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What are the Ways to Improve Your Memory?

Abhijeet and Ranjeet were childhood buddies, who met after a gap of good 7-8 years. When they met, both were excited, and Abhijeet recalled the fun times they spent together as kids. But, Ranjeet could hardly recall any of those incidents but still behaved as if remembers everything. So, what was the difference between these two friends? Why did one still remember his childhood mischiefs, and why didn’t the other remember? The difference was in their memory. 

Ways to Improve Your Memory

Abhijeet had a good memory, which was not the case with Ranjeet. Perhaps, he forgot most of his childhood events due to poor memory. Memory does play a great role in our life. We just shared an example of how poor memory can make you forget things easily and you may feel low or confused at that time when someone tries to remind you of some incidents that already took place. 

To keep our brain, we must increase the intake of healthy nutrients like Omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants. These nutrients will not only help to improve memory but will keep neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s disease by building and repairing the brain cells. Besides, we must simultaneously look for ways to improve memory.

Let us unfold the best and easiest tricks and methods to improve memory in our further discussion in this article. 

What is Memory?

Not just we human beings but a man-made machine also has a memory! So, what is memory? Memory in human beings in an inherent ability to grasp information so that it can be encoded and stored to be retrieved according to the need at a later stage. In simpler words, a creature can record information about certain things he/she reads, observes, or experiences with the help of this ability. Later in life, all this recorded information can be fetched by the creature to behave accordingly. 

Three Stages of Memory

  1. Encoding
  2. Storage
  3. Retrieval

Three Forms of Memory Storage

  1. Sensory Memory
  2. Short-Term Memory
  3. Long-Term Memory

Why do we need to Improve Memory and Focus?

People with good memory are considered to possess valuable skills. Ever wondered, why as a child, our mother used to feed us with almonds? It was because it was her way to improve the memory of the child. The purpose was known to the mothers even in the ancient days. They knew a good memory is required to study and remember what the teacher teaches in the school. Besides, for saving all the learning that we do in school and later on, a good memory is essential to remember people we meet and other things we do. Just imagine telling someone daily, who you are, what you do, and from where do you belong? This will happen if that person has a poor memory, so just co-relate the need to improve memory and focus

How to Improve Your Memory?

Now that we have had a good discussion over memory and the advantages of a good memory, we assume you must be curious to know how to improve your memory and are there some memory-boosting superfoods available for us? 

Have a look at some practical and best ways to improve your memory:

Stay Organized and Planned: The best way to improve memory is by staying organized and well-planned. Try to structure and organize things you study or work with. Try to sort things according to their similarities and differences. This method is effective in boosting up the memory to a great extent.

Utilize all the Five Senses: A smart technique to improve memory is by using all the senses to store information about something. For instance, use your power to taste, smell, and differentiate the colours to store information about things you often mismatch or get confused about. 

Repeat and Retrieve Technique: It has been scientifically proven that things we repeat get easily recorded in the memory. So, why not use this method to improve your memory? Doing simple repetition like repeating what you see or hear will ensure that information gets recorded in your memory.

Use Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Mnemonics: Since the 1960s, Mnemonics were used to improve memory and focus by students. For instance, big names in a particular order like the colours in a rainbow can be learned using abbreviations like VIBGYOR (Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red).

Meditation: According to some scientific studies, those looking for how to improve memory, but practice meditation. It is because, it has been found that meditation helps to improve various cognitive functions like concentration, focus, memory, and learning. Through meditation, reconnects brain cells to store more information that can be retrieved later on.  

Sleep at a Fixed Time: Another easy way to improve your memory and focus is by getting enough sleep. Not just enough sleep, try to sleep at a fixed time daily to allow your brain to adjust to its resting period. Sleep deprivation is considered to be one of the reasons for bad memory. So, try eliminating this reason from your life if you wish to have a good memory. Good sleep is required to allow the brain to learn faster and remember even better.  

Eat Memory Boosting Foods: If you think that memory can be improved by eating certain foods, then you are right! Yes, nature has bestowed upon us many superfoods that help boost memory, for instance, nuts and seeds like almonds, walnuts, oily fish, coffee, whole grains, avocados, cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and kale. Besides, if suffering from memory loss, try including green leafy vegetables, berries, and fish in your diet to recover from your memory loss. 


Do work out the above-mentioned ways to improve memory and focus and see how you progress in life with success in your hand. A person with a good memory doesn’t need to rely on any machine, because his/her brain is no less than a machine if it has a good memory. Be it your profession or personal life, with a good memory you can easily win hearts and live a comfortable life. However, try to forget unpleasant experiences because the memory of bad experiences sometimes poses a hindrance to moving forth in life. 


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