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8 Best Ways to Use Aloe Vera Gel for the Face for Better Results

Sanjana (17-years-old) is a 1st-year engineering student from Pune. Sanjana is a pretty, vivacious girl and her face is also radiant and glowing. Sanjana is planning to participate in the Ms. Fresher competition of her knowledge. But for the past few days, she felt her skin has become dry, dull, and shrivelled. Sanjana was upset as this was not affecting her looks but also diminishing her self-esteem. Her grandmother advised her to use aloe vera gel for her face that will not only make her face glowing but also will make her skin radiant and attractive. Sanjana has started using aloe vera for her face and she was amazed by the benefits of aloe vera on the skin.

Aloe vera is a succulent plant that grows mainly in hot and humid climates. It is one of the oldest medicinal plants that can be seen in almost every garden in India. The uses of aloe vera gel on face and body range from treating cuts, burns, and other ailments of the skin.


Many skincare products for the face and body, such as face washes, body washes, soaps, moisturisers, and toners, have aloe vera gel in their ingredient list. It is especially beneficial for people with dry and/or sensitive skin. A person can apply fresh aloe vera gel by cutting the leaves of the plant or he/she can purchase various aloe vera gel products from a pharmacy or departmental store. The benefits of using aloe vera on the face are quite amazing. By applying aloe vera gel on your face regularly; you can get rid of various problems including acne, sunburn, eczema, and many more.


There is good reason for the popularity of aloe vera in the skin care industry. Here, you will learn about some of the most prominent benefits of aloe vera gel, aloe vera uses for face and skin, and more.

9 Top Benefits of Using Aloe Vera Gel on Face & Skin

Aloe vera gel contains various essential vitamins  A, C, E, and B12. Using aloe vera for the face has multifarious benefits.

  1. Aloe vera gel has anti-inflammatory properties and thus, it can minimise pain, swelling, and soreness of wounds or injuries on your face and body in addition to treating burns, cuts, abrasions, scrapes, allergic reactions, etc.
  2. This gel stimulates and produces collagen and elastin that can prevent the signs of aging.
  3. This can speed up the time of wound healing time and restrict scarring.
  4. Aloe Vera Gel for the face is quite soothing for first-degree and second-degree burns.
  5. This gel is effective in treating various bacterial (acne) and fungal infections.
  6. Aloe vera gel has an antioxidant effect, thus it repairs sun damage and slows down the process of skin ageing
  7. This gel contains 98% of water, so it moisturizes, soothes, and hydrates your skin.
  8. This makes your face more supple, rather than stiff and rubbery.
  9. Due to its cooling effect, this gel is useful in treating rashes.
  10. Aloe vera produces six different types of antiseptic agents, such has lupeol, salicylic acid, urea nitrogen, cinnamonic acid, phenols, and sulphur, that can kill fungus, bacteria, and viruses or control their growth.
  11. Using aloe vera gel on face can reduce dark spots and pigmentation.
  12. When applied to the face as a moisturiser, aloe vera gel can rejuvenate the skin and remove dead skin cells.
  13. People with oily skin can use aloe vera gel on their face to avoid acne.


Aloe vera is also used for treating baldness and alopecia, athlete’s foot (or tines), nail inflammation (or onychitis), etc.


How to use aloe vera gel on face?

One of the most popular ingredients of skin care, aloe vera can be used in multiple ways to enjoy the benefits of this amazing plant. You can use aloe vera gel on your face in the following ways:

