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Health Benefits Of Beetroot Juice: Why You Should Drink It Every Day

There are numerous beetroot juice benefits that you should know more about. Beets are sweet root and bulbous vegetables which we consume in Indian households on a regular basis. But what about beetroot juice? Does it have any benefits for the system?

Learn more about these benefits of drinking beetroot juice in this article.

Beetroot Juice Nutrition Facts

The best time to drink beetroot juice is ideally in the early morning hours or around an hour before taking your breakfast. Here are some nutritional facts that you should know more about. Beetroot contains the following for every 100 grams:

  • Calories- 43  
  • Fat– 0.2 g
  • Sodium- 78 g
  • Potassium– 325 g
  • Protein– 1.6 g
  • Carbohydrates- 10 g


Top Beetroot Juice Benefits

Here are some of the biggest Chukandar benefits when consumed in the juice form:

1. Reduces Blood Pressure 

One of the main Beetroot juice uses is to reduce blood pressure levels. Those consuming approximately 250 mg on a regular basis can reduce both diastolic and systolic blood pressure. Nitrates are compounds in the juice which help in relaxation of the blood vessels. 

2. Enhances Stamina 

Feel like working out or engaging in sporting activities? One of the biggest beetroot juice benefits is its ability to enhance overall stamina and endurance. It scales up plasma nitrates, thereby boosting physical performance greatly.

3. Boosts Muscle Power 

For those suffering from heart failures or related ailments, this juice greatly enhances muscle power. Beet juice is therefore not less than a tonic for body builders. 

4. Reduces dementia and its progression 

Nitrates may help in enhancing blood flow toward the brain for older adults, while reducing decline at a cognitive level. It may also boost blood flow to the brain, especially for frontal lobes, which influence behavior and cognitive thinking attributes. 

5. Helps Maintain Weight Levels 

Beetroot juice comes with lower calories and negligible fat levels. You can add it to smoothies and drink it straight as well. It will help you maintain healthy body weight while getting a strong energy and nutrition boost simultaneously. 

6. Combats Cancer 

Beetroot juice helps in reducing cancer-related risks considerably. Beets contain betalains which are antioxidants with chemo-preventive capabilities against some cancer cell types. 

7. Infuses Rich Potassium into the Body 

Beetroot juice helps in infusing helpful potassium into the system. They help in the smoother functioning of nerves and muscles alike. Drinking this juice helps in ensuring optimal potassium levels within the body. In case of excessively low potassium levels, muscle cramps, weakness and fatigue may crop up as well. Extremely lower levels may lead to abnormal rhythms of the heart and other related conditions. 

8. Contains Vital Minerals 

Our bodies require some crucial minerals for smoother functioning. Some enhance immunity while many enhance the health of the teeth and bones alike. Beetroot juice contains magnesium, iron, sodium, manganese, zinc, selenium and copper, which are incredibly helpful minerals for our bodies.

9. Contains Indispensable Folate 

Folate is a helpful B vitamin which combats defects in the neural tubes, including anencephaly and spinal bifida. It also lowers premature birth risks. Beetroot juice contains folate which is highly recommended for those in their childbearing years. 

10.  Boosts Liver Health 

Beetroot juice is known for its ability to enhance liver health greatly. Otherwise, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is inevitable due to issues like toxic exposure, dietary reasons, excessive consumption of alcohol and a sedentary routine. The betaine antioxidant helps in lowering liver fatty deposits while safeguarding the liver from various types of toxins. 

Beetroot Juice Side Effects

There are several side effects of consuming beetroot juice although these are rare and may take place only for certain individuals. Some of these side effects include the following: 

  1. Kidney Stones
  2. Blood pressure fluctuations
  3. Deficiencies in calcium
  4. Stomach upsets
  5. Allergies and reactions
  6. Gout 

The Bottom Line

Beetroot juice is known for its healing properties and its abilities to combat cancer, infuse rich minerals and folate into the system and also to enhance liver health. It also helps in enhancing stamina and reducing blood pressure at the same time. You should consider including beetroot juice in your daily diet for tapping into these benefits. However, make sure to consume it moderately. 


What is beetroot juice good for?

Beets come with nitrates and they convert into nitric oxide within the body, enabling better blood pressure and circulation alike. Beetroot juice may also enhance stamina, blood flow and liver health. 

Can we drink beetroot juice daily?

Yes, you can drink a cup of beetroot juice on a daily basis. Studies show that it may contribute towards reducing both diastolic and systolic blood pressure considerably. 

Who should avoid beetroot?

Those plagued by stone related issues should not consume beetroot. Those with kidney or gallbladder stones should avoid eating the same. Beetroot contains sizable oxalate, which may enhance kidney stone related issues. 

What are the disadvantages of beetroot?

Beetroot may contribute towards certain allergies including hives, skin rashes, chills, itching and fever. It may also lead to reactions with specific types of medication. You should thus consume it carefully. 

Do beets have side effects?

Yes, beetroots do have specific side effects for the body. Some of these include stomach issues and discomfort along with gas and stool/urine issues. Consuming excessively high doses may lead to blood pressure fluctuations or drops for some individuals as well. 

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