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5 Amazing Natural Remedies For Toddler Cough And Cold

Rohan and Anamika were worried about their child as he was coughing continuously. They went to the doctor, but he was unavailable. When they came back, Rohan’s mother called them and said, ” When your child is in his initial years of growth, it becomes all the more important to take care of their health. When a child is in his growth years, he develops immunity by fighting all the common diseases like cold and cough, stomach pain, fever, etc. But sometimes, an unexpected guest like Cough keeps coming to your home every day but worry not. Here are some amazing five grandmothers tested herbal remedies that can help in treating your toddler’s cough and cold.”

5 Remedies For Toddlers To Cure Cough And Cold

1. Using Saline Nasal Drops: As a new parent, even a common cold and cough can make you run to a doctor but it’s often not very serious. A visit to a doctor is necessary to get the child checked. A doctor often prescribes nasal saline drops as they can reduce the growth of bacteria. Bacteria cannot grow in a saline environment as it contains antibacterial elements.

2. Offer fluids: Keeping hydrated and having an adequate intake of fluids is very much important to keep the baby healthy. As the baby is small, a warm fluid in the form of water or milk is important to let the baby’s throat and gut be moisturized.  Water keeps the body away from the infection as it has minerals and elements in it which are required for a healthy gut.

3. Honey: Honey is a natural humectant. Honey has antibacterial properties which help to keep the bacteria away. Honey is one of the ancient natural remedies for toddler colds as it provides relief to the nose and throat. Cough and cold are although common and don’t require any medical treatment but sometimes it becomes all the more difficult to get rid of it. A concoction of honey, ginger, and lime can help in fighting the cough and cold coz it’s one of the time-tested natural remedies for toddler cough. Our grandmothers have used it as a dry cough home remedy for ages and it is still the most favorite one among the people. It provides instant relief to the throat.

4. Essential oils: Essential oils have become all the more important in these recent years to treat all the various infections. Recently, a lot of studies have been done on the healing properties of Essential oils. Eucalyptus oils, rosemary oils are some of the home remedies for cold. Eucalyptus oil along with camphor is a natural remedy for kids’ cough as it helps in clearing the nose allowing the passage of fresh air.

5. Apply Vapor Rub: A small child cannot be given too many medicines to eat because it is all the most difficult to make them have medicines. Medicines are not prescribed for toddlers as they can have some side effects on them. There aren’t many experiments done on toddlers because they are very small. A toddler cannot be prescribed syrup because cold and cough syrup has a composition to make one feel dizzy. It’s not prescribed to toddlers as it has some serious side effects. Instead, a medicated vapor rub is prescribed to help the child in fighting the runny nose, chest pain, etc. Camphor is also one of the natural remedies for kids’ coughs as it helps in the decongestion of the throat. Smelling a piece of camphor or rubbing it on the chest will provide instant relief.


There are unlimited home remedies for cough and it can be challenging to choose one as we all want instant relief. A dry cough home remedy will only work if the child has been offered it correctly and in correct proportions. Home remedies for cough and cold will only work if it’s given on time with the right amount of dosage. It’s important to note the time as well as the frequency because the child is really small. 

One should prevent the infection as prevention is better than cure. A doctor is only required if a child complains of constant congestion, chest pain, fever, loss of appetite, and low energy level. Immediate medical help should be taken if the child is unable to breathe. A doctor will help the child in clearing his throat by keeping him on the nebulizer and also by using a humidifier which can help in decongestion.

As our elders have always asked us to keep safe and clean, it is important to maintain personal hygiene as the child will remain healthy if the parent is healthy and clean. Clean hands are required to carry the baby as it prevents them from developing any sort of allergy and cough.


Are toddlers more prone to dust and allergens?

Yes, Toddlers are because their body is still trying to fight against new antigens. They develop immunity after fighting many infections because their body hasn't fully developed its immunity. Make sure the child is keeping healthy and not catching a cold and cough often.

Are cough and cold syrups advised for toddlers?

No, Pediatricians aren't in favor of prescribing any syrups because it can make them doze off to sleep. Syrups have sedatives that can harm the body of a newborn. Even toddlers aren't advised to have Syrups because of its side effects.

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