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How Drinking Coconut Water Daily Help You to Lose Weight?

Alisha is into video games and loves to play all day. But while playing, she always indulges in unhealthy food items and drinks high in sugar. She tried to replace these drinks, she tried water, lemon water, and many more to keep her sugar cravings satisfied, but nothing worked.

Then, she tried coconut water, and it changed her life. She realized how sweet and fantastic coconut water was and started consuming it daily. We get coconut water from coconuts, which can be very nutritious for the human body. Coconut water is used regularly, consumed, or added to many desert/savory recipes in some places worldwide.

This article shall talk about the nutrients present in coconut water and how coconut water can help lose weight.


What are Coconuts?

When we think of coconuts, we think of the hot sun in Hawaii and a cool coconut drink in our hands as we walk around the beach. But coconuts have more to that than just that. Coconuts are one of the essential crops in tropical regions, originating from the Indo-Malay regions.

Coconut water for weight loss

They are large fruits with hard and hairy shells and are consumed differently around the world based on their culture’s traditions and recipes. In some places, coconuts are even used as a holy offering to God.


Coconut Water: A Liquid Refreshment

When we break the outer hairy fibre, we will find a hard brown shell. Once we break the surface, the fruit is found on both sides, while the middle is filled with coconut water. So when you’re breaking coconut shell, make sure to place a bowl in the bottom to save all the water, and you’re about to see why.

Coconut water for weight loss

Coconut water is low in calories, and it’s also delightful, being low in fat and sugars. Coconut water is an excellent substitute for any soda drink, as it has an impeccable taste. They are low in carbohydrates but still keep you full for hours.

6 Top Health Benefits of Coconut Water You Should Know

  1. Nutritious in Nature
  2. Natural Cooling Agent
  3. Boosts the Immune System
  4. Stimulates the Metabolic Rate
  5. During Pregnancy
  6. For Your Skin’s Health


So what exactly are the health benefits of coconut water that everyone is so cautious about?

1. Nutritious in Nature

Coconut water are Nutritious in nature

Coconuts have a hard shell, but when broken, you can find a soft white fruit with a fantastic taste, and it is also highly nutritious. A cup of coconut water has 48 calories, which is far fewer than other beverages. It’s a decent choice since it doesn’t raise your blood sugar and keeps electrolyte levels stable in the body.

2. Natural Cooling Agent

Coconut water are Natural Cooling Agent

Coconuts provide natural cooling, making them one of the most sought-after products in tropical areas.

3. Boosts the Immune System

Coconut water Boosts the immune system

Coconuts provide us with antioxidants that fight disease-causing enzymes, promote blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of heart diseases. We can also get coconut oil, milk, water, and meat from these hard-shell fruits.

4. Stimulates the Metabolic Rate

Coconut water Stimulates the metabolic rate

A slow metabolism implies that the food you eat is not quickly digested in your body. It takes longer than necessary, resulting in a sense of fullness for a longer period. This can lead to obesity. Because coconut water has enzymes that promote healthy digestion and channel energy production, it can help with both.

5. During Pregnancy

Coconut water During pregnancy

Coconut water is frequently recommended by doctors throughout pregnancy since it aids in the treatment of constipation, heartburn, and sluggish digestion.

6. For Your Skin’s Health

Coconut water For your skin's health

Coconut water can be used to treat acne or pimples, as well as help you maintain your youthful appearance. Apply coconut water to your face and leave it overnight for best results. It may even be used on hands and nails due to its anti-aging qualities.

Is Coconut Water Good for Weight Loss?

Coconut water has potassium and bio-active enzymes, which improve your metabolic rate, which in turn helps you burn more calories. Drinking coconut water multiple times a day will keep you refreshed all the time and help you shed some weight. You can replace your sugary drinks, soda, and sometimes even water with coconut water.

Coconut water has about 48 calories per cup and can be drunk without toppings or additional requirements. You can carry around a bottle filled with coconut water for the day, and you’d never have to binge on ice cream on a hot day.

Coconut water gives you the feeling of being full, which is of great advantage as it won’t tempt you to indulge in snacks or junk foods. You can even have it after lunch, like dessert, which not only fills your mouth with sweetness but fills your body with all the nutrients and wellness.

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Best Time to Drink Coconut Water for Weight Loss

You can have coconut water during any day, whether it is a sunny afternoon, cloudy evening, or humid night. While coconut water can be drunk anytime, we can get maximum benefits from all the nutrients and goodness when we drink it at a particular time of the day.

Coconut water is best drunk early in the morning. Unlike other detox drinks like ginger water or lemon water, coconut water is soft and less intense in your stomach, without any gastric issues or burning sensation.

Coconut water is best known for aiding in metabolism; thus, drinking coconut water early morning before any meal will help us burn more calories and kick-start our metabolism throughout the day. Coconut water is also known for keeping you hydrated for a long time, which helps your digestion and prevents constipation but also helps to keep your skin clear.

So, if you are a person who often forgets to drink water, you could always carry around a bottle of coconut water to compensate to keep yourself and your body happy.


In this article, we saw the nutritional value of coconut water for weight loss and how it can help your body in so many different ways, especially for losing weight. If you are worried about finding coconut water, don’t because coconuts are present almost everywhere worldwide. You can either buy coconut water in bottles or get yourself from coconuts. Coconut water is frequently advised for dehydration and constipation. It also aids in the relief of morning sickness and heartburn during pregnancy.



Will I catch a cold if I drink coconut water?

Even though coconut water is known to cool your body, it usually doesn't make you catch a cold. If you're often catching a cold after drinking coconut water, you can limit your quantity.

Should I add sugar to coconut water?

Coconut water is naturally sweet, so you do not have to add sugar or any sort of condiments to them. You can enjoy it as it is, fresh from the trees!

Can I drink coconut water every day?

Coconut water is probably SAFE when consumed as a beverage. It might induce fullness or stomach discomfort in certain people. However, this is unusual. Coconut water may cause potassium levels in the blood to rise if taken in large quantities.

Is it true that coconut water detoxifies?

Coconut water is very high in potassium, which can help your body get rid of any extra water. It's also good for detoxing, weight reduction, and those who suffer from edema.

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