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Improve your Mood with these 10 Hacks

Raj, aged 25 years, was nervous but all prepared for a job interview. He needed this job desperately. All his family members wished him the best of luck before he stepped out for the interview. Unfortunately, the interview didn’t take place as per his expectations and he returned home in an extremely bad mood. His mother knew the secret of cheering him up and prepared his favourite Gajar ka Halwa. Raj was back to normal and realized that it wasn’t the last job offer he had, he will try again and succeed for sure in his next interview. 

In this case, Raj’s mother knew the right way to improve the mood of his beloved son. However, not many of us know these hacks to life mood and often fall prey to depression due to a prolonged state of bad mood. 

Let us unfold some smart hacks or ways to improve your mood but before disclosing those we want to discuss why is a good mood needed after all? So, stay tuned and continue reading.

Why do we need a Good Mood?

The mood is the general state of mind of a person at a certain time. Some people may have a happy mood in the morning, which may turn bad at the end of the day. Is it possible to have a happy mood every time, and why do we need to have a good or happy mood? 

Whether it is due to a love rejection or a bad day at the office or an unpleasant interview session, there could be several reasons that may lead to a bad mood! Life is uncertain, so how can we keep our mood always certain and stable? It can vary as per the situations we face in our life. 

The top reasons to have a good mood or to improve your mood are:

  1. Enhances a person’s creativity and productivity
  2. Maintains an overall good health
  3. Secretion of happy hormones in the body
  4. Lessens chances of depression

Ways to Improve your Mood

Here is a smart list of hacks to improve mood on a bad day:

Go for a Nature Walk: Nature can be the best healer of mind, body, and soul. When feeling low, trust us walking amidst nature can be a mood lifter. All you need is a short stroll bare feet on the morning dewed grass in a garden and see how cheerful you return home.

Do Yoga or Exercise: Meditation or a yoga session would be an ideal way to release happy hormones in your mind and body. Release all your stress away with a yoga asana like pranayama or a fast-beat aerobic exercise workout. In both cases, you will increase your heartbeat and de-stress yourself mentally. 

Dance your Woes Away: Similarly, if exercising is not your cup of tea, try dancing your woes away on a bad day. Just plug and play your favourite number and you are set to burn the floor. Groove in alone or involve your family members or friends along and have a dance party to lift your mood without much effort. 

Listen to your Favourite Music: Just like nature, we have the power of music that can lift mood instantly. Just listen to your favourite music and uplift your mood instantly. Music as per experts is a remedy for many things and depression or mood swing is one of them. 

Laughter is the Best Medicine: Laughter as they say is the best medicine, and yes, it is indeed a good way to improve your sad or bad mood. Try listening to some jokes on YouTube or reading some from a book or the internet. Alternatively, if you have kids at home, play with them and create a laughter session at home with your family members. This will enhance your mood to a great extent.  

Rejuvenate in a Spa: Why just look for ways to improve your mood? Why not consider rejuvenating all your senses? Nothing can be better than a spa session for a complete mind, body, and soul rejuvenation. Spend a good 2 to 3 hours in a spa and forget about all your worries and leave aside stress. 

Indulge in your Favorite Hobby: Hobbies are activities that most of us indulge in when we are free. So, what even if you are busy and want to improve your mood? You can again indulge in your favourite hobby. It could be anything that you like doing, be it gardening, cooking, reading, painting, or cleaning your closet! Do so and see an instant improvement in your mood. 

Play with your Pet: Those with a pet at home should not bother much for hacks for mood upliftment. No one else better than your bet would be happy to love and play with you. It is your pet who waits the whole day and wags its tail, the moment you arrive at home after a day’s work in the office. So, play with your pet and improve your mood instantly. 

Hug your Partner or Kids: It has been scientifically proven that hugging those you love releases happy hormones in your body while decreasing the stress hormones. At the same time, the moment you touch your loved ones, it releases a hormone in the body that promotes a feeling of well-being and love. So, whenever feeling low and want to improve your mood, just hug the ones you love, be it your partner or children.

Lift Mood Instantly with these Hacks

  1. Smell Flowers 
  2. Smell an Orange or Citrus Fruit
  3. Eat Dark Chocolate
  4. Chew Chewing Gum
  5. Light an Aroma Candle
  6. Jumping Jack
  7. Meet Friends


If despite trying all the above-mentioned hacks, you aren’t able to improve your mood, we suggest you take the help and support from your family doctor or even a psychiatrist for that matter. Don’t just try to tackle the problem all alone if you are not able to lift mood yourself despite all efforts because in that case, you may require help from a doctor or a close friend. Try to contact them in case of an emergency mood issue before it turns into a life-threatening depression symptom.


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