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How To Get Calcium For Strong Bones: Best Calcium Tablets For Bones

Leela, a 35-year-old lady, cannot walk properly as her bones are not cooperating with her. After going through all the advice she received from her surroundings, she decided to research her. Later on, she found out the main reason was the lack of Calcium. 

What is Calcium?

Calcium is essential for bone health. If your diet lacks Calcium, calcium supplements could be an alternative. Before using calcium supplements, make sure you know how much Calcium you need, the benefits and drawbacks, and which supplement to take.

Do we need Calcium?

CALCIUM is a good bone mineral. The bones and teeth contain 99 per cent of the body’s Calcium. The mineral makes them challenging. The remaining 1% is required for several bodily functions. For example, it causes blood vessels to constrict and expand, muscles contract, nerves relay signals, and glands release hormones.

Every day, Calcium enters and exits bones. As a result, the body develops new bone quicker than breaking down existing bone in children and teenagers. This lasts until about 30, when new bone creation and bone degradation rate equalizes. After that, bone loss outpaces bone formation in older persons, particularly postmenopausal women.

Who needs calcium supplements?

Even with a healthy, balanced meal, getting enough Calcium may be challenging if you:

  1. Eat a vegan diet
  2. Intolerance to lactose and dairy products
  3. Consume too much protein or salt, causing your system to excrete Calcium.
  4. Are on long-term corticosteroid therapy

Are calcium supplements safe?

No one needs calcium supplements. For example, if you have hypercalcemia, you should prevent calcium supplementation. It’s not proven, but high-dose calcium supplements may cause heart problems. Until physicians know exactly how calcium supplements affect heart attack risk, further study is required.

Calcium & prostate cancer is also hotly debated. However, new research found no link between total Calcium, Dietary Calcium, or supplemental calcium consumption and prostate cancer risk.

Calcium supplementation

Consider these aspects of calcium supplements:

  • Calcium amount

The quantity of Calcium in the supplement is significant. It’s what the body uses to build bones and maintain health. The Supplement Facts labelling on calcium supplements helps determine the serving size. For example, calcium carbonate has 40% elemental calcium. Thus 1 250 mg provides 500 mg. Note the serving size when calculating the calcium content.

  • Tolerability

No known adverse effects of calcium supplementation. But side effects including gas, constipation, and bloating might develop. The most constipating is calcium carbonate. Therefore, you may need to test many calcium supplements before finding one you tolerate well.

  • Quantity

Manufacturers must ensure supplements are safe and promise accuracy. Some corporations evaluate their goods by USP, ConsumerLab.com, or NSF International. It certifies that a supplement’s quality, efficacy, and pill disintegration or dissolution satisfy voluntary industry standards. Calcium supplements vary in price. If cost is a consideration, compare prices.

Calcium supplements come in tablet, pill, chew, liquid, and powder form. In this case, a chewable or liquid calcium supplement may be preferable.

  • Absorbability

For Calcium to work, your body must be able to absorb it. Therefore, all calcium supplements work best when taken in modest quantities (500 mg or less) with meals. In addition, calcium citrate is advised for persons with low stomach acid (particularly frequent in older people or those on acid blockers), inflammatory bowel illness, or absorption difficulties.

Best Supplements for increasing Calcium intakes

  • Naturyz Calcium Plus Tablets

The term Calcium Plus implies that you are receiving more than just Calcium. Vitamin D, Calcium, and zinc are some of the nutrients found in dairy products. This ensures stronger bones and more excellent health. This pill also contains calcium citrate. This facilitates calcium absorption. This improves bone and tooth health, nervous system health, muscular contraction, and heart rhythm. In addition, calcium citrate may help reduce the risk of bone fracture. It may also help postmenopausal women.

  • Himalayan Organics Calcium Tablets

Calcium tablets with high levels of Vitamin D3 and B12 are available from Himalayan Organics. This formulation makes these pills healthier. While Calcium, zinc, and magnesium assist build bone density and strength, B12 and D3 have further advantages. It improves neurological function, sleep, cognition, cardiovascular health and reduces anaemia. In addition, all components in these calcium pills have been professionally evaluated. So these pills are a safer alternative.

  • OZiva Bettr.CalD3+ Calcium Capsules

Vegans have a difficult time finding calcium pills that meet their needs. But not with OZiva Bettr. Calcium D3+ Capsules. Calcium capsules include Rosemary, Thyme, and Moringa as plant-based calcium sources. These natural, non-GMO substances provide strong bones without any adverse effects. This combination controls calcium levels in the bones and blood. As a result, it builds bones and muscles to help you live a healthy life.

  • Boldfit Calcium Complex Supplements

Joint disorders may be long-term if not appropriately addressed. Boldfit Calcium Complex Supplements may help you overcome these challenges. Calcium, Alfalfa, Vitamin D2, and B12. When you receive such a healthy combo in one tablet, you know it will work. 1500mg Calcium, 50 mg Alfalfa, 1mcg Vitamin B12, and 400IU Vitamin D2 each pill.

These supplements include tested components. This verifies its genuineness. They support and strengthen bones. It also has Calcium Citrate Malate, which helps your body absorb nutrients quicker. As a consequence, you will see results in a few days.


Regular physical activity preserves bone health. Weight-bearing workouts prevent bone loss, including walking, running, and weightlifting.

The increasing daily movement also benefits bone health. Those who sit for nine hours or more each day are 50% more likely to suffer a hip fracture than women who do not. Finding methods to walk or stand more might add up.

The best strategy to maintain bones healthy for most women is increasing dietary Calcium and concentrating on weight-bearing activity. However, if you’re still worried about obtaining adequate Calcium, see your doctor first.


What are Calcium's advantages?

Calcium is required for solid bones. In addition, your heart, muscles, and nerves all need Calcium. Some research suggests Calcium, combined with vitamin D, may help prevent cancer, diabetes, and hypertension. But the evidence isn't conclusive.

Have bowel or digestive illnesses impaired calcium absorption, including inflammatory bowel disease or celiac?

Calcium supplements may let you satisfy your calcium needs in some instances. Consult your doctor or dietician about calcium supplements.

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