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Surprising 13 Benefits Of Poppy Seeds (Khus Khus)- Nutrition, Uses, And Health Benefits

Poppy seeds are known by several names across India, including Khus Khus. They are used for cooking many delicious dishes. There are many types of poppy seeds, including Oriental, White (Indian/Asian version) and Blue. They are added to various dishes for enhancing aroma and taste. Simultaneously, they also contain dietary fibre in handsome amounts, keeping people fuller for longer durations.

Nutritional Value of Poppy Seeds

Before getting into the plethora of poppy seeds uses, here’s taking a look at its nutritional profile. Here is a list of nutrients contained in Khus Khus.

  • Fibre- 19.5g 
  • Carbohydrates- 28.13g 
  • Protein- 21.22g
  • Fats- 41.56g
  • Thiamine 
  • Vitamin B6
  • Folate 
  • Choline
  • Vitamin E 
  • Riboflavin
  • Phosphorous
  • Calcium 
  • Manganese
  • Iron
  • Magnesium


Top 13 Poppy Seeds Benefits

Here are the surprising Khus Khus benefits that you should know more about, right from better digestion to improved bone health and more. These tiny seeds are also beneficial for those suffering from diabetes.

1. Enhances Female Fertility 

Female fertility gets a major boost from the consumption of poppy seeds. They contribute to taking mucus away from the fallopian tubes, while helping in the achievement of pregnancy. Poppy seeds also boost libido and sexual health. 

2. Reduces Insomnia 

People often enquire about Khus Khus ke Fayde for insomniacs. What it does is stimulate sleep with a calming vibe and lower levels of stress. You can consume these seeds with your tea or even through a paste mixed in warm milk. This will definitely help you sleep better. 

3. Builds Bone Strength 

Poppy seeds are advantageous for building bone strength with their calcium and copper. Manganese also helps in churning out protein collagen for safeguarding your bones from various damages. 

4. Boosts Digestive Powers 

Khus Khus helps the body get more insoluble fibre, thereby boosting digestive abilities and keeping constipation away. 

5. Enhances Heart Health 

Dietary fibre in Khus Khus is a game-changer for heart health. It helps in lowering bad cholesterol in the body while improving good cholesterol simultaneously. Omega-3 fatty acids are the icing on the cake, helping in lowering risks of cardiovascular ailments. 

6. Poppy Seeds Regulates Blood Pressure

Poppy seeds also come with iron which enhances blood circulation, while regulating blood pressure levels with Oleic acid.

7. Destroys Ulcers in the Mouth 

Poppy seeds are known to help in treating ulcers on the mouth. These tiny seeds help treating different types of ulcers like peptic ulcer, ulcerative colitis, and canker sores. 

8. Improves Eye Health 

Antioxidants and zinc in poppy seeds work to boost vision and combat macular degeneration and similar diseases. Therefore, poppy is a wonderful seed for your eyes.

9. Helps With Thyroid and Kidney Stones 

Khus Khus has a magically positive effect on several ailments. For instance, it has potassium which contributes to kidney stone treatment. It has zinc which is needed by thyroid glands for better functioning. 

10. Helps To Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

Khus khus seeds is ideal for diabetics, especially for its manganese content. Diabetic people can relish dishes made with khus khus without any worry. 

11. Naturally Reduces Pain 

For decades now, poppy seeds have been used for pain relief. Ancient medical practices strongly relied on its pain-relieving features for those in discomfort. Consumption of the seeds in warm tea may also help with pain relief. 

12. Keeps Dandruff Away 

Who doesn’t love dandruff-free hair? Khus Khus is a godsend in this regard! Just make a paste of these seeds, hung curd, and white pepper. Put it on your hair and leave it untouched for 30-40 minutes. Wash off gently and do this periodically for keeping dandruff away. It functions as a wonderful natural remedy in this case. 

13. Boosts Mental Wellness 

Along with its mélange of physical benefits, poppy seeds are also good for mental wellbeing. They may help in soothing the nerves and reducing stress levels, while lowering pain simultaneously.

Poppy Seeds Side Effects

While poppy seeds are largely risk-free, here are still some risks that you should know more about: 

  • Poppy seeds should always be authentic; those with opioid elements may be harmful for consumption. This happens when they are not suitably harvested or processed before sale. 
  • Insomnia treatment should not overtly rely on poppy seeds. Dependency should be avoided and limited amounts should be used in this regard. 
  • Excessive consumption of poppy seeds may lead to drug tests turning positive for opioids. Hence, moderation is always advisable.


The Bottom line

As you can see, poppy seeds are magical ingredients that you can add to your daily diet. You can try consuming it in the form of tea or even as a paste. You can also use it to add flavors and goodness to curries and other dishes. Poppy seeds have numerous benefits ranging from better heart health, mental wellbeing and bone strength to improved digestion and more. Add them to your daily diet and set the foundation for long-term physical and mental benefits. 


What is Khus Khus called in English?

The name of Khus Khus is poppy seeds in the English language. The Khus Khus version is common in India along with Khas Khas, which is also seen in several regions. 

Can Khus Khus be consumed daily?

You can consume Khus Khus on a daily basis through directly eating the seeds or making a paste or adding it to a tea or milk. You can also add it to curries and other preparations. However, moderate consumption is always advisable. 

How does Khus Khus improve sleep?

Poppy seeds or Khus Khus contributes towards better sleep through its magnesium content. This helps in lowering cortisol (stress hormone) levels in the body. It naturally helps people sleep deeper and longer. 

What precautions are needed when consuming Khus Khus?

Aim to buy genuine and reputable Khus Khus products which will not have any opioids. Check for quality if you have purchased the same from any non-trusted source or supplier. Always keep daily consumption levels moderate to avoid prospective health problems. 

Are poppy seeds good for health?

They are excellent sources of various helpful nutrients including zinc, magnesium, fibre, calcium and protein. They boost heart health and bone strength, along with improving eye health, mental wellbeing and reducing insomnia. 

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