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The Right Way To Deal With Rejection

There are many instances in your life when you get rejected from a new love proposal, a job where you applied earlier, or a group of friends. Rejection hurts pretty much, irrespective of what type of rejection you are facing. The way you respond to rejection decides your future. Mentally strong people can overcome the pain of rejection comfortably and they become better with time. But those who are weak often feel gloomy and despondent.


Here, we are going to discuss how to get over rejection and how to deal with rejection with strength.

How to Deal with Rejection?

Following are some useful tips for dealing with rejection:

1. Try to Identify the Cause behind the Rejection

Before you learn how to deal with rejection from a girl/boy, at work, or in your home life, you must remember that there should be some specific reasons behind this rejection. You get rejected not because you are feeble or too sensitive, it may be because you need more improvements. You need to work hard and strengthen your weak points so that in the future you don’t get rejected from anywhere. Rejection allows you to improve yourself. Instead of feeling dejected, you should identify the reasons behind your rejection. This will help you in eliminating or improving those reasons for your self-growth.

2. Don’t Blame Yourself

Though it’s good to know the reasons for rejection, sometimes, there may not be clear reasons for rejection. When you did not find answers, you started to blame yourself. You started to believe that you weren’t enough; you’re unlovable, difficult, unworthy, etc. These negative thoughts should be discarded as soon as possible. As an adult, you should be equipped to consider other reasons for rejection. There could be plenty of reasons for rejection and even the smartest and most polished people get rejected at any point in their life.

Sometimes, it may not be true that you get rejected because you did something wrong. You are not hired by the company as the CEO decided to hire his relative, or your first date won’t revert because he feels insecure. It’s not only about yourself and thus, don’t blame yourself or take responsibility for things that were not in your control. Don’t think that you get rejected because you made some mistakes.

3. Step Back and Practice Self-Care

Dealing with rejection is tough for many people and they can’t think logically and as a result, they can’t overcome the pain. So, how to get over rejection? Instead of getting annoyed, you should try to practice some self-care activities to calm down your anger, stress, pain, and agony. Activities like exercising, going for a run, doing yoga, or meditation are great ways to create a balance in your life. Try to control the situation logically instead of being overactive or suppressed. If you think these activities are not adequate, you must try to indulge yourself in those activities that make you calm down. You can go for a hot shower or listen to music to control your mind and body.

4. Spend Time with People Who Make You Happy

When you face rejection from a person or thing, you must remember that there are plenty of things in your life that are more important than the one rejection. Many people in your life bring a smile to your face.  You have not been utterly spurned by the world, so think positively. Spend some quality time with your friends and family members and enjoy wholeheartedly. Ensure that you are truly connected with your surrounding people. Express yourself in front of your family members or friends for moral support. These people make you feel how important and lovable you are to them. This improves your self-esteem and makes you believe that you are also worthy.

5.  Practice Self-Affirmations

After a rejection, don’t simply acknowledge your emotions; rather try to jot down all positive things about yourself.  Make a list that contains some of your strengths and values. Every morning you should read them out loud to yourself. These self-affirmations will instill some positive beliefs in you just by recognizing who you really are and how you identify yourself. When you start to doubt yourself after a rejection, these affirmations will help you to deal with the rejection.

6. Engage in Healthy Habits

After a rejection, people used to indulge themselves in some unhealthy habits like not getting adequate sleep, not eating unwholesome foods, eating at late night, etc. These will make your life more difficult to handle rejection in a healthy way. To overcome your rejection, you must lead a healthy lifestyle. You must eat healthy foods, exercise regularly, and be hydrated to combat rejections. If you lead a healthy lifestyle, you will get adequate resources to deal with challenging situations.

7. Don’t Let Rejection Stop You

This is the most important skill that you should learn from rejection. Rejections are the parts of your life so don’t let them stop you from achieving your plans. Getting rejected is an unavoidable part of life. Every successful person has experienced this in their life.

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The Bottom Line

Next time you get rejected from your date or work, don’t get disheartened as rejection happens to everyone. Ask yourself how to deal with the situation so that you can keep moving. Considering rejection as a part of your life, focus on your strengths and resiliency. Instead of feeling dejected, try to find out ways that will help you combat rejection effectively.

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