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What Are 6 Energy Vitamins For Women and Do You Really Need Them?

In order to have a healthy lifestyle, one needs to eat a well-balanced diet and have a good amount of sleep. Regular exercising is also a part of a lifestyle to maintain good energy levels and keep your heart and body in good condition. 

But women cannot always lead their lives healthily, as they have to balance between many other demands in life. Therefore, women need to fulfil the energy requirement from sources other than food. In this article, we will learn about what vitamin gives you energy, and the different vitamin supplements available for women to cope with energy loss and boost their lifestyle in a healthy and fit way.

Different energy releasing vitamins for women

Although food is the best source of fulfilling energy, supplementation of energy vitamins is necessary when you fall short of nutrients. Here is a record of the six vitamins for energy to boost your stamina and confidence.

1. Vitamin D
Vitamin D is one of the best energy vitamins for women. The deficiency of Vitamin D can make your muscles fatigue. It is estimated that about 50% of the population lack vitamin D worldwide. Most people who suffer most from vitamin D deficiency are-

  • Old persons
  • Persons having dark skin tone
  • Those who do not receive enough sunlight
  • Persons suffering from obesity

According to recent medical research, people suffering from vitamin D deficiency can develop muscle efficiency if they get proper treatment. Moreover, vitamin D deficiency can make you feel depressed. Taking these vitamins to boost energy can help you avoid feeling fatigued frequently.

2. Vitamin B12
One of the most effective vitamins for tiredness is Vitamin B. There are different forms of Vitamin B that we get from food, among which Vitamin B12 helps transform the food consumed into energy needed by the body cells. Another function of Vitamin B12 is that it keeps the nervous system of the body and blood cells healthy and prevents anaemia which makes us weak and tired. 

The natural source from where we get Vitamin B12 is from a variety of animal proteins such as fish, meat, and dairy products. Other than this, many foods have artificially added B12 to provide the need for Vitamin B12 required by most women. It is also considered to be the best vitamin for energy and metabolism.

  1. Old adults
    10-30% of adults above the age of 50 find it difficult to absorb Vitamin B12 from the food as they produce less stomach acid for absorption.
  2. Vegetarians
    Vegans who don’t consume animal proteins are at risk of Vitamin B12 deficiency.
  3. GI disorders
    Women with Crohn’s disease and celiac disease suffer from deficiency of Vitamin B12.

3. Vitamin C
Vitamin C plays a crucial role to boost your energy level. You can consider vitamin C to be the vital antioxidant that will control your bodily adrenal functionalities. Moreover, it will improve your immune system. In fact, those who are suffering from high blood pressure can take vitamin C to keep their pressure under control. Vitamin C also plays a crucial role to reduce your uric acid level to safeguard you from gout attacks.

It is vital to take vitamin C regularly to help you absorb iron from your everyday diet. On a busy day, the easiest way to do so is through energy vitamin c drinks. Last but not the least, vitamin C deficiency can make you suffer from dementia disorders. So, you should take vitamin C on a regular basis to keep yourself energetic and fit. Strawberries, oranges, potatoes, green and red pepper are very rich in vitamin C.

4. Iron
It is one of the most crucial elements needed by the body for producing haemoglobin. Haemoglobin is a protein existing in red blood cells of the body that is accountable for transferring oxygen from the lungs to various organs and tissues. Inadequate iron levels in the body lower the oxygen-carrying capacity of the red blood cells and can cause iron deficiency anaemia and make you feel weak and fatigued. Iron deficiency anaemia in women can have multiple causes.

    1. Low Iron Diet
      Meat and seafood are known to be the richest sources of iron. This is where the vegetarians are outcasted, making them require 1.8 times more iron than those who consume meat.
    2. Loss of blood
      Blood is the primary carrier of half of the body’s iron content. Due to internal bleeding, heavy menstruations, or any accident causes blood loss of the body and depletes blood iron levels.
    3. Pregnancy
      50% of pregnant women suffer from iron deficiency anaemia which makes this a common cause in them. In order to provide support to average fetal growth, pregnant women need twice as much iron.

There are certain health risks related to the over intake of iron supplements, so consult your doctor to take the correct dose of supplements.

5. Ashwagandha
Indian Ayurveda is known to be one of the world’s oldest medical systems, and Ashwagandha is one of the essential medicinal herbs of the Indian Ayurvedic medicines. By improving the body’s flexibility to physical and mental stress, Ashwagandha is known to increase the body’s energy. Studies show that women who consumed this magical herb noticed an improvement in their mental stress and anxiety.

In other studies, it has been found that Ashwagandha helps in fatigue associated with exercises. The best part about Ashwagandha is that the natural herbal supplements are safe and come with a low risk of side effects. From young women to old, along with vitamins that give you energy, Ashwagandha is ideal and trustworthy, helping them with different activities.


In this article, the different vitamin supplements are listed by health experts. With the help of the mentioned supplements, women can lead a balanced healthy lifestyle while carrying out other activities. The supplements are safe to use and don’t produce any side effects. However, it is always better to consult your doctor before consuming these supplements and altering your diet.

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