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How to Check Health Insurance Validity?

Health insurance is an excellent financial tool that helps you manage a medical financial crisis in times of need. Being aware of your health insurance validity can be helpful in ensuring timely claim settlement.


Why should you check the validity?


A health insurance is major financial investment not only for an individual but also for their entire family; being aware of validity-related terms and conditions of your policy is important to make the best use of this investment and enjoy a smooth claim settlement process.


Every health insurance policy is renewed after a tenure of 12 months automatically until the expiration date. However, it is highly probable that no claims are raised for several years, and the policy expires without your knowledge.


By checking health insurance validity, you can request policy renewal on time and avoid purchasing a new one (which will be more expensive than renewing the existing plan).

How frequently should one check medical insurance validity?


It is important to check health insurance validity on a regular basis (every year or every 6 months) so that the policy can be renewed at the appropriate time.


Apart from this routine check, it is advisable to check policy status before applying for a claim and after claim settlement.


Four ways to check medical insurance validity


In the olden days, people had to lease with their insurance agent to get even the most basic details about the policy. The digital age has brought great convenience, allowing people to stay informed about health insurance validity and make better future plans.

  • How to check health insurance validity online through the company’s website?

People can now check medical insurance validity by simply going to the insurer’s website and logging in with their unique credentials. Many health insurance companies have adopted digital methods to make checking for claim and validity of insurance plan easier than before.


After logging in to the dedicated customer portal, the person is redirected to a dashboard containing all crucial information about the plan. This portal also allows customers to renew the validity of their plan if applicable.

  • How to check validity of health insurance via email?

An alternate option for checking the validity of medical insurance is by sending an enquiry mail to the insurance company’s support team.


Generally, insurance providers constantly keep policyholders up-to-date about their plan through e-mails. However, such communications may get lost amidst multiple marketing emails. Whenever necessary, one can also approach them to learn about the status of their health insurance plan.


Insurance provider may ask for the following information; make sure to include these while drafting the email:

  1. Policy name
  2. Policy number
  3. Proof of identity/health card
  4. Date of purchase

The e-mail address of the company is shared within the policy documents and can also be found on the company’s official website easily.

  • How to check medical insurance policy over the phone?

Anyone can reach out to the insurance company’s customer care by calling on their toll-free number. The process is similar to calling any customer support providers for a query. Once you get through to the customer service executive, you can obtain information about the policy’s status by confirming few details for verification.


Otherwise, sending out an SMS with a relevant keyword and policy number from your registered number can be used to check medical insurance validity.

  • How to check health insurance validity offline through an agent?

Some people prefer a hands-on approach, and someone might face difficulty checking the policy status online. In such cases, visiting the local branch office of the insurance company or contacting an agent is more suitable than checking validity online.


Carry policy documents and all essential details along while visiting the branch office.


The above mentioned ways provide accurate answer to the question—how to check health insurance validity?


More often than not, insurance companies send emails to inform the insured about their policy status. Even if one misses these emails, they can still stay on top of their financial plans by checking health insurance validity online or offline.

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