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10 Surprising Health Benefits Of Broccoli- Nutrition, Uses, Side Effects

Broccoli is a green and healthy vegetable that comes with several benefits for the system. The vegetable comes from the Brassica Oleracea species of plants. It is related to a group of cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, kale or cabbages, along with Brussels sprouts. There are numerous Broccoli benefits that you should be aware about. It has three types, namely Sprouting, Calabrese, and Purple Cauliflower.

In this article, you will learn more about the benefits of eating Broccoli.

Broccoli Nutritional Facts 

Before learning more about the uses of Broccoli and its advantages, you should know more about its nutritional quotient. Here is a list of broccoli nutrients for your perusal.





Vitamin C

Vitamin B9

Vitamin K

Vitamin A




There are numerous Broccoli vitamins as you can see, ensuring great benefits for our bodies. Read on to find out more about the same.

Top 10 health benefits of Broccoli

There are several Broccoli benefits for male and female consumers alike. Here is a list of the top benefits for you:

1. Is a Rich Source of Antioxidants 

One of the biggest Broccoli benefits for female and male consumers is that it contains rich antioxidants. These combat free radicals and reduce inflammation within the body. Broccoli has Glucoraphanin in high amounts, helping it convert into sulforaphane at the time of digestion. This helps in controlling blood sugar, cholesterol, oxidative stress and chronic ailments.

2. Helps with Lowering Inflammation 

Another one of the major advantages of Broccoli is that it contributes towards reducing inflammation levels considerably. It has bioactive compounds which lower tissue inflammation and they include Kaempferol which is a flavonoid with these attributes. Yet, more research and studies are required to substantiate these findings.

3. Has Anti-Cancer Properties

Studies suggest that broccoli has bioactive compounds which may protect the body against specific types of cancer. These include prostate, breast, colorectal, gastric, bladder and renal cancer. 

4. Keeps Blood Sugar in check 

Broccoli helps in controlling blood sugar levels, especially for those who are suffering from diabetes. This is mainly due to its high fibre content.

5. Broccoli is a Miraculous Remedy for Hair

Rich in Vitamin A and C, broccoli helps to increase the production of sebum in hair. That makes hydrate the hair making them soft and strong. Moreover, the calcium content present in broccoli is good for hair growth.

6. Good for Heart 

Broccoli is also regarded as highly beneficial for heart health. Eating broccoli every day helps to reduce LDL or bad cholesterol and triglycerides. Some antioxidants contained in the green vegetable may also lower heart attack risks. 

7. Combats Constipation and Improves Digestion

  Broccoli is a big help in terms of tackling constipation and also enhancing your digestion powers. It contains antioxidants and fiber which help greatly in this regard, enabling smoother bowel movements as well. 

8. Boosts Brain Functions

Broccoli has several other benefits as well. Studies have shown that consumption of the same may lead to slowing decline of the brain. It also boosts tissue and brain functioning with its bioactive compounds and specific nutrients. 

9. Helps Keep Aging Away 

Broccoli has another main function, i.e., slowing down aging and lowering oxidative stress. Sulforaphane, contained in Broccoli, may help in slowing down aging processes at a biochemical level. 

10. Enhances Overall Immunity

Broccoli greatly boosts overall immunity levels. Vitamin C is the key nutrient in this case and Broccoli comes packed with the same. It can help in combating several types of illnesses as well. 

There are many other uses of Broccoli. You must know that Broccoli benefits weight loss since it is low in calories and contains minimal fat. It is also healthy and easy to digest. There are benefits of Broccoli in pregnancy as well. Broccoli offers folate or Vitamin B9 which is necessary for proper fetal development.

Broccoli Side Effects

Broccoli is mostly safe to consume on a regular basis, although anything in excessive amounts is not recommended. The most common side effect of broccoli for some people is bowel irritation or gas. It may happen due to the high fiber content in Broccoli. Some bloating or digestive issues may be seen in a few cases, especially for people who already suffer from what doctors call the irritable bowel syndrome. 

The Bottom Line

Broccoli is one of the healthiest and best vegetables to consume on a regular basis. It offers varied benefits, including better brain functioning, anti-aging attributes and superior heart health. You should definitely incorporate Broccoli into your daily dietary regime. It contains a wealth of nutrients that positively boost immunity as well. 


Why is broccoli not good for you?

Broccoli contains thiocyanates. These compounds may cause hyperthyroidism in rare cases and may lead to loss of hair, gaining weight and bloating. However, these side effects are not common. 

Is it healthy to eat broccoli every day?

We require fiber and many other nutrients on a daily basis. Broccoli can help in achieving the dietary consumption levels each day. However, make sure that you do not overeat on a daily basis. 

What are the health benefits of Broccoli? 

Broccoli is good for the heart and also contains compounds which safeguard the system against cancer. It is also good for the health of the eyes, boosts body immunity and maintains hormonal balance within the body. 

Is broccoli good for weight loss?

Yes, Broccoli has higher fiber and is a healthy vegetable which is easier to digest and prevents constipation. It keeps one feeling fuller for a longer duration and helps in the maintenance of lower blood sugar levels. It is thus good for weight loss. 

Who should avoid Broccoli? 

Broccoli should be avoided by those who are already suffering from IBS or the irritable bowel syndrome. It has high fiber content which may sometimes lead to bloating or gas for these individuals. 

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