    1. Face Wash: Once your hands are cleaned, use a small amount of aloe vera gel on your face. Gently rub the gel all over your face using a circular motion. Now, wash your face with cold water and gently pat dry. For better results, you can use an aloe vera skin toner.Some people don’t like to use anything for their face and wash it with plain tap water. Using aloe vera gel as a gentle cleanser is recommended for such people. If you want to try a product-free skincare routine as an experiment, you can also consider using aloe vera gel as a face cleanser. Please make sure that you are not using any other product as aloe vera gel and water alone may not be sufficient to clean product residue from your face and you will likely end up with clogged pores and acne.
    2. Skin Toner: By mixing 2 parts of water with 1 part aloe vera gel, you can make aloe vera skin toner. Now, pour this mixture into an airtight bottle and store it in the refrigerator. Before applying, shake the bottle properly. By using a fresh cotton ball, apply the toner all over your face. You can also use a spray bottle to mist your face with this toner and let your skin absorb it without using a cotton ball.
    3. Ointment for insect bites: If you are having an insect bite on your face, then first, wash the wound with soap and water. Pat dry it by using a towel. Now, apply aloe vera gel to the entire area and leave it for 15–20 minutes. Based on your needs, you may reapply it. The anti-septic and anti-microbial properties of aloe vera make it an ideal choice for treating insect bites.
    4. Treatment for minor skin wounds or cuts: If you are having minor cuts or small wounds on your face, then clean your wounds with soap and water and let them dry for some time. Now, pour a small amount of aloe vera gel into the wound or cut. Cover the area with a bandage and allow it to heal overnight. Reapply it if needed.
    5. Antifungal Treatment: If you are suffering from fungal infections, then use aloe vera gel to the area three times a day for 2 weeks.
    6. Moisturizing Effect and Eczema Relief: Use a small amount of aloe vera gel to the face and leave it on for 5–10 minutes. Wash your face with water and gently pat dry
    7. Acne Spots and Rosacea: People generally tend to get conscious if they have any acne spots or redness (such as rosacea) on their face, which may affect their confidence levels. Acne spots are very troublesome and may tarnish your appearance. You can make a solution to overcome these scars by using 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel with 2–3 drops of fresh lemon juice. Keep the mixture in an airtight container and store it in your refrigerator. Once you clean your face, then apply a small amount of the mixture to acne spots and scars once or twice a day. Your scars will fade away gradually and you will regain your beautiful and radiant face. Similarly, to treat rosacea, you can make a mixture by using aloe vera gel with several drops of tea tree oil.   
    8. Treating sunburn: Apply chilled aloe vera gel to the sunburned area twice a day. Your inflammation will be improved if you use aloe vera gel regularly and your skin colour will also be returned to normal.



Risks of Aloe Vera Gel for Face

Though aloe vera gel is safe to use on your face and will not cause any serious health risks, some people may face stinging or burning feelings after applying gel to their face. So, always do a patch test before applying the gel directly to your face, especially if you have sensitive skin. Using aloe vera gel on the face may cause redness as well in some people.

Sometimes, leaving aloe vera gel on the face for a long time may make your skin dry. So, wash your face after a few minutes while applying aloe vera gel to your face. If you have a severe allergic reaction (extremely rare) after using aloe vera gel on face or other parts of the body, please consult a doctor immediately.


Using aloe vera gel on your face will not only make your skin healthy and glowing but also help you to overcome various skin ailments. You can get aloe vera gel directly from an aloe plant or purchase ready-made aloe gel products from various stores. Nowadays, there are several companies that offer pure aloe vera gel with negligible quantities of natural preservatives, such as xanthan gum. By using this nourishing gel on your face and body, you can achieve a healthy-looking skin that is soft and supple to touch and prevent aging signs and other skin ailments. You can use aloe vera gel as a face pack as well. Simply cut a small portion of the leaf from the plant and rub the pulp on your face gently to apply the sticky gel on the skin; make sure to remove the thorns from the sides before opening the leaf to exposure the white, translucent pulp.

You can plant aloe vera in your garden if you don’t have the plant in your home to get home remedies for skin care and enjoy its other benefits. Including aloe vera gel in your daily skin care routine and using it on your face can be immensely helpful in reducing pigmentation and dark spots on the face among other benefits. 


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Dr.William Lewis Aliquam sit amet dignissim ligula, eget sodales orci. Etiam vehicula est ligula, laoreet porttitor diam congue eget. Cras vestibulum id nisl eu luctus. In malesuada tortor magna, vel tincidunt augue fringilla eget. Fusce ac lectus nec tellus malesuada pretium.

MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery) Gold Medalist (2009-2015) M.D In General Medicine (2016-2019), CCID (Infectious Diseases)

PG Diploma In Clinical Endocrinology v& Diabetes, Clinical Associate in Non-Invasive Cardiology

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