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Diet and Exercise Plan for Weight Loss

Being a gym instructor, Dev always meets various clients who ask him for quick tips to lose weight without following a proper diet or maintaining a set workout schedule. They also ask him about how to lose weight without having to give up their favourite foods.

However, being a fitness enthusiast, Dev always tries to inform his clients that there is no shortcut to losing weight. Following a healthy diet and exercising routinely is vital when it comes to weight loss.

So let us now understand why Dev emphasizes the importance of a diet and exercise plan for weight loss. 

The Necessity of a Diet and Exercise Plan for Weight Loss

Healthy eating and regular exercise are not always about losing weight; it is about feeling better, mentally and physically. Also, maintaining a healthy diet is about balance and being assured that your body is getting all the nutrients needed to keep it functioning accurately. Moreover, eating healthy and exercising every day will help your body become strong enough to deal with stress and maintain good health lifelong.

Top Exercise Plan for Weight Loss

If you are looking for the best exercises to lose weight, cardiovascular or cardio exercises can be your perfect choice. They not only assist in losing weight, but they also help keep your heart fit.

Also, doing cardio exercises daily helps you drop kilos by burning your calorie intake. Just 30 minutes of cardio every day is sufficient to keep your body in the correct shape. However, how many calories you burn depends entirely on your metabolism that declines with age. Mentioned hereunder are some exercises that you can try to remain healthy and lose weight.

  • Brisk walking

A doctor prescribed workout, taking brisk walks every morning is a tried-and-tested method to remain fit. Also, with time, you will see that you lose weight if you briskly walk, as it can help you burn calories during this activity.

However, ensure that you wear proper footwear and keep a gap of 30 minutes between your meals and your walk, as walking on a full stomach is not advised.

  • Swimming

Swimming is an excellent exercise if you are a water baby and want to lose weight and tone your entire body. However, if you are too bulky, swimming alone will not help you lose weight, and you might have to add some other exercises as well in your routine.

  • Running

Running is yet another powerful exercise that helps take your heart rate up and the measuring scale down. Running, whether you prefer sprinting or marathons, is an excellent example of a healthy cardio workout.

Nevertheless, make sure you have your doctor’s permission if you suffer from any medical problem before you start running. Also, with time, you will develop your stamina and notice more solid results from this workout.

  • Bodyweight workouts

If you do not aspire to pick up your dumbbells, you can utilize your body to assist you in building your muscle. Activities like crunches, planks, push-ups, squats, pull-ups, lunges, burpees, and many more are all bodyweight workouts that you can do at home.

However, the number of sets and reps you do will decide the outcomes. Begin slowly with a group of two workouts with ten reps each, and gradually increase the reps. Also, ensure that you keep a correct body posture as a wrong posture can do more harm than good.

Healthy Diet for Weight Loss

You have managed to hit the gym daily, but you still haven’t succeeded in losing much weight. It could be perhaps because you are not eating a healthy diet. While bodily exercise assists in burning calories, the rest relies on a healthy diet.

Mentioned hereunder are a few diet tips to keep in mind when you wish to shed those extra pounds.

  • Consume smaller portion sizes

Portion restraint can assist you in losing weight as it implies you are eating fewer calories. Also, the deal is to eat clean so that your body’s energy gets used and does not accumulate as fat. Moreover, one way to accomplish this is by eating on a tiny plate and taking only one portion of food.

  • Avoid consuming processed foods

Foods that are processed and packaged contain less nourishment and more calories that cause more harm than good. Give colas, biscuits, and chips a miss and consume veggies, fruits, and home-cooked snacks instead.

  • Decrease intake of simple carbs

Yes, you do require carbohydrates, but an abundance of them can hinder your weight loss journey. Bread, refined flours, pasta, rice, sugar are all high in carbs and calories.

Also, cut down on the serving size of carbs and add protein-rich foods to your meal. Moreover, you can swap your wheat rotis with bajra, jawar, and ragi rotis and white rice with quinoa or brown rice.

  • Bite healthy

Many people pay attention to their principal meals but do not consider the senseless munching that occurs in-between, which can be the culprit that makes you gain weight. Also, note that snacking between your meals is not wrong as long as you consume healthy meals.

Hence it is crucial to serving fruits, nuts, and dried fruits between your meals. Apart from this, yogurt-based dips and peanut butter on whole-wheat bread are healthier than your mayo-laden burgers.

Everyday Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Picking the right foods can assist you in charting out a nutrition plan that is both wholesome and helps take you a step closer to your weight-loss objective. Mentioned hereunder are some low-calorie, nutritious food.

  • Green tea

This drink holds numerous health benefits, and a cup of green tea barely possesses two to three calories. It further assists in metabolism and soothes your nerves. Therefore make a transition from masala chai and coffee to green tea.

  • Bell peppers

If you want to increase your metabolism to burn more and more calories, include bell peppers in your everyday diet. It holds a compound named capsaicin that assists in burning more calories due to its distinctive flavor. Even green chilies have this synthesis so that you can add them to your diet too.

  • Cucumber

Another food that remains low on the calorie meter is cucumber. One hundred grams of cucumber only holds 16 calories since most of the cucumber is water. So do not forget to consume a bowl of cucumber before your meals.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, we can say that having a healthy diet and exercise plan for weight loss is the only way you can shed those extra pounds. Hence if you regularly exercise and consume a balanced diet, you can lose weight in no time.

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