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11 Incredible Wheatgrass Benefits For Health, Hair And Beauty

What is wheatgrass? It is an incredibly beneficial food that comes from a plant called Triticum aestivum. Wheatgrass can be regarded as a superfood which contains power-packed nutrients. You may consume this in the form of a fresh and refreshing juice or simply get it in the powdered version. You can add it to smoothies or protein shakes likewise. You may consume it regularly as a health booster and it will help you tackle several diseases successfully.

Read more about the fabulous wheatgrass benefits in this article.

Wheatgrass Nutrition Facts

The best time to drink wheatgrass juice is right after waking up, early in the morning. You can always consume it as a powder or even as wheatgrass juice if you wish. Here are the key elements contained in this superfood:



Vitamins E, A, C, K and B Complex






17 Amino Acids

Top 11 Wheatgrass Benefits

There are numerous wheatgrass juice benefits that are listed below:

1. It is a Powerful Superfood 

Wheatgrass is not easy to digest but it works as a superfood in many ways. It comes with an excellent nutritional quotient along with offering several healing advantages. It is a complete nourisher for the system while containing essential vitamins and minerals alike. It comes with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial attributes as well. 

2. Improves Digestion 

Wheatgrass comes with several enzymes that enable the breakdown of complex food elements into simpler ones, thereby facilitating their absorption in turn. This helps it enhance digestion greatly. Wheatgrass also comes with cleansing and detoxification attributes, leading to lower gas, bloating and discomfort in the abdomen. It can also relieve what is known as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and constipation. 

3. Destroys Toxins 

One of the biggest wheat grass uses is the destruction of toxins. The nutrients contained in it help in flushing out various impurities and toxins alike. The chlorophyll content enables detoxification and better liver functioning.

4. Enhances Immunity 

Consuming wheatgrass greatly enhances immunity while helping in tackling several types of diseases and other infections. It also enhances overall energy levels. 

5. Stimulates Metabolism 

Wheatgrass contributes towards giving your metabolism a major boost, enabling better weight loss and management in turn. It comes with several essential nutrients that keep you feeling fuller after each meal. This automatically works to lower cravings greatly. 

6. Functions as an Antiseptic 

Wheatgrass juice comes with antiseptic attributes on account of its chlorophyll content. It helps in keeping bad smell and strep infection away along with ensuring faster healing of wounds. It also helps in combating ear inflammation, sinusitis, rectal sores, leg ulcers and more. The chlorophyll content also helps in combating uterine cervix, varicose veins, typhoid fever and vaginal infections of a parasitic nature. 

7. Helps with Weight Loss 

The selenium content in wheatgrass juice helps in boosting the thyroid gland’s functions while helping manage and maintain weight, lowering food cravings and ultimately enabling weight loss.

 8. Enhanced Fertility 

Wheatgrass juice may help in stimulating fertility and sexual drive along with overall physical vitality simultaneously. It may help in giving you much-needed energy and increased blood flow along with greater stamina at the same time. It also promotes reproductive hormone production along with accelerating genital blood flow. 

9. Better Hair Health 

Wheatgrass juice is also excellent for enhancing the health of the hair. It comes with several antioxidants and helps in reversing hair greying and slowing down overall ageing simultaneously. 

10.  Boosts Heart Health

Wheatgrass contains protein and fiber which lower triglycerides and LDL or bad cholesterol. It also helps in scaling up the levels of good or HDL cholesterol at the same time. 

11.  Combats Cancer 

Also note that wheatgrass contains antioxidants which may help in killing cancer cells and bypassing several such risks simultaneously. It also comes with several nutrients including zinc, magnesium, selenium and copper. 

Wheatgrass Side Effects

There are a few wheatgrass juice side effects that you should know more about, including the following:

  1. Stomach upsets
  2. Headaches
  3. Nausea
  4. Fever
  5. Constipation 

These are rare and usually vanish on their own. Those who are breastfeeding or pregnant should not take wheatgrass as per recommendations, since it may lead to severe allergies. Wheatgrass may also be problematic for those with gluten allergies, blood disorders, celiac disease and some other types of ailments. 

The Bottom Line

Wheatgrass is a powerful superfood which comes with incredible health benefits of its own, especially in terms of ensuring better immunity, weight management, heart health and more. You can consume it as your daily health juice in the morning. You can also consider the powdered form. Whatever it be, take it regularly for enjoying superior health benefits in the long run. 


What does wheatgrass do for your body?

Wheatgrass comes with helpful enzymes which enable the breakdown of food and better nutrient absorption while facilitating improved digestion. It also helps in detoxifying the entire body, lowering overall bloating considerably. 

Is it OK to drink wheatgrass every day?

Yes, you can drink wheatgrass as a daily juice for good health and wellness. It will also help you tackle and combat various kinds of illnesses. However, you should consume it only in moderate amounts. 

Does wheatgrass have side effects?

Wheatgrass comes with several benefits for users. However, it does have a few side effects in rare cases. These include constipation, nausea, influenza, appetite loss and headaches. 

Is wheatgrass harmful to humans?

Wheatgrass is not harmful for human beings and comes with several health benefits of its own. Yet, it does have a few side effects such as constipation, nausea, hives, and headaches. It also has risks of contamination since it grows in water or soil and is often consumed raw. Breastfeeding or pregnant women should avoid its consumption. 

Can wheatgrass reverse GREY hair?

Taking wheatgrass regularly will help in reversing grey hair as per several reports. Fresh juice of wheatgrass will boost hair health and quality greatly. You can expect an anti-aging effect in this regard. 

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