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Cow Ghee for Weight Loss

Ever since Simran gave birth to her baby, she has received various comments about gaining weight. It would often make her feel bad about her body, and she wished that she had not gained weight during her pregnancy. To top off her miseries, her mother-in-law has been after her, asking her to consume cow ghee, claiming it would help her body.

Now, Simran feels crushed between two extremes, where on the one hand, she wants to get rid of the stubborn weight that she has gained during this period, and on the other, she wants to earn enough nutrition to support her body during the maternity period.

Little does she know that she can also use cow ghee for weight loss! That is right. While Indian households cannot do without their fair share of ghee in meal preparations, most of us do not know that it contains a handful of medicinal benefits. Cow ghee offers multiple benefits for health and also helps to shed weight and burn belly fat.

Despite this fact, many people still look at cow ghee as an unhealthy type of clarified butter that can only lead to more fattening in the body.

Real Facts About Cow Ghee For Weight Loss

Pure ghee prepared from cow’s milk happens to be loaded with essential nutrients that pack a punch for the mind and body. The benefits derived from cow’s ghee are backed by scientific findings, which claim that it is pretty healthy to cook food in ghee. Using cow ghee for weight loss can show effective results as an excellent source of fat-soluble vitamins and abundant fatty acids.

Experts believe that consuming cow’s ghee in your diet can speed up the weight loss process, which can help you in your weight loss journey. It may come as no surprise now that almost every Indian household used cow ghee since ancient times. The health benefits of cow’s ghee do not end with aiding weight loss.

Cow Ghee Benefits For Weight Loss

1. Cow ghee contains short-chain fatty acids, which help to enhance digestion in the body. This is very helpful in shedding extra weight from the body.

2. Ghee is rich in omega 3, which res fat levels and enhances sculpting the body shape.

3. Weight reduction is enhanced further as ghee helps push stored fats in the cells, burnt for energy.

4. The rich amino acid content in ghee helps to reduce the size of fat cells.

5. The high levels of DHA in ghee help to prevent major illnesses and enhance memory power.

6. Ghee helps accumulate vitamin D in the body, which is critical for shedding weight.

How To Use Cow Ghee For Weight Loss

However, like most people, you may be unsure about the right way to consume cow’s ghee, even if you want to include it in your diet. Here are some ways to consume cow ghee for weight loss.

Ghee With Milk

If you face bloating in your body due to constipation, mixing a teaspoon’s worth of ghee with warm milk and drinking it can help reduce constipation issues in the body.

Ghee With Milk

This helps enhance the digestion of food in the body and avoid problems such as stomach pains and gas formation. Due to improved digestion, you can start noticing effective weight loss.

Ghee With Hot Water

Ghee With Hot Water

Drinking a teaspoon’s worth of ghee with hot water in the morning helps to lubricate the joints and make your skin glow. This also helps in treating internal dryness issues in the body and keeping the body moisturized. The enhanced metabolism helps to get rid of toxins from the body and aid in weight loss.

Ghee In Regular Curries

Ghee In Regular Curries

You can consider switching to cow ghee for weight loss by cooking curries and lentils in cow ghee instead of refined oil. This is the easiest way to include ghee in your diet without going the extra mile.

Ghee In Detox Drinks

Ghee In Detox Drinks

Now, this will sound quite unconventional, but you can also add cow’s ghee to smoothies and detox drinks. Just make your drinks as usual and add half a teaspoon’s worth of ghee in it for added benefits.

Cow Ghee Calories

Cow Ghee Calories

Cow ghee is known for helping in weight loss. However, if you cook your food in ghee or take it in excess quantity, it can reverse the effect, and you may even end up gaining weight. The calorie level in ghee is 123. Therefore, the amount should be meagre even if you consume it, and the ghee should only be homemade.

Does Cow Ghee Increase Weight?

Ghee comes from fat-rich food and is high in calories. If you add big spoons of ghee to every meal of the day, it can gain weight. Also, if the ghee is not homemade, it may have adulteration and gain of weight. Therefore, you need to be very careful while adding ghee to your diet.

How Much Ghee Is Good To Take Daily?

Although it depends much on your current weight and status of health, one can take 2-3 small spoons of ghee daily. However, make sure the food is not made in ghee and is burnt in no way. If you add ghee to your meals once cooked, it can help you with several benefits. Ghee comes with several advantages and improves the overall well-being of a person.


We are driven by the notion that cow’s ghee contains fats and that fats should be avoided entirely if we try to shed weight. But, we do forget that not all types of fats are harmful. There are some healthy fats as well, which can be great for your health. Good fats, such as those found in cow’s ghee, happen to be good at absorbing essential nutrients and fat-soluble vitamins in the body, which helps regulate the body’s hormonal functions.

You are more likely to find bad fats in processed and packaged food items such as pastries, chips, and junk food, making it one of the most common reasons most people tend to face weight gain issues. The importance of consuming cow ghee for weight loss during the maternity period is immense.

Ancient Ayurveda also accredits desi ghee as a storehouse of nutrients that helps enhance the metabolism in the body and speed up the process of weight loss in the body. So, like Simran, if you feel confused about whether or not you should consume cow ghee for weight loss, the answer is quite clear.

During your maternity period, there cannot be a better health staple to take support. The fat percentage in cow’s ghee comes at around 99%, which happens to be all good for your body. In addition, it also contains various other nutrients that support different body functions and helps your body perform better. To sum it up, there cannot be a better superfood in your diet than cow’s ghee which is good for weight loss.

FAQs For Cow Ghee For Weight Loss:

Is ghee effective in reducing belly fat?

Ghee has been shown in studies to help with weight loss and fat burning. It's a wonderful supplement for overall health, as it's been proven to assist with weight reduction and belly fat burning.

Is it true that cow ghee causes weight gain?

Ghee is a calorie-dense, fat-rich food that has been found to help people lose weight. Despite its health advantages, ghee consumption in excess of recommended amounts can promote weight gain and increase the risk of obesity.

Is it acceptable to consume ghee on a daily basis?

Ghee has several health advantages, but remember that moderation is crucial. Ghee contains saturated fats, which may raise bad cholesterol levels and contribute to heart disease. If you want to remain on the safer side, do not eat more than 2-3 teaspoons each day.

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