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12 Tests Every Woman Needs in Her 40s

There are some medical tests for women that are necessary once they are in their 40s. These go a long way towards diagnosing possible medical problems and saving you future hassles at a more advanced stage. If you’re in this age bracket, then here are some of the tests for women that you can consider on an annual basis, or whenever required.

Age Group- Post 40 
Gender- Women 
BMI Screening
Substance Misuse
Blood Pressure Check-Up
HIV Screening 
Cholesterol Check 
Diabetes Screening
Dental & Eye Examinations 
Pap Test 
Tetanus-Diphtheria Booster
Influenza Vaccine 


Why Are Medical Tests for Women Needed in Their 40’s?

There are numerous medical tests for women which are useful in their 40s. So, what tests should a woman have every year in this age bracket? There are many tests for women that are crucial in unearthing potential issues or things that may snowball into bigger health problems down the line. Preventive steps are always better and this is why doctors recommend female medical tests periodically after 40. A physical examination will require only 30-40 minutes on average.

12 Medical Tests for Women That You Should Not Neglect

1. BMI (Body Mass Index) Test

This is one of those female medical tests that are even more important in the 40s. Your height and weight will be measured for BMI calculation. If the BMI threshold is anywhere around 25-30%, then you will be perceived as overweight. Anything higher than 30% will be taken as obese. The higher the BMI, the higher your risks of heart ailments, high blood pressure, diabetes and more ailments. You can stay alert to the warning signs and work on losing 5-10% of body weight for lowering these risks accordingly.

2. Depression

Depression is a big issue for most people these days, though few people acknowledge the same. In this screening, you will be answering various questions to figure out whether you are going through depression. This will help you work out future treatment methods including counseling. 

3. Substance Misuse

You will again be answering questions for figuring out the frequency of substance usage and the applicable amounts. The doctor will try to find out if you are dependent upon drugs, tobacco, alcohol, and similar addictive substances. He or she will discuss a plan to quit and guide you through the entire process accordingly. 

4. HIV Test

This is one of those vital blood tests every woman should have in the 40s. Everybody should take the test, especially when they are sexually active. HIV is often transmitted via semen, breast milk, blood, blood transfusion and even sharing needles. 

5. Blood Pressure Test 

A routine checkup in most cases, this is one of the basic medical tests for women that you should not neglect. The doctor will measure blood pressure with the cuff, working out the diastolic and systolic numbers. They should be less than 80 and less than 130 respectively. The goal should be to achieve a blood pressure reading of 130/80. 

6. Cholesterol Test

Lipid panel or a cholesterol test tracks cholesterol and triglyceride amounts in the blood. These figures help work out whether there are cardiovascular disease risks. The body does require a little cholesterol but excessive amounts may lead to build-up in the arteries and lead to risks of heart attacks and strokes. 

7. Diabetes Test

This involves going through the plasma glucose test and blood glucose levels will be measured while fasting. If this is excessively high, then you will have to undergo a test again for confirming diabetes. 

8. Mammogram 

Women should start mammogram tests or X-rays of their breasts in their 40s to stay in the loop about any possible issues. 

9. Pap Test

The Pap test will help in diagnosing any abnormal cell growth on the cervix along with HPV-linked infections. Women should get their Pap tests at 21 followed by subsequent tests after every 3-5 years on average. 

10. Dental and Eye Test

You should keep updating the prescription if you use contact lenses or wear glasses. However, you should be sure that you do not have any vision problems. Get eye tests done at least once every couple of years after 40. Schedule your dental cleaning and examinations once every 6-8 months. 

11. Influenza Vaccine

You should get the annual flu vaccine before any possible outbreak in the entire community. Antibodies develop in the body after a couple of weeks, once you have got your shot. Hence, get this as soon as possible and whenever required. 

12. Tetanus-Diphtheria Booster

You may have got this vaccine in your adolescent period or even in infancy. However, a booster dose is always recommended once every 10 years. This vaccine is given in the arm and should be considered after you turn 40. 

The Bottom Line

As you can see, these are the 12 medical tests for women that are a must as you cross 40 and approach middle-age. This is the time when careful and preventive monitoring is required for staying healthier and warding off long-term issues. Of course, consulting your doctor is the first step towards scheduling your tests and working out which ones are most suitable for your needs. Your doctor will help prescribe blood tests every woman should have in her 40s.

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