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Boost Your Immunity With Amla Juice Or Indian Gooseberry Juice- Nutrition, Health Benefits, And Side Effects

Indeed, Amla or Indian gooseberry has been regarded as a superfood of sorts for its numerous beneficial properties. You must have heard of the innumerable Amla benefits and its healing attributes. In fact, along with the fruit, you can also experience the benefits of Amla juice with regular consumption. Amla always works wonders, irrespective of whether you consume it as a juice, as a raw fruit, as a powder, or as an addition to your spread/dip/pickle/jam. There are numerous benefits of drinking Amla juice in an empty stomach as recommended by our elders over the years. Let us learn more about the same in this article.

Nutritional Value of Amla Juice

Before getting into the benefits of Amla juice, here is a nutrition list that you should know more about:

  1. Energy- 58 kcal
  2. Protein– 0.5%
  3. Fibre- 3.4%
  4. Calcium- 50%
  5. Carbohydrates- 13.7g
  6. Fat- 0.1%
  7. Nicene- 0.2mg
  8. Carotene- 9 microgram
  9. Iron– 1.2mg
  10. Vitamin- 600mg
  11. Riboflavin- 0.01mg
  12. Thiamine- 0.03mg 

Top 10 Benefits of Amla Juice

Here is a list of the biggest benefits of Amla juice: 

1. Improved Weight Management 

As per researchers, it is beneficial to consume Amla juice for weight loss. This helps considerably with weight management.

2. Treats Cough and Cold 

Experts feel that Amla juice works as a great remedy for combating cough and cold along with mouth ulcers and flu. Two teaspoons of this juice in combination with honey may help in reducing symptoms. You can also mix two teaspoons of the juice in warm water before gargling. This will help in combating mouth ulcers greatly as well. 

3. Lowers Cholesterol Levels 

Amla juice works to reduce overall cholesterol levels with its antioxidants and amino acids alike. It also helps in enhancing the overall functioning of the heart. 

4. Natural Cleanser 

Drinking Amla juice first thing in the morning will work as a natural cleanser for your body, flushing out toxins and restoring body balance. It also boosts liver functioning as a result. 

5. Boosts Immunity 

Amla juice contains rich Vitamin C which functions in the manner of an antioxidant. It helps in preventing oxidative stress while also boosting the functioning of immune cells. Vitamin C may help in combating specific infection types while lowering durations of common colds and other such problems. 

6. Improves Digestion 

Indian Gooseberry juice may work to enhance digestion greatly as per several reports. Amla juice may also help in avoiding issues like diarrhea and even ulcers of the stomach with regular consumption. 

7. Boosts Heart Functions 

Amla juice is always healthy for your heart. It may help in lowering cholesterol and triglyceride. It combats bad cholesterol or LDL. It may also help in lowering blood pressure levels considerably. 

8. Benefits Your Hair 

There are numerous Amla juice benefits for hair. You can consume Amla juice for hair growth. It stimulates growth of hair while combating enzymes that contribute towards hair loss. Its ingredients like Vitamin C and other antioxidants are hugely beneficial in this regard.

9. Boosts Kidney Functions 

Amla juice helps in enhancing the functioning of the kidneys. It may go a long way towards reducing kidney damage risks. Try drinking it regularly to keep your kidneys healthy. 

10. Ensures Better Skin

There are specific Amla juice benefits for skin. These include a natural glow since it flushes out all impurities and toxins. It also helps with acne treatment and contains anti-ageing properties alongside. It helps maintain skin tone at the same time.

Amla Juice Side Effects

Here is a list of probable side effects (rare) of drinking amla juice: 

  1. Some people may have allergies to the juice. 
  2. It may lead to hyperacidity since it has Vitamin C in higher amounts. 
  3. Women who are breastfeeding are often advised to bypass Amla juice since it may reduce their levels of blood glucose. 

The Bottom Line

Amla juice comes with multifarious health benefits of its own, right from better digestion, skin and hair, to natural cleansing and more. You can consume Amla juice periodically on an empty stomach in the morning. See the benefits for yourself as you consume one of the biggest time-tested and proven Ayurvedic remedies of the country. 


Is Amla harmful for health?

Amla is not harmful for our bodies. However, you should not consume it excessively. It may lead to some issues like hyperacidity and issues for breastfeeding mothers. It may also enhance bleeding or bruising risks for some individuals. 

What happens when you drink Amla juice every day?

Consumption of Amla juice on a daily basis will help in lowering levels of cholesterol considerably. It will also boost your heart, skin and hair health while helping you combat illnesses like asthma at the same time. 

Who should not drink Amla juice? 

Those who are breastfeeding should avoid Amla juice for some time. You should always talk to the doctor since Amla juice may reduce your levels of blood glucose at this time, which is not recommended. 

How much Amla juice should I drink daily? 

You can consume around 10-20 ml of Amla juice on a daily basis for getting its benefits to the fullest extent. You can also consume four grams of Amla extract/powder instead. However, make sure that you avoid excessive consumption. 

What is the right time to drink Amla juice? 

You can consume Amla juice in the morning after you have woken up and that too, on an empty stomach. This will help you cleanse the system. You can have it with warm water and honey as well. 


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