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Foods That Increase Fertility In Females

Looking for foods that increase fertility in females? Research has shown that there are various foods to improve female egg quality and overall fertility.

Fertility In Females

This comes as a boon for those impacted by fertility issues. Here’s taking a look at some of these food items which greatly enhance fertility.

Fertility Boosting Foods for Females

Here are some items worth considering: 

1. Food Items With Antioxidants

Antioxidants contained in food items go a long way towards boosting both male and female fertility. Zinc and folate, among other antioxidants, may help in the de-activation of internal free radicals, which may end up damaging both the egg and sperm cells. Consumption of folate has been linked to higher implantation, live birth, and clinical pregnancy rates as per studies though it has not been substantiated yet. On this note, you can check out fruits that increase fertility in females along with other vegetables, nuts, etc.

2. Food Items Containing Fiber

 Fiber is an ingredient that helps the body do away with excessive hormones while balancing out blood sugar. Specific fiber types help in the removal of extra estrogen by linking it to the body’s intestines. You can consume sweet potatoes and avocados along with fruits, oats, and more. You can also consume beans, vegetables, and whole grains. 

3. Protein Rich Foods

 You can consider vegetable protein sources including seeds, nuts, beans, and so on. Lower your consumption of eggs, meat, and fish. You can also consume fish regularly for getting more nutrients and enhancing your health levels. You can consume fish that is low in mercury along with lentils. 

4. Dairy Foods

 Higher consumption of dairy-based food items may boost fertility, only if you are going for high-fat options. Full-fat yogurt and milk are great options in this regard. 

5. Multivitamins are Good Options

 Multivitamins may help with fertility issues. However, you should always consult your doctor before consumption. Some women get benefits from consuming folate-rich multivitamins. 

6. Sunflower Seeds

 These are excellent options in their unsalted and roasted avatars, containing Vitamin E which enhances motility and sperm count alike. Sunflower seeds also come with folic acid, zinc, and selenium in handsome amounts. 

7. Quinoa

 Quinoa is not only free from carbohydrates but a great source of zinc, protein and folic acid. They help in the healthy maintenance of fetal growth after pregnancy. Quinoa also comes with handy amino acids. 

8. Salmon

 Salmon is an ideal option for enhancing fertility and fetal development alike, while offering Omega 3 fatty acids and protein along with selenium and Vitamin D. However, make sure you stick to the recommended intake each week in consultation with a nutritionist and your doctor. 

9. Asparagus

 This is a helpful food item and you can consume it in a boiled avatar, getting folic acid, Vitamin K and selenium along with zinc. It is a must for boosting overall fertility and reproductive health. 

10. Walnuts

 Walnuts are rich in Omega 6 and 3s which helps in hormone regulation along with enhancing the health of the semen. 

11. Egg Yolk

 Egg yolk comes with vital Omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin B along with folic acid. This helps in the creation of crucial red blood cells within the body that help in maintaining embryo development post conception. 

12. Beets

 Beets enhance uterine blood flow along with assisting with embryo implantation. Consuming a beetroot-rich dietary plan is also beneficial throughout any IVF treatment procedure. 

13. Pomegranates

Pomegranates are rich in antioxidants while containing various nutrients including Vitamins K, C, folate and more. 

14. Bee Pollen

 Bee Pollen is another food item that enhances overall fertility while also enhancing reproductive health greatly. Bee pollen can contribute towards better quantity and quality of sperm while also enhancing female fertility alongside. However, getting bee pollen from a trusted and reliable source is always recommended as per experts. You can always consume it as it is but also integrate it into smoothies or a topping for breakfast cereal bowls as well. You can simply add the same to your regular Greek yogurt. 

15. Maca

 This is another food item that should definitely be a part of a fertility-booster diet. There are many superfood items including Peruvian Maca which may also go a long way towards enhancing overall sperm count. It may be ideal for women in this context while men can also consider regular consumption. Both men and women may add the superfood to a super-healthy smoothie, combined with spinach, avocado and even bee pollen along with some Greek yogurt. It is a little bitter and will work to improve fertility according to various studies and reports. 

The Bottom Line

As you can see, these are some of the food items that you should consume for enhanced female fertility. Many of these items also go a long way towards boosting male fertility alongside. 

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