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Screening Tests Every Man Should Have After 40

There are a plethora of medical tests for men after 40 that you should know more about. Staying fit and fine is something that we all aspire for, especially as we start getting older. Now the key aspect that you should know is that medical tests for men are not linked to any fear or paranoia. They are a normal aspect of your wellness regime and your quest to live a better life.


How is this so? A test for men after 40 means checking for any symptoms, signs, or warning indicators of any potential future health trigger, disease, or niggle that may cause you great hassles later on. Hence, it is always better to keep checking your health periodically, in order to nip issues in the bud if they arise and take preventive measures to improve your health before it gets out of hand.

Gender: Male
Age: 40 and above
Different Test Type- 
Eye Checkup
Colon Cancer
Lipid Profile
Blood Sugar
Prostate Cancer


Crucial Medical Tests for Men that you Should Not Neglect

There are many vital medical tests for men that you should periodically undertake after attaining the age of 40. These include some basic and advanced screening tests for men on the basis of their age groups.

1. Cholesterol Check

Screening for men assumes greater importance after 40 and especially till the time they turn 50. This is because they are steadily approaching middle-age at this time and many problems may crop up owing to various lifestyle factors and stress. Hence, you should always make sure that you check carefully for cholesterol levels, especially bad cholesterol or LDL in the body.

High levels of this element may lead to major heart disease risks in the future, along with a ton of other health problems. Men should take blood tests once each year in order to find out their cholesterol levels. Have a chat with your doctor about preventive measures and lifestyle changes to make in case your results indicate high levels of LDL.

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2. Eye Checkup

This is another crucial part of screening for men. Eye check-ups are a must for men above the age of 40. They should get this done periodically every 2-4 years at least, as per recommendations. Your doctor may recommend a smaller gap between tests in order to fix certain issues or vision problems.

3. Diabetes

Another important component of health screenings for men after they turn 40, this test will help identify possible signs of diabetes and help you combat the same in a timely manner. You should go through blood tests every three years till the age of 45 at least. If you are obese or overweight, talk to the doctor about starting even earlier.

4. Colon Cancer

Men above 50 should include this test in their health screenings. This will help in finding any possible signs and symptoms of this ailment. Taking this test is recommended for men with a family history of colon cancer or polyps. Screenings may be conducted via a procedure known as colonoscopy or even a stool occult blood test as it is called.

5. Osteoporosis Test

After the age of 50, men should talk about the possible risks of osteoporosis with their doctors. If they have any risks of suffering from osteoporosis, then doctors may suggest periodic screenings. Factors may include lower body weight, bone fractures after turning 40, and a family history of suffering from osteoporosis.

6. Lipid Profile 

Men above 40 should take the lipid profile test at least once every five years. If someone has issues with heart ailments, diabetes, or kidney problems, then he may be asked to test more frequently by the doctor.

7. Prostate Cancer Checkup 

Men should talk to their doctors about prostate cancer risks as well once they are between 45-50 years of age. Those with high risks may be asked to increase their frequency of testing. Testing is done either via blood tumor tests for PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen) or digital rectal tests.

8. Blood Sugar

Checking blood sugar levels is a basic thing for men who are 40 and above. You should make sure that you take this test once every three years for checking and identifying any signs of diabetes. Hemoglobin A1C tests may also be alternatively used for detecting any possible signs of diabetes.

9. HIV Test 

Men who have several sexual partners or have higher risks of contracting HIV may require testing for the same.

10.  Blood Pressure Test

Blood pressure tests are a must for men above 40. This will help them identify whether their pressure levels are near the 120-80 mark or way higher or lower. Doctors will work with them to identify lifestyle factors behind excessively low/high blood pressure. Medication is also prescribed at times.

The Bottom Line

Prevention is better than cure, and herein lies the importance of health screenings for men 40 years old. An early diagnosis through regular health check-ups will help avert them from turning worse and incurable.

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