and wellness. 


What is Kalonji seed good for?

Kalonji seeds are traditionally regarded as ideal options for treating issues like digestive tract disorders, diabetes and more. They are known for helping with weight loss and better heart health. They may also help with asthma and blood pressure regulation. 

What are Kalonji seeds called in English?

Kalonji seeds are known as Nigella seeds or Nigella Sativa. They are also called black seeds or black cumin. Some call them black caraway or Roman coriander in other countries. They are also known as fennel flowers in some communities. 

Is Black Jeera and Kalonji the same?

Nigella seeds are called Kalonji in India and are native species for Southern and Southwestern Asian regions. They come from a flowering plant that technically comes under the onion group. Every petal contains a small number of seeds. They are often called Kala Jeera in India. 

Are onion seeds Kalonji?

Onion seeds do not come under the onion group or family. Onion seed belongs to the black cumin family and are called as black onion seed, Kalonji and black caraway in several regions. They may be regarded as similar in this sense. 

Can you eat Kalonji every day?

You should consume 4-5 seeds each day at the most. Avoid excessive consumption since these seeds will scale up your Pitta within the system, leading to doshas or disorders as they are called in the Ayurvedic system. Excessive consumption may lead to several side effects as well. 

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