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Fighting a fever – A complete guide to treating it at home

When you contract flu, cold, or any viral sickness, your body’s temperature tends to increase from the average body temperature that is 98.6°F (37°C). A significant reason for getting a fever is that your body fights the virus or bacteria by activating your immune system.

Most fevers that are caused due to a virus entering your body or because of bacteria can last up to 3 days. A recurrent fever may last or keep returning for up to 14 days. Any fever that lasts for more than the usual can become something serious, so the best option is to get a doctor’s opinion.

We will discuss some home remedies for viral fever that can help you manage your symptoms better.

Before we get to the natural remedies for fever, let us understand what you can treat at home and when you should see a doctor –

Knowing when to see a doctor –

Infants –

A high fever among infants can be dangerous. You should see a doctor if the fever is unexplained or the temperature is abnormally high –

  • 0-3 months – If the rectal temperature is higher than 100.4°F
  • 3-6 months – If the rectal temperature is higher than 102°F
  • 6 months – 2 years – If the rectal temperature is above 102°F and the baby also suffers from other symptoms like a rash, diarrhoea, cold, etc.


Children –

If the child is two years old and their fever rises above 104°F, you should seek medical advice. It would help if you also looked for other symptoms like –

  • They are constantly nauseous
  • They are not responding to medication in the right way
  • They are sleepy or irritable all the time
  • Their fever has lasted for more than three days


Adults –

Checking fevers in adults can be a little risky. You may think that it is a normal fever but could turn out to be something serious. If you have symptoms like severe headache, rash, trouble breathing, abdominal or chest pain, and fever, you should consider visiting a doctor.

Here are some home remedies for high fever

1. Keep yourself hydrated –

Usually, in the circumstances when your body is hot, you sweat to cool it down. However, when you are suffering from a high fever, you feel cold. For your body to function correctly in this situation, you need fluids or suffer from dehydration. Therefore, to avoid dehydration when suffering from fever, make it a point to drink lots of water and plenty of other liquids like juice, tea, coconut water, etc. Keep fighting by keeping yourself hydrated!

2. Rest and stay warm –

When you catch a fever, you should wait it out, give your body time to respond to the virus, and fight it back. Avoid working and take a rest. Keep yourself warm, covered in blankets so that you can sweat it out. Not only physically, but you need to give yourself a break mentally also. Doing any physical activity when suffering from fever can increase your body temperature more than usual. It may take time to deal with the virus, which is the best remedy for fever.

3. Take Ayurvedic supplements –

This may sound a little bizarre. You must be wondering why you should go for ayurvedic medication when you can take paracetamol. You see, these are much safer than antibiotics, and they work just like a charm. Ayurvedic sciences go way back in the Indian culture and have always proven effective when dealing with any illness.

4. Take Over the Counter (OTC) pain relief medicines –

When you are suffering from a high fever, your body is bound to ache. You can get pretty uncomfortable; this is where an OTC comes into play. For adults, the correct dosage of paracetamol, aspirin, or ibuprofen can work great. These are safe drugs and also have fewer side effects. You can consult a doctor to check which one can work best for you properly!

5. Wet cloth on the forehead can do wonders –

When you have a high fever, maybe above 102°F, then you need to do everything in your power to decrease your body temperature. Since you should avoid doing any physical activity, you should try putting a wet cloth on your forehead. Repeat this process for some time; this should calm you down and help bring the fever down.


Viral fevers are pretty common, and the truth is, there is nothing to worry about. It can be easily cured if you give your body enough time to fight the bacteria. The healing process can take up to 3 days or more. The remedies can be significant; however, if you notice it takes more time than usual to heal, you should consult a doctor.

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