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    CKD-EPI Formula:

    Chronic Kidney Disease Stages

    GFR Value (mL/min/1.73 m2)
    90+ or above and no proteinuria
    90+ with evidence of kidney damage
    CKD2 (Mild)
    60 to 89 with evidence of kidney damage
    CKD3 (Moderate)
    30 to 59
    CKD4 (Severe)
    15 to 29
    CKD5 Kidney failure
    less than 15

    Overview -

    GFR Calculator

    Glomerular filtration rate, or GFR, is the best indicator of your kidney function. Normal GFR depends on the body size, age, and gender, and it lowers with age.

    With the help of a GFR calculator (also known as an estimated glomerular filtration rate calculator or eGFR calculator), it is possible to detect kidney disease in its early stages.

    Keep reading to find out how is GFR calculated, the values of eGFR that are red flags, and a few frequently asked questions.


    How to calculate


    There are several equations for calculating GFR, but the Chronic Kidney Disease Epidemiology Collaboration (CKD-EPI) is the recommended and the most common method. It only requires results of one blood test—serum creatinine.

    Here is the GFR calculation formula/equation for adults:

    GFR = 141 × min (SCr/k, 1)α × max (SCr/k, 1) −1.209 × 0.993Age × 1.0189 (if women or else 1) × 1.159 (if black, 1 for others)

    In which:


    SCr indicates serum creatinine in µmol/L.


    K is 79.6 for men and 61.9 for women.


    α is −0.411 for men and −0.329 for women.


    Max indicates the maximum of Scr/k or 1.


    Min indicates the minimum of Scr/k or 1.

    Please note: There are separate GFR calculators for adults and children.

    GFR result interpretation

    Now that you know how eGFR calculation is done, you may be wondering what the results imply. The table below shows typical eGFR values at various stages of kidney dysfunction based on data from the National Kidney Foundation.

    eGFR [mL/min/1.73m²]
    Kidney function
    There is no or only mild/minor kidney damage
    Kidney damage with mild or minor kidney function loss
    Mild to moderate level of kidney function loss
    Kidney function loss ranges from moderate to severe
    Kidney function is severely impaired
    Kidney failure

    A marginally lower eGFR than the normal range (60-89)does not necessarily indicate that you are at risk of kidney failure. To further clarify, eGFR declines with age, and the normal value of eGFR for people aged 70 years and over is only 75.

    Only if your eGFR is less than 60 for three months consecutively (or if you experience any other concerning symptoms, such as elevated albumin levels in your urine), there is a possibility that you may have chronic kidney disease (CKD). You should make an appointment with your doctor for the right guidance in such a case.


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