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10 Incredible Health Benefits Of Drinking Coconut Water Daily

If you think coconut water is a popular drink in coastal regions, you are mistaken! This natural water has gained popularity in other states and cities around the world too. The plethora of health benefits of coconut water has made it one of the best natural hydrating drinks. Coconut water is a low-calorie clear liquid found inside tender coconuts. Drinking coconut water daily can help your body in multiple ways.

Let us acquaint you with the numerous coconut water vitamins and the benefits of drinking coconut water daily.

Nutritional Value of Coconut Water

Before we acquaint you with the multiple coconut water uses and benefits of drinking coconut water. We feel it is necessary to first enlighten you about Coconut water nutrition. So, here is the nutritional value of 100 grams of coconut water:

  • Coconut Water Calories: 19
  • Carbohydrates: 3.8 g
  • Sugar: 2.5 g
  • Fibre: 1 g
  • Protein: 0.7 g
  • Fat: 0.2 g
  • Potassium: 250 mg
  • Sodium: 105 mg


Besides, coconut water is rich in various vitamins like Vitamin B6, C, and D. It also comes loaded with minerals like calcium, magnesium, and cobalamin.

10 Incredible Health Benefits of Coconut Water

Here is a list of 10 incredible benefits of drinking coconut water:

1. Natural Low-Calorie Energy Drink

Amongst the prime uses of coconut water, is its use as a natural low-calorie energy drink. Unlike other sugary drinks made artificially, coconut water is a natural substitute that offers a plethora of health benefits and vital nutrients to the body.

2. Detoxifies Your Body

Likewise, coconut water is a natural detoxifier for your body. It is a rich source of electrolytes, minerals, and antioxidants. All these nutrients act together to eliminate accumulated toxins from the body.

3. Helps Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

Third surprising benefit of drinking coconut water is that it helps regulate blood sugar levels. Being rich in manganese, coconut water helps to enhance insulin sensitivity in the body and thereby regulates blood sugar levels. 

4. Reduces Stress and Fatigue

Those who drink coconut water daily experience energy. Coconut water is an ideal summer drink for those with too much stress. Those who feel fatigued after a heavy workout can also rely on the power of coconut water to get away with all the fatigue. 

5. Aids in Weight Loss

Drinking fresh coconut water is a great weight loss management way. Being a low-calorie energy drink, coconut water can replace all the other sugary drinks you drink to stay hydrated like sweet lemonade or squashes. Stay hydrated and lose weight by drinking coconut water daily. 

6. Good for People with High Blood Pressure

People suffering from high blood pressure must rely on the benefits of coconut water. Being a rich source of potassium, it helps to lower high blood pressure.

7. Good for Heart Health

Drink coconut water daily and keep your heart healthy. Amongst the best coconut water uses, we can say is one that helps to regulate cholesterol levels. Drinking this natural clear water of coconut helps to prevent the risk of heart diseases.

8. Aids in Digestion

Coconut water has a rich amount of minerals like magnesium, which prevents constipation. Moreover, it is good natural water that helps to stay hydrated. Due to these two reasons, this natural water helps in proper digestion. 

9. Coconut Water Prevents Kidney Stones

Our list of benefits of drinking coconut water daily does not end here. Add this clear sweet water to your diet to get rid of kidney stones. The nutrients present in coconut water help to eliminate citrate and chlorine present in your urine and thereby prevents kidney stones.

10. Natural Tonic for Skin

Drinking coconut water is a natural tonic for your skin. Coconut water helps keep your body hydrated and avoids the formation of skin wrinkles and flaky skin. Besides, it has some antioxidant properties that are good for producing collagen in the skin.

Coconut Water Side Effects

After reading all about the benefits of coconut water, it is time to check whether this nutritional water has some side effects too? Here is the list of disadvantages of drinking coconut water:

  • May Spike up Blood Sugar Levels
  • May be Fatal for people with Low Blood Pressure
  • May Imbalance Electrolyte in Body
  • May lead to Weight Gain
  • May lead to Skin Allergies
  • Not Good for Athletes


The Bottom Line

Now, that you are aware of the uses of coconut water and know the coconut water calories too. It is time to understand the best time to drink coconut water. There is no best time to drink this healthy natural drink offered to us by mother nature. You can drink at any time of the day.


Is it OK to drink coconut water every day? 

Yes, it is safe to drink coconut water every day. Drinking coconut water every day will not only keep your body hydrated but also supply it with ample amounts of nutrients and electrolytes. However, make sure not to drink more than 2 cups of coconut water a day, else it may lead to diarrhea. 

Does coconut water make you poop?

Drinking coconut water in large quantities may leave a laxative effect on some people. Otherwise, coconut water is a rich source of electrolytes and a refreshing natural drink. It is beneficial for those suffering from diarrhea. 

What is the best time to drink coconut water?

No time is the best time to drink coconut water, as anytime you drink is the best time. You can drink it any time of the day, be it during the morning, noon, or night. However, experts believe that drinking it early in the morning after a morning walk is highly beneficial. 

How much coconut water can you drink a day?

The recommended dose of drinking coconut water in a day is 1 or 2 cups. Drinking more than that may cause some side effects like stomach upset, diarrhea, and nausea. 

Who should not drink coconut water?

Drinking coconut water helps to reduce blood pressure. So, people suffering from low blood pressure should avoid drinking coconut water. 

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