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Influenza And The Risk Of Viral Pneumonia


Ravi’s wife was four months pregnant when she got a normal fever; they first thought it was a normal fever. But then it got worse with time. When he got to know this, Ravi’s colleague advised him to take his wife to a doctor and get her tested. But while he was planning to take her, he too got a fever and a severe cough. They both became so sick that the test was conducted at home, and the doctor told them that both of them had been diagnosed with influenza. 

His wife was known because she was pregnant, but Ravi’s case was a bit doubtful.

Brief introduction

Influenza is a very dangerous infection/pneumonia that is contagious.

It is a kind of flu. This flu or influenza attacks the respiratory tract, the lungs, the nose, and the throat. It mainly affects people with weak immune systems that are people who are sick, young children, women who are pregnant senior citizens, people who are above 65, or people who are dealing with a deadly disease.


  • Pain: The influenza symptom includes pain all over the body. You will get sudden body pains that are not easy to handle. Also, headaches are common when it comes to pneumonia.
  • Cough: The flu symptoms and the symptoms of influenza are prevalent. They are very similar, so people get confused between both, but keep in mind that influenza is quite severe.
  • Body issues: You will get a lot of body problems starting from weight loss to vomiting to body weak your body will begin to sulk in, and you will experience fatigue.
  • Nasal problems: Nasal blockage is a significant problem in influenza. This also causes difficulties in sleeping, and other breathing problems are also associated with it.
  • Other symptoms may include sudden headaches, vomiting, loss of appetite, feeling dizzy or nauseous.



Influenza virus: the primary cause of the influenza flu is the influenza virus itself. It is a bacterial infection that can quickly attack the lungs. It has two variants. Influenza virus A and influenza virus B. the second one being more dangerous, affects the system badly. It calls for urgent treatment, and one might get admitted to a hospital because of that.


A doctor can only diagnose the influenza virus, and in the lab by conducting various blood tests, urine tests, and other tests that will confirm that your system has It is a bacterial infection that can quickly attack the lungs. It has two variants. Influenza virus A and influenza virus B. the second one being more dangerous, affects the system badly.


  • The primary way to heal influenza is by eating antibiotics having a proper diet, and taking ample rest.
  • It is advised to get admitted in case you feel it cant be healed at home.



Vaccine: Adults are also eligible to get the flu vaccine against pneumonia infection so that they don’t get it in the future. It helps in making the immune system strong and doesn’t allow germs to enter the body quickly.


Super Pneumonia season

There is no particular season in which super pneumonia spreads. Every year there is a different season when getting infected, but it is mainly observed when there is seasonal change. That is when we enter the cold phase during late autumn and early winter; it is spreading the most and is called the pneumonia season.

Is Super Pneumonia contagious?

It is indeed contagious and very dangerous. People with influenza or pneumonia should stay away from people for a few days until they are cured. It is neither good for the patient nor the people who contact the person who has influenza flu.


Influenza and pneumonia can be dangerous flu that can make the body very weak and doesn’t allow it to function properly. Taking the necessary precautions and keeping yourself isolated is very important during the crucial stage as it helps the body heal, and the recovery rate will be faster. A good doctor can only treat influenza viral flu, and making measures at home is strictly prohibited.


How to know if I have influenza flu?

Influenza flu indicates various symptoms which are not at all normal during a normal cold or cough. Pneumonia and influenza might have some similar symptoms, though.

How to get tested for influenza?

Consult a doctor at first, and then he will provide further details on how to diagnosis it. Firstly by seeing you only, he can predict he will give you normal meds if they don't work, then only he will ask you for tests and then confirm if you have influenza.

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