Weight Loss tips


During Covid times, many people were forced to stay in their homes, trying out new hobbies and interests. One such interest was maintaining fitness and healthy ways to lose weight. Let us take Julie, an 18-year old girl living with her parents, who is also trying to lose weight. She tried so many workouts, so many different diets, but nothing worked at all!

Losing weight may seem difficult at first, but we can lose weight without breaking or without any pain with the right motivation and method. We can still enjoy things we love and maintain a healthy body.

To ensure you find the proper methods and tips, we have this article for you to help you lose weight with a few suggestions.

Protein Intake:

Proteins are one of the essential macronutrients. Proteins increase the rate of fat burning in your body which helps you lose weight and look toned. They also aid in improving digestion and strengthen muscles which give you the energy to work out more energetically and effectively. You can receive proteins from meat, chickpeas, hummus, Greek yoghurt, protein powder, paneer almonds, etc. Apart from this, they also improve hair growth, which makes it a win-win situation. So you must consume maximum protein content every day.

Choosing the right diet:

Diets are the primary methods to lose weight. While it is important to stick to a proper diet, it is also essential to stick to the proper diet for you. There are many diets out there like paleo, keto, calorie-deficit, etc. Each diet has different purposes based on your needs and necessities. For example, the paleo diet is a very famous diet for weight loss, but those suffering from heart diseases or diabetes must avoid them as the effects of the diet could damage their health issues. Based on a person’s allergies and restrictions, they need to research the right diet and choose the right one.


There are many different types of exercise options out there. Weight training, yoga, pilates, cardio are few examples of workouts. Working out burns fat in the body and tones the muscles, making them leaner and stronger. Similar to choosing diets, it is also important to be wise when choosing your exercise. For example, if someone can be flexible but cannot lift weights, they can choose either yoga or pilates. Any of these exercises can help you lose weight and maintain fitness. Each exercise has a different level of intensity, so before choosing the one for you, it is okay to experiment with them. Some fun exercises can be swimming, badminton, football, sprinting, rowing, horse-riding, and even gardening.

Don’t completely restrict yourself:

While it is important to stay on a diet, it doesn’t always have to be green salads and dry foods, and it is also fine to enjoy little snacks now and then. If not, you might feel the urge to binge and go back to an even stricter diet. To keep yourself happy and still stay on a healthy diet, it is okay to enjoy little snacks or desserts like brownies, cakes, cookies, etc. It is unhealthy to stick to a diet and consume very little food, as food fuels your body and keeps you energized all day. So do not completely shut yourself from all the joys in the world; enjoy your food and practice healthy habits.

Get active:

Apart from maintaining a diet and exercise routine, it is also important to stay healthy. Doing hardcore exercise for 1 hour in the morning and sitting around for the entire day is no use. Walk often, take the steps instead of the elevator, run to stores, take cycles instead of cars for places close by, walk your dog, water your plants, and many more small activities that can create a huge impact on your body. So, make sure you are active and energized throughout the day to receive maximum results and practice healthier lifestyles.

Drink plenty of water:

Drinking water plays a huge role in weight loss than one may think. Water can not only keep you hydrated and keep your fresh skin; it can also help indigestion. Water is very important for the human body, so drink the required water depending on your height and weight. If you don’t like to drink water or feel tired of chugging down a drink that tastes like nothing, you can add a few tea leaves to it, a slice of lemon, or consider sparkling water. It is also important you don’t over consume it, as drinking excessive water can also be very dangerous.

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables:

Fruits and vegetables play a significant role in weight loss. They can keep you full, contain lots of macro and micro nutrients. This also means that you do not have to eat only a specific type of fruit or vegetable. You can eat your favorite vegetable however you want, as they can be rich in fibre which promotes weight loss. Fruits can be a great substitute for deserts, as they can be sweet and healthy at the same time.


The points mentioned above are just some small tips to aid you in your weight loss journey. Losing weight can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be very painful. With the proper routine, it can be fun and make you happy.


Does bajra really help to lose weight?

Yes, it does. Bajra contains several elements, which actively take part in this job. Scientific studies have found pieces of evidence. Though it should be kept in mind that bajra alone cannot help to reduce body weight. A proper diet must be followed for better results. In addition, physical exercise or activity boosts up the process well enough

Can anyone consume bajra, or is there any age for it?

There is nothing to worry about age before consuming bajra. From the babies of six months old to full-grown people, everyone can have it. Besides, it contains an adequate amount of antioxidants. They help the body to deal with free radical-mediated diseases like cardiovascular disease, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, etc.

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