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Amazing Green Tea Benefits For Hair

Did you know that using green tea for hair may give you innumerable benefits? Probably not! Research has revealed numerous green tea benefits for hair that many of us are still unaware of. While we all know how green tea has been one of the world’s most iconic and popular beverages for eons, lately several experts have been advocating regular consumption and other uses of green tea, highlighting its benefits concerning both hair and skin health in particular.

Facts About Green Tea

Before delving deeper into the advantages of using green tea for hair, you should learn a little more about the actual element itself. Here are some key aspects to remember:

  • Tea leaves are derived from Camellia sinensis. Green tea is produced with a unique method from fresh leaves that go through exposure to sunlight and drying alike. 
  • Specific green tea varieties have other processing techniques. 
  • Green tea contains antioxidants derived from flavanols or catechins. The strongest of them all is EGCG or epigallocatechin gallate which may ensure lower risks of specific cancer types and heart disease alike. 
  • Green tea is also used for boosting skin health, combating acne, and improving overall immunity. 
  • Many individuals use green tea for hair growth, combating hair loss, and improving the general health of the hair.


Green Tea Benefits for Hair

There are numerous benefits that you should learn more about: 

  • Green tea may help in combating hair loss. EGCG, as per several studies, may mitigate the negative effects of hormonal fluctuations that lead to hair loss. Testosterone-driven loss of hair is deftly combated by EGCG contained in green tea. 
  • Green tea may also boost the growth of hair or even re-growth in some cases. A green tea hair rinse or any other treatment on the scalp may help greatly with combating alopecia and bald patches. Green tea may boost the hair follicles considerably, stimulating the growth of hair and also safeguarding the hair and skin cells from further damage.
  • Green tea may also contribute to better oxygen and blood flow, thereby automatically boosting skin and hair health. Better blood circulation naturally ensures reduced hair loss. 


Green Tea Treatments for Hair

There are a variety of treatment methods that you can follow in this regard: 

  • You can use green tea extracts in shampoos for gently applying till the roots and massaging the scalp thereafter before scrubbing. 
  • You can also use a green tea hair mask or conditioner, applying it neatly to the tips and roots before leaving it for a few minutes. 
  • A green tea hair rinse is also a great solution. You can simply put one or two tea bags into boiling water and leave them for 4-5 minutes. Once it cools down, gently put the resultant liquid into your hair after taking a bath.
  • Experts also recommend drinking one or two cups of green tea regularly for boosting overall health. 


What You Should Keep in Mind

Remember that green tea can be safely consumed on a daily basis. However, many oils and supplements, among other products, may have drastically high or excessive EGCG content. It may contribute towards major side effects and other problems like stomach disorders and even conditions like liver toxicity. Research reports and studies have often highlighted how safe consumption levels are approximately 338 mg daily for EGCG contained in supplements. This threshold increases to 704 mg each day for EGCG present in tea. Hence, you should always watch out if your supplements have higher EGCG content than necessary. 

You should always consult your doctor or healthcare expert before commencing your new green tea regime for hair health. If you wish to only consume green tea in the form of a daily beverage, then reports suggest that it is safe to consume roughly three or four cups each day. This indicates total consumption of about 710 to 950 ml each day on an average. 

The Bottom Line

As you can see, green tea has numerous benefits that we can harness through daily consumption and periodic application of extracts or other treatment methods. You can expect a massive boost to overall hair health if you strategically use green tea. However, remember that these benefits do not come with any guarantees and they are not medically confirmed. 

Yet, several studies and reports have shown how numerous people around the world have experienced some of these advantages, especially with regard to fixing hair loss, stimulating hair growth and improving the overall condition of their hair. As long as you are using the product safely, it is always worth a try. At the same time, while using green tea periodically, remember to sleep well and keep stress at bay as well. This will also go a long way towards boosting hair health. 

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