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10 Surprising Health Benefits Of Chickpeas- Nutrition And Side Effects

The humble chickpeas, also called garbanzo beans, have been consumed and cultivated in the Middle East since time immemorial. There are various types of chickpeas including black chickpeas and other varieties. They have a specific texture and taste, while containing various nutrients, vitamins, fiber and minerals. The protein in Chana, as chickpeas are also called, is a major plus point as well. They help in managing weight, lowering risks of various ailments and enhancing overall digestion as well.

Let us dig deeper to understand all about the health benefits of eating chickpeas.

Nutritional Value of Chickpeas

Here is a list of chickpeas nutrition facts for your perusal. Listed below is the nutritional value found in about 160 g of chickpeas:

Calories: 269

Carbohydrates: 67% 

Protein- 14.5 g

Carbohydrates- 45 g

Fat- 4 g

Fiber- 12.5 g

It is not just about enjoying the benefits of chickpeas protein; you get to experience a wide array of nutrients and other minerals too. Chickpeas also contain other nutrients like protein, iron, folate, manganese, zinc, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, thiamine, potassium Vitamin B6, and selenium.

Top 10 health benefits of chickpeas

Here is a list of benefits of eating chickpeas that you should be aware of:

1. Keeps You Fuller for Longer

Chickpeas contain fiber and protein, which combine neatly for keeping you fuller for a longer time period and also controlling your appetite. They slow down digestion and protein may also enhance appetite-lowering body hormones at the same time. You automatically lower your calorie intake as a result. 

2. Comes With Rich Plant Protein 

You have already heard of a few boiled or roasted chana benefits. This includes rich plant protein, which makes them great choices for vegetarians or vegans. 164 grams will give you 14.5 grams in protein, which is almost similar to the protein content in lentils or black beans for instance. They also help in managing weight, enhancing the strength of the muscles and ensuring bone health at the same time.

3. Helps Weight Management 

Is chana good for weight loss? You already know the answer to that question! Since it contains rich fiber, it keeps the body fuller for a longer duration. Fiber and protein work to lower overall appetite, thereby reducing total calorie intake in turn. 

4. Good for Hair

Eating chickpeas every day helps to prevent hair loss. Rich in protein, chickpeas help to strengthen your hair. Moreover, it is a good source of Vitamin A and zinc, which makes it a good remedy to deal with the problem of hair thinning. You can even use mashed chickpeas with water as a hair pack to get rid of dandruff. 

5. Improves Digestive Abilities

One of the biggest chickpeas benefits is its ability to greatly enhance digestion powers. They come with fiber which has a positive impact on the digestive system. The fiber is soluble and it fuses with water to create a gel-ish element in the tract. Soluble fiber may stimulate the growth of healthier bacteria in the stomach, combating the unhealthy varieties. Chickpeas can also ensure smoother bowel movements. 

6. Safeguards Against Heart Disease 

Chickpeas contain various essential minerals including potassium and magnesium. They may boost the health of the heart through combating higher blood pressure levels, which often leads to heart ailments. Soluble fiber contained in chickpeas helps in lowering bad cholesterol or LDL and triglycerides as well. 

7. Keeps Cancer Away

 Studies show that chickpeas may help in lowering risks for specific cancer types. Chickpeas also come with saponins that are plant-based compounds preventing the growth of certain cancer types. These compounds may combat the growth of tumors. B vitamins may also reduce lung and breast cancer risks greatly. 

8. Helps Manage Type 2 Diabetes

The rich protein and fibre content in chickpeas help in the smooth management of Type 2 diabetes. The low GI makes chickpeas suitable for diabetics. They also contain several beneficial ingredients like B vitamins and magnesium that may help in lowering risks of Type 2 diabetes. 

9. Improves Brain Functioning 

Chickpeas contain crucial nutrients like magnesium which may enhance brain functioning and overall mental health. They contain choline, which is important for better functioning of the brain. This key nutrient is a necessity for producing more neurotransmitters. 

10. Combats Deficiencies in Iron

Chickpeas are a great iron source, containing roughly 26% of the daily recommended value in a cup of 164 gram. Iron helps in more production of red blood cells, muscle development, brain development and many other crucial aspects. Iron deficiency leads to anemia, weakness and many other issues. 

Side Effects of Chickpeas

There are a few rare side effects of consuming chickpeas that are listed below: 

  1. Allergic reactions to chickpeas for some people. 
  2. Gastrointestinal disorders. 
  3. Formation of kidney stones. 
  4. Reaction with specific types of medicines
  5. Accumulation of Uric acid. 

The Bottom Line

Chickpeas come with a plethora of health benefits including diabetes management, and better brain functioning. They are good to deal with iron deficiency and help in muscle growth. Consuming chickpeas daily improves digestion and offers safety against various types of cancers and even heart disease. You should consume a healthy bowl of chickpeas each day to harness all these benefits for the long run. 


Can chickpeas make you fat?

Chickpeas are excellent options for weight loss since they come packed with healthy fiber. This keeps the body fuller for a longer period of time. They also have a lower GI. 

Are chickpeas good for you?

Yes, chickpeas are ultra-healthy options for people, even more so for vegetarians or vegans. They contain iron, protein and several essential minerals and vitamins. They also help in combating several ailments. 

Is chickpea a protein or carb?

Chickpeas offer 269 calories in a single cup of 164 grams. Around 67% of the same is derived from carbohydrates. At the same time, fats and proteins make up the remaining portion. 

Are chickpeas okay for weight loss?

Yes, chickpeas are great for losing weight. They contain protein and fiber in high amounts. They keep the body fuller for a long period of time. Chickpeas also help in reducing and checking appetite. 

Do chickpeas give you gas?

Legumes like chickpeas sometimes lead to gas and bloating for some people. The reason is raffinose, which is a complex carb that contains galactose, glucose and fructose. 

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