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How To Beat The Winter Coughs And Colds And Stay Healthy?

Streptococcus pneumonia and Hemophilus influenzae are the bacteria responsible for ‘Cold’, Shweta was reading her medical book microbiology book. It also mentioned that  ‘Cold and cough are very easy to contract but are treatable in communicable diseases and spread easily from one person to another. It may not some serious in the beginning but it can affect the lungs if it progresses further.’ She read further and found some amazing tricks or rather some common sense to get rid of coughs and colds in the upcoming winters to enjoy the warmth of the sun rather than keeping a handkerchief in hand to wipe your running nose and cough.

How Can You Beat Cold and Cough This Winter?

1. Wash Your Hands: Washing your hands is very important to get rid of any disease. Skin acts as the first line of defense against any infection. Cold and cough are no different. We don’t know when one can come in contact with bacteria or viruses. So, it’s important to wash hands daily to avoid getting affected. Always keep a sanitizer handy with you to use after eating, playing, or even after using your cellphones. Cellphones carry maximum germs and allergens. It’s important to keep your hands and feet clean all the time.

2. Eat Green Vegetables: Eating green, leafy vegetables can help you keep healthy. Green vegetables are rich in iron, magnesium, cobalt which keep your gut healthy. A healthy gut can keep you away from cold and cough and also give you a strong immune system.,

3. Get enough Vitamin D: Sunlight is the best med for cold and cough, coz we avoid walking in the sun and it affects our daily intake of the vitamin. Vitamin  D plays a vital role in keeping you away from any sort of potential infections. Walking in the sun for 15 minutes before 11:00 AM can provide enough vitamin intake required daily.

4. Stay Hydrated: In winters we forget to drink water because of the cold weather. We rely on hot drinks like tea or coffee and think of them as an alternative for fluids. But water should not be replaced with any other fluids coz drinking water is equally important for the body. Glasses of lukewarm water throughout the winter can prevent running nose and cough.

5. Take enough Sleep: Keeping yourself warm and calm is important in winters because as soon as the weather becomes chilly, the body starts feeling low. We tend to skip meals and only sleep throughout the day. Adequate amount of sleep and power naps are important to keep healthy during winters.

6. Adding different colors to your plate: Eating different types of fruits, vegetables, pulses, and warm drinks can prevent cold and cough. The colors that we see in the fruits and vegetables are because of the special pigments called carotenoids present in the skin of the vegetables and fruits. Different pigments present act as a beneficiary nutrient for the body.

7. Keep moving: Keep moving enough to make the body fit and strong. We all skip exercise in the winters as we feel lazy. Chilly weather makes us skip all the workouts that we plan for the day and as a result, the body loses its power to fight against the infection. Exercises make you lose sweat which helps in losing extra salts from the body.

8. Keep yourself away from the stress: Stressing yourself for no reason can make you feel sick for no reason. Stress also affects our immune system and makes our cough and cold worse. Stay positive and relaxed. It will help you get rid of cold and cough easily.

9. Take medicines on time: Take your medicines on time in case of severe infection. There are plenty of medicines provided for cough and cold treatment such as antihistamines, flu vaccine, etc. Don’t skip your medicines along with your meals to get rid of cold and cough faster.

10. Have a bowl of hot soup daily: Winters are a blessing in disguise as we get a variety of vegetables and fruits in the season which provides us all the important nutrition required for staying healthy throughout the day. Winters are meant to consume lots of green vegetables, fruits, and pulses and charge yourself enough for the summers ahead. A bowl of fresh vegetable soup is delicious as well as healthy. It is so refreshing to have a bowl of hot soup and enjoy reading your favorite book. A bowl of hot soups is the best winter cough remedy.


Winter is a season to enjoy the wedding festivities as well as have the best time of the year with your friends and family.  Cold in winter remedies is a most searched topic but it shouldn’t be of worry. Cough and cold are easily treatable and don’t require much medical attention. Take all the necessary precautions and stay healthy. A healthy mind and body keep you going all through the day with a bright smile on your face.


Are winter cold and cough different?

No. It's just that we fall sick faster in winters because of the changing weather and the low temperature. Our body isn't able to maintain its temperature, and we develop cold and cough. Winter cough remedy will surely help.

Is it necessary to consult a doctor always in case of cough?

No. Cold and cough are not a matter of concern till you develop severe symptoms like chest pain, congestion, ache, etc. Seek a piece of medical advice if you're experiencing it for more than two weeks. It's essential to be concerned about it in that case.

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