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Yoga is the Easy Way to Grow Taller

Individuals with under average height want to become taller for a better interpretation of the world. However, height does not actually matter in the ultimate evaluation since it does not take away any of the inherent qualities of the individuals, describe their achievements or personality. In reality, some of the major global powerhouses have been short-sighted. The great freedom fighter from India, Mahatma Gandhi, was 5’5”. The well-known Soviet astronaut, Yuri Gagarin, was 5’2”. The famous writer and philosopher from France, Voltaire, has been 5’3”. The well-known singer, Lady Gaga, is only 5’1”. The famous gymnast Shawn Johnson is only 4’9’’. But the question is if one desires to grow taller? Is there any way to grow height naturally? The answer is yes! Yoga could make one become taller by addressing some vital issues. This article will describe how yoga can help to grow the height of an individual. 

Yoga To Increase Height

Surprisingly, several individuals are not satisfied with their height and believe that some extra inches can help to boost their confidence. Even though nutrition, as well as genetics, play a vital role in determining the height of an individual, he or she could choose various yoga postures to grow their height long after they had left their teenage years. Basically, yoga lengthens the backbone, stretches the leg muscles and back as well as improves the posture of an individual. 

Besides, it cleanses the body, therefore stimulating the development of healthy cells. A consistent and regular yoga schedule relaxes the body and decreases stress. In turn, this releases growth hormones and grows height naturally by regularly practising different yoga asanas. A person must practise yoga under the guidance of a trained yoga teacher. They can offer professional guidance through various yoga poses and assist in getting rid of all the physical and mental stress. A customized yoga routine best suitable for the body and the lifestyle of an individual could also be chalked out by a yoga teacher.

Yoga Poses to Increase Height

There are various yoga poses that can help to grow the height of an individual. However, certain poses might be more helpful for improving height. It is significant to ensure to match the yoga poses with the benefits individual wishes to experience. Some of them are given below:

  • Standing Forward Bend
  • Cobra
  • High Plank
  • Reclined Pigeon
  • Locust
  • Legs up on the wall
  • Child’s Pose
  • Plough
  • Cobra


Yoga for Height Increase After 18 

If an individual is satisfied with his or her height, they must try the yoga poses mentioned above, along with a healthy diet. In addition to this, the yoga asanas lengthen the back and stretch each body part. Also, they help in releasing trapped toxins and allowing the healthy development of hormones and cells. But it is vital for maintaining correct procedures and staying dedicated to a strict yoga schedule. For growing, yoga is particularly beneficial during the formative years of an individual. However, yoga, along with proper nutrition, adequate sleep, and exercise, can also prove effective in becoming taller after the age of 18. But height grows faster in the teenage years, slows down, and ultimately stops in the early 20s.

Yoga Asanas to Increase Height

Some of the yoga asanas that can be beneficial for increasing height and becoming taller are as follows:



  • Strengthening back muscles
  • Helping to achieve a good physical posture
  • Adding flexibility to the backbone
  • Stretching the muscles in the abdomen, shoulders, and chest
  • Flushing out all the physical and mental stress



  • Straightening and stretching the backbone
  • Improving body posture
  • Strengthening the thighs and knees
  • Improving balance and making flexible and stable
  • Helping in steady breathing 
  • Improving neuro-muscular coordination




  • Strengthening the shoulder muscles
  • Improving circulation of the blood 
  • Helps to distribute oxygen throughout the body
  • Removal of stress and inducing calmness 
  • Relieving tension from the buttocks, back, abdomen, and chest

Surya Namaskar 

It is a set of twelve yoga asanas and a method to express gratitude to the Sun. This powerful yoga asana influences the whole body from head to toe. Surya Namaskar is a great workout not only for the joints and muscles but also for other organs. 


  • Helps in harmonizing body, mind, and breath
  • Strengthening joints and muscles
  • Increasing circulation of blood
  • Detoxing the body
  • Helping better digestion
  • Stimulating glandular activities 
  • Getting rid of insomnia




  • Stretching along with toning of the abdominal muscles and neck
  • Lengthening and increasing muscle tone in hips and lower back area
  • Making supple backbone 


It can be concluded that yoga can definitely make a difference to the height of an individual, particularly during the vital growing-up ages. But it is significant to remember that besides yoga, nutrition, general health conditions, and genetics also matter. Usually, growth in height stops with the development of bones. It happens during puberty, and hence, one could not actually grow his or her height after puberty. However, an individual can correct their posture and look taller through yoga. Yoga is considered a miracle for body fitness that could be used to grow height.

Even though yoga experts admit that stretching only helps in getting taller at a young age, it is also acknowledged that yoga could improve one’s posture even at an older age. As an individual starts to age, their backbones begin to shrink, visually reducing their height. Several people start to stoop, either due to negligence or lack of confidence in keeping their back straight and eventually, make them look shorter than they actually are. Yoga helps to strengthen the back muscles, backbones and align pelvis, shoulders, and hip areas in its accurate shape by practising different yoga poses and asanas. The capability of yoga for the relaxation of the mind and removal of stress also stimulates the physical posture of an individual by producing vital growth hormones and helps to become taller even after height stops to grow and at an older age.

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