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Make Your Nails Healthy With Biotin

We have long heard about the overwhelming benefits of Biotin for nails and their overall health. Many health experts and researchers state that Biotin has several advantages for nail growth and health while helping overcome brittleness at the same time. Biotin is naturally present in several food items while you can also consume supplements and tablets as recommended by the doctor.

Learning more about Biotin

Biotin is a vitamin (B) that is a natural cure for the brittleness of nails. It is present in several food items and also in the form of supplements or tablets. There are numerous benefits offered by Biotin including possible weight loss and also treatment for health conditions such as eczema and acne along with depression, diabetes, and more. Research on the benefits of Biotin for hair and nails is still in a nascent stage although experts claim that it does work for treating brittle nails.

Biotin rich foods

Biotin hair skin and nails advantages are numerous; deficiencies in Biotin lead to hair thinning while supplements may help in the restoration of growth and hair stimulation alike. Biotin products come in a variety of types and avatars, including tablets, pills, and more. Biotin has been shown in various studies to enhance the health of the nails and their strength. Some reports and studies have seen that consumption of 2.5 milligrams in supplements every day for a period of six months has led to nail thickness going up by 25%. For those who suffer from the brittleness of the fingernails, a daily Biotin dose may help in lowering the breaking of the nails and splitting as well.

Consuming Biotin on a daily basis is comparatively safer as per research reports and doctors and it may also prove beneficial for the nervous system, liver, and eyes. Biotin is comparatively safer as an option though it is always a safe bet to discuss new supplementation and dosage aspects with the doctor. 

Health Advantages of Biotin

Biotin is a crucial vitamin, i.e., our bodies require the same for smooth functioning. Biotin that is consumed in several food items helps immensely in converting food into energy. Supplementation may sometimes be recommended by doctors for combating deficiencies in Biotin. Several experts also state that conditioners, shampoos, masks, hair oils, and creams with Biotin may enable hair thickening, shine, glow, and fullness. 

Several research reports and studies have helped in unearthing how Biotin supplements help in the stimulation of hair, re-growth, growth, and also making up clinical deficiencies or alopecia. Researchers have also stated that re-growth of hair happens due to several factors, including making up Biotin deficiencies. Biotin also helps in overcoming brittle toenails and fingernails. The vitamin is known for its positive impact on nail health while also helping with other ailments such as diabetic nerve pain, diabetes, and multiple sclerosis. Biotin primarily helps in the growth of nails and hair above all else. 

Food Items Containing Biotin

Here are some of the commonly-consumed food items which contain Biotin: 

1. Oats
2. Spinach
3. White Mushrooms
4. Cooked Egg Yolks
5. Milk
6. Cheese
7. Carrot 
8. Tomato
9. Lettuce
10. Chicken
11. Apple 

Possible Side Effects

There are several side effects of consuming Biotin, especially if it is consumed in excessive quantities. Some of them include digestive issues, skin rashes