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Top 10 Chamomile Tea Benefits For Good Health

Chamomile tea is a widely accepted beverage due to its medicinal effects. Many researchers and experts are trying to find out Chamomile tea’s effectiveness against various diseases, including cancer and diabetes. Some studies have also established chamomile tea benefits as compared to other alternative medicines, but more studies are required. Chamomile tea is safe for everyone if you take it as a supplement, but don’t try to replace it with mainstream treatments.

What is Chamomile Tea?

Some variants of chamomile tea may contain more chamomile than other variants. The more potent teas may also have more side effects on people. So, start with a minimal dose and then, gradually increase the dose. Chamomile possesses chemicals called flavonoids and these components are prime responsible for chamomile’s medicinal effects.

10 Incredible Health Benefits of Drinking Chamomile Tea

Let’s take a look at top benefits of Chamomile Tea for Skin, Hair and Overall Health as mentioned below:-

1. Lessens Menstrual Pain

Several medical studies have proved that this tea minimizes the severity of menstrual cramps. A study was conducted in 2010 and it has been found that drinking chamomile tea for a month could minimize the pain of menstrual cramps. The study also revealed that women who consumed chamomile tea felt less anxious and distressed related to menstrual pain.

2. Treats Diabetes and Minimizes Blood Sugar

Several studies have also claimed that chamomile tea can minimize the levels of blood sugar in diabetic people. But the studies didn’t support that chamomile is a viable replacement for diabetes medications, but it can be used as a supplement to existing treatments.

An animal study has also revealed that consistent consumption of chamomile tea prevents your blood sugar from rising. Chamomile tea may also minimize the long-term risks associated with diabetes complications.

3.  Slowing or Preventing Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a disease where you lose bone density gradually. This may lead to brittle bone and stooped posture. Though anyone can develop osteoporosis, it’s more common among women after menopause. Women used to develop this condition due to the effects of estrogen. A study was performed in 2004 and it has been found that chamomile tea has anti-estrogenic effects. This tea can improve bone density, but more studies are required to establish this claim.

4. Minimizes Inflammation

Chamomile tea possesses chemical compounds that will lessen inflammation. Long-term inflammation is related to several health problems like hemorrhoids gastrointestinal pain, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, and even depression.

5. Cancer Treatment and Prevention

Some studies have also proved that chamomile tea is effective in inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. But scientists are still working to prove chamomile’s anti-cancer claims. Most studies are performed on animals, not humans.

6. Improves the Quality of Sleep

Chamomile tea is well accepted by many as it helps people relax and fall asleep. A short study was performed where 10 of 12 cardiovascular patients fall asleep shortly after drinking chamomile tea.

Several animal studies have also claimed that chamomile tea helps sleep-disturbed rodents fall asleep quickly. Many experts think that chamomile tea may act like a benzodiazepine. Benzodiazepines are prescribed drugs that will reduce anxiety and induce sleep.

7. Effective Against Cold Symptoms

Many medical studies suggested that inhaling steam with chamomile extract may help you to combat the symptoms of the common cold. So, this could be another health benefit of drinking chamomile tea.

8. Heals Mild Skin Conditions

A small study was performed in 1987 and it has been revealed that applying chamomile extract directly to a wound may speed up the healing process. Chamomile ointments are also effective in treating eczema and other skin inflammations. But these ointments are not as effective as hydrocortisone cream.

9. Promotes Digestive Health

Chamomile tea is effective against diarrhea, stomach ulcers, nausea, and gas. This is because the tea has anti-inflammatory properties. A plethora of studies have claimed that chamomile tea extract is beneficial against diarrhea in mice.

10. Good For Your Heart

Chamomile tea has antioxidant flavonoids; thus, it can reduce blood pressure. Moreover, chamomile tea is very effective in minimizing the levels of cholesterol.

Chamomile Tea Side Effects

  • People who have a history of severe allergies, particularly to pollen should avoid chamomile tea
  • People who had faced an allergic reaction (even mild) after using chamomile products, should avoid the tea
  • Chamomile tea may get contaminated with botulism spores. Though adults can fight off the infection, infants are unable to do it. Thus, infants and children should avoid chamomile products.
  • If a person is taking medications for any disease, then before using chamomile tea should consult a doctor.


How to make Chamomile Tea?

  • Boil water in a pan
  • Now, keep whole dried chamomile flowers in a new empty tea bag or a tea infuser
  • Keep the tea bag/infuser in a large container and pour hot water
  • Steep for about 5 minutes
  • Enjoy your hot tea with/without sugar


The Bottom Line

1 or 2 cups per day of chamomile tea will help you in many ways. But don’t replace it with your medications; you can try it as a supplement to your normal treatments.


What are the chamomile green tea benefits?

Chamomile green tea cures anxiety and other sleep-related problems, mouth ulcers, improves digestion and much more. 

Can I drink chamomile tea at night?

Drinking chamomile tea before bed is beneficial in many ways especially if you have sleeping problems. Chamomile tea contains antioxidants that improve your overall sleep quality.

Is chamomile tea good for your liver?

Chamomile tea possesses sesquiterpene lactone content that helps in the detoxification of the liver. Moreover, the anti-inflammatory properties of the tea deal with the smooth functioning of the detoxification process.

What does chamomile do to the brain?

Chamomile tea is a popular mild tranquilizer and sleep-inducer. Chamomile tea enhances brain neurotransmitter activity (serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline) and has some positive effects on mood.

Can I drink chamomile tea on an empty stomach?

Any tea or coffee is acidic. So, if you consume it on an empty stomach, then this may rupture the acid-basic balance and will cause acidity or indigestion.

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