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The Best Foods To Eat After Your Tooth Extraction

There are many foods to eat after tooth extraction which are soft and will help you avoid any pain and discomfort. Doctors may recommend specific food after wisdom teeth removal. Wisdom teeth are called third molars and grow behind the gums, emerging steadily. A majority of people have four wisdom teeth, one at every back-corner zone of the mouth. However, owing to limited space in this area, the wisdom teeth keep growing at unusual angles. These are known as impacted wisdom teeth.

tooth extraction

These may create varied issues owing to infections, damages to surrounding teeth, crowding of teeth, or decay, owing to the problems associated with cleaning them. People thus get their wisdom teeth removed to tackle pain and the related concerns alongside. After removing the same, it is crucial to make sure that you get sufficient nutrition. A healthy diet lowers overall complications and other risks while lowering swelling and fast-tracking the recovery process as well. On that note, here are some of the best foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal.

Top options for food after tooth extraction- A list

1. Blended Soup

Blended soup may be a great option for those who have got their wisdom teeth removed. They can be rapidly consumed and do not have any small portions that may irritate the teeth. Soups also contain healthy minerals and vitamins while enabling you to get your daily nutritional needs as well. However, you should ensure that these soups remain either cold or slightly warm. 

2. Healing Broths

 Broths offer ample nutrition and nourishment after you have had surgery. They have minerals and vitamins while also helping you remain hydrated. You can opt for something like bone broth and other varieties in this regard. 

3. Greek Yogurt

It is a food item that is high in protein and nutritious while numbing your teeth and soothing them greatly. It also contains vitamins, protein, and minerals like zinc and calcium. Reports indicate how sufficient zinc consumption helps in promoting the rapid healing of wounds. 

4. Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are one of the best items to have in this regard. They not only offer rich protein but several other minerals and vitamins alongside. You will find it easier to swallow and chew scrambled eggs as well. 

5. Applesauce

Apples are hard and may be difficult to have after getting your wisdom teeth removed. Applesauce helps you enjoy that fruity flavor that you crave without any irritation. You will also be able to consume Vitamin C and other helpful components, boosting your immunity simultaneously. 

6. Mashed Bananas

Bananas are popular options and are soft fruits that you can consume at this juncture. They also ensure great nutrition for the body with Vitamin B6, potassium, minerals, vitamins, folate and manganese. You can mash bananas to soften them even more. 

7. Mashed Pumpkins

You can also try consuming mashed and cooked pumpkins at this juncture. The texture is soft and chewable and you will not feel any symptoms of irritation. These are high in Vitamins E, C, and A along with potassium. The vitamins may help greatly in enhancing overall immunity levels. 

8. Mashed Potatoes

Potatoes are root-based vegetables that are created via diverse methods. Mashed potatoes can be comforting and help you recover faster after getting your wisdom teeth removed. They have nutrients which will speed your recovery. 

9. Avocado

These are really unique fruit types that have high carbohydrate content along with healthier fats. The smoother texture makes them excellent for consumption after getting your wisdom teeth removed. They also offer Vitamins C and K along with potassium. 

10. Smoothies

You can consume smoothies that ensure rich nutrition and keep you feeling fuller for longer durations. They will not irritate your teeth and give you a lot of essential vitamins and minerals, depending on the ingredients that you use. 

12. Hummus

Hummus is popular throughout the Middle East and has become incredibly popular globally. It offers vitamins, fats, protein, and minerals. Hummus is a great choice if you have just had your teeth removed. It can be created by fusing olive oil, chickpeas, lemon, Tahini, garlic and other ingredients. 

13. Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese had lower calories while containing several minerals and vitamins. It has a creamy and soft texture which is easier to swallow and chew at the same time. It also comes with protein which may speed up the process of healing from wounds. 

14. Salmon

Salmon is not only super-healthy but also a great option after dental surgery since it is chewable and soft. Salmon offers healthier fats like Omega-3 fatty acids and protein, which may also help in healing wounds. 

The Bottom Line

While you should closely examine the above-mentioned food items, make sure that you also bypass foods that are spicy, hard, crunchy, and excessively chewy. These may lead to irritation. Also, avoid seeds and grains which may get stuck in the wound itself. Bypass alcohol consumption for some time since it may lead to irritation as well. 

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