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10 Surprising Health Benefits of Muskmelon (Kharbuja) Seeds: Know Nutrition Value, Uses and Side Effects

Muskmelon or Cucumis Melo, as the scientific name goes, is a melon species that has several varieties and types. While the fruit itself is hugely popular for regular consumption during hot and scorching summers, the seeds are also packed with benefits. 

Here you will learn more about the top muskmelon seeds benefits. These seeds are also called Kharbuja seeds in India. 

Muskmelon Seeds Nutrition Value

Before learning more about the melon seeds benefits, you should learn more about their nutritional value. Here is a list of nutrients found in 100 grams of musk melon seeds for your perusal

  • Carbohydrates: 7% 
  • Proteins: 2% proteins 
  • Fats: Less than 1% 


It also contains several minerals and vitamins including Vitamins E, C, A, K and other elements such as magnesium, zinc and niacin to name a few. 

There are numerous muskmelon seeds uses as you will learn about in the next section. 

Top 10 Health Benefits of Muskmelon Seeds

Here are the top 10 Muskmelon (Kharbuja) seeds benefits that will pleasantly surprise you without a doubt. 

  1. Reduces Blood Pressure: One of the biggest benefits of eating muskmelon seeds is their ability to reduce blood pressure levels with their rich potassium content. This helps in ensuring a healthier heart as well. It is one of the best ways to keep your blood pressure levels firmly in check. 
  2. Improves Vision: You can expect massive improvements to your eyesight over the longer haul. Muskmelon seeds contain beta carotene and Vitamin A in high amounts and this helps in improving eyesight and sharpening overall vision. It also contributes towards lowering the risks of cataracts. 
  3. Improves Nail and Hair Health: Muskmelon seeds are versatile and they also come with high protein. This helps them stimulate the growth of tissues and enable better nail and hair growth. You can expect healthier hair and nails as a result of consuming muskmelon seeds on a regular basis. 
  4. Boosts Overall Immunity: Muskmelon seeds are ideal for enhancing immunity levels in the body owing to their Vitamin C content. This helps in boosting white blood cell production within the blood, thereby giving the immune system more protection. 
  5. Good for Pregnant Ladies: You must also note that muskmelon seeds are surprisingly effective at the time of pregnancy. They contain folate in rich amounts, making them effective in dispersing extra sodium. This goes a long way towards lowering issues related to water retention in women who are pregnant. 
  6. Ensures stress relief: Eating muskmelon seeds can also help with stress relief as per several reports. They contain several beneficial ingredients that stimulate higher flow of oxygen to the brain. This ultimately calms down the brain tissues and keeps people free from stress. 
  7. Helps with Constipation and Other Issues: Also note that muskmelon seeds come with neutral pH levels. This helps people who suffer from chronic acidity and also constipation among other issues. This is also suitable for those suffering due to acid reflux. 
  8. Combats Cough and Cold: In summers, muskmelon seeds have an important role to play in keeping cough and cold away. They help in flushing out extra phlegm from the system while also lowering overall congestion.
  9. Boosts Your Skin: You can experience varied muskmelon seeds benefits for skin as well. They contribute towards the regeneration of the skin along with combating signs of aging and issues like eczema. Chapped lips are also relieved with the usage of muskmelon seeds. 
  10. Enables Better Digestion: Muskmelon seeds contain rich dietary fibre which helps with superior digestion. This works as a major system boost for those with persistent digestive issues.


Side Effects of Muskmelon Seeds

There are negligible side effects of muskmelon seeds. However, if they are consumed in excessive amounts, then it may lead to stomach problems for those who are suffering from the same already. It may also lead to gas and bloating at times upon excessive consumption. However, these side effects are comparatively rare. 

The Bottom Line

Muskmelon seeds are an excellent source of beneficial vitamins and nutrients. These tiny seeds help improve heart, skin and hair health, along with improving your eyesight at the same time. You can try consuming these seeds on a regular basis to harness these benefits but in moderation. 


Are muskmelon seeds poisonous?

No muskmelon seeds are not poisonous. They are actually beneficial for the gut and they also have features like flushing out extra congestion and phlegm from your system at the same time.

Do muskmelon seeds increase weight?

Muskmelon seeds do not increase your weight since they have fat in limited amounts. They also have a higher content of water. Hence, their fibre and water content actually help people lose more weight. They also contain potassium which is beneficial for weight loss too.

What are the benefits of muskmelon seeds?

Muskmelon seeds come with numerous benefits for the body. They help in improving vision or eye sight along with checking blood pressure and improving the health of the skin, hair and nails.

Do muskmelon seeds cause gas?

Muskmelon seeds are good for the digestive system. However, excessive consumption of the same may sometimes lead to bloating and gas. This is a rare side effect though.

How do you eat muskmelon seeds?

You can consume absolutely in their raw form or add them to your bowl or fruit or salad. You can roast them and then consume them as a snack. You can also add them to curries and stews, along with soups.

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