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10 Incredible Health Benefits Of Cranberry Juice- Nutrition, Side Effects, And Uses

Cranberry juice is not a new-fangled entrant as people are aware of its benefit to overcome urinary tract infections. This is only just one of the benefits of cranberry juice and many more will come in the way. The healthy and nutritious cranberry juice contains many essential vitamins and nutrients that are very much required for your overall health and well-being. Though cranberry juice is safe for people, the side effects are negligible.

Cranberry Juice Uses

Here, we are going to mention the juice of cranberry benefits

1. Prevent Age-Related Damage

While getting older, free radicals often accumulate in your body. Free radicals may cause oxidative damage. The oxidative damage and health issues are interrelated. As a result, you may get the following diseases:

  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Digestive health issues
  • Urinary tract problems


Cranberry juice has antioxidants or other compounds that overpower harmful free radicals. Due to antioxidants, both cranberries and cranberry juice can prevent age-related damage to the body’s tissues.

A study was conducted in 2011 and it has been found that cranberries were significantly more powerful antioxidants than cranberry juice. But cranberry juice offers many more health benefits.

2. Improve Heart Health

Cranberry juice has many imperative ingredients that will improve your heart health.

Cranberries are rich in polyphenols that boost your heart health. In 2011, a study was performed on females with metabolic syndrome and it has been revealed that cranberry juice enhanced the antioxidants in the blood plasma. People who consume cranberry juice may have lower low-density lipoprotein (LDL or bad cholesterol).

Another study was conducted in 2011 and it was found that cranberry juice is effective in people with coronary artery disease. Mean carotid-femoral artery pulse wave velocity was lessened among the people who drank a laboratory preparation of cranberry juice.

A study was conducted on obese men in 2019 and it has been revealed that daily intake of a high-polyphenol cranberry beverage for 8 weeks improved multifarious risk factors for heart disease.

3. Prevent Dental Plaque

Some medical studies have also proved that drinking cranberry juice will prevent dental plaque that gets accumulated on teeth and causes gum disease.

4. Treat Or Prevent Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Cranberry juice has antimicrobial properties, and thus, it is effective against UTIs. The antimicrobial properties of the juice destroy the colonization of Escherichia coli in the bladder. E.coli is the bacteria which is responsible for UTIs.

In 2016, a study was published on Alternative therapies in health and medicine and it was revealed that bacterial infections in urine cultures from uncircumcised boys who sipped cranberry juice and had previously had repeated UTIs compared to those who drank a placebo and those who had been circumcised who also drank the placebo.

The studies concluded that cranberry juice is effective against the growth of bacterial pathogens.

5. Cranberry Juice Benefits for Stomach

Several medical studies have also claimed that phytochemicals in cranberries play an imperative role in digestive health. In the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, numerous health benefits of cranberry juice are mentioned in 2018.

The paper explained that prohibiting the production of another bacterium called H. pylori in the stomach, cranberry juice promotes digestive health. But more studies are required to establish the claim.

6. Supporting Post-Menopausal Health

If you are looking for cranberry juice benefits females, then you must be happy to know that this juice supports post-menopausal health. After menopause, the risks to the heart could be increased in manifolds in women.

Many researchers found that daily cranberry consumption minimized total cholesterol. Thus, health experts recommend cranberry as a dietary supplement after menopause.

7. Fights Against Viruses and Bacteria

Chemicals in cranberries are effective against viruses and bacteria.

In 2011 a study revealed that cranberries subdued the growth of seven bacterial microbes. The study didn’t provide any information on whether cranberries or cranberry juice could prevent infection with these microbes.

Another study was conducted in 2010 and it has been established that cranberries could fight some viruses, including norovirus. But more studies are required to establish that cranberries might be useful in preventing food-borne illnesses.

8. Cranberry Juice Benefits Skin

Cranberry juice is acidic and thus, it boosts collagen production, which makes your skin soft, vibrant and glowing. Cranberry juice comes up with anti-ageing properties. If you consume it on daily basis, it will prevent the occurrence of wrinkles on the skin. To make your skin look young and scintillating, consume cranberry juice.

9. Improved Hair Growth

Cranberries are rich in vitamin A and C. Both of these vitamins are essential for your hair. Cranberry juice for your hair may repair the hair follicles. Healthy hair follicles will improve the growth and texture of the hair. Cranberry juice is also useful for treating split ends and makes your hair more shiner and lustrous.

10. Say Goodbye to Dandruff

Cranberries are popular for their antifungal and antiseptic properties. They will help you to get rid of scalp problems like dandruff and itching. If you apply cranberry juice to your hair, it will cleanse your scalp and offer all nutrients to your hair. Cranberries can be applied directly to the scalp to remove dandruff.

Cranberry Juice Side Effects

Some studies have found that cranberry juice may interact with certain drugs (cyclosporine, flurbiprofen, diclofenac, amoxicillin, cefaclor, midazolam, and tizanidine). People who are consuming these medications should consult with a doctor before drinking cranberry juice.

Side Effects of Cranberry Juice During Pregnancy

Cranberry juice has no side effects. It is safe for you and your baby. It prevents a UTI infection during pregnancy.

The Bottom Line

The above we mentioned some of the health benefits of cranberry juice. This is safe for most people, but the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends limiting the consumption of fruit juice in toddlers and children. Choose a cranberry juice that comes up with no added sugar. You can even prepare fresh cranberry smoothies at your home. If you are planning to take cranberry supplements, you should consult a doctor before consuming them.


Can you drink cranberry juice regularly?

Cranberry juice is packed with anti-oxidants and offers an array of health benefits. Up to 1,500 mg per day are safe for all.

Can I drink cranberry juice on an empty stomach?

To lose weight, drink cranberry juice without adding sugar on an empty stomach.

Does cranberry juice help sleep?

Cranberry juice contains Melatonin which is a popular sleep hormone. Thus, some people drink cranberry juice just before bedtime to improve their quality of sleep.

Does cranberry juice help with the kidneys?

Cranberry juice supports your urinary tract, helps you to combat urinary tract infections and eradicates excess calcium oxalate.

Is cranberry juice good for your hair?

Cranberry juice comes up with vitamin C and A. These two vitamins improve the growth of your hair, and make them lustrous and shiner. 

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