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    Based on the data you provided, we estimates your maintenance calories are 0 Calories/Day & 0 Calories/Week according to Katch - McArdle Formula that is known as most accurate if body Fat percentage is provided. The table shows the calories according to different PAL.

    Overview - TDEE Calculator

    Total daily energy expenditure, or TDEE, is the total amount of energy burned by a person during the course of a day. The TDEE calorie counter or calculator is used to estimate your TDEE and assists you in determining how many calories you burn each day in order to help lose or gain weight according to your health goals. You can make use of these details to plan your daily meals or decide whether or not to eat that bar of chocolate. Here, you will learn about the TDEE formula and how to calculate total daily energy expenditure.


    How to calculate yourTDEE?

    There are several methods, such as direct and indirect calorimetry, the doubly labelled water technique (DLW), and accelerometery, to calculate TDEE, but all these methods require specialised tools. Alternatively, you can calculate your TDEE with the help of some basic information.

    TDEE Formula :

    There is no single universal TDEE formula for calculating your total daily energy expenditure. It is typically determined by measuring the basal metabolic rate and multiplying this rate by the applicable level of physical activity.

    Note: BMR calculation is distinct for men and women.


    For Women
    BMR = (9.99 x Weight [kg]) + (6.25 x Height [cm]) - (4.92 x Age [years]) - 161


    For Men
    BMR = (9.99 x Weight [kg]) + (6.25 x Height [cm]) - (4.92 x Age [years]) + 5

    For example, I am a 34-year-old woman with a weight of 70 kg and a height of 160 cm. Here is my BMR:

    BMR = 9.99 x 70 + 6.25 x 160 - 4.92 x 34 -161

    = 699.3 + 1000 – 167.28 − 161

    = 1371.02

    So, approximately 1371 calories are my daily minimum calorie requirement.


    Activity factor
    The activity types include:


    Sedentary (desk job; little or no exercise)


    Lightly active (1–3 days/week of light physical exercise or sports)


    Moderately active (6–7 days per week of moderate exercise or sports)


    Very active (hard exercise every day, or exercising twice per day)


    Extra-active (hard exercise done two or more times per day, or training for a marathon or triathlon)

    Once you choose your physical activity level, select the relevant activity multiplier and enter it into the formula given below.

    Types of activities:


    Sedentary = 1.2


    Lightly active = 1.357


    Moderately active = 1.55


    Very active = 1.725


    Extra-active = 1.9

    Here is the total energy expenditure formula:

    TDEE = BMR × Activity Multiplier

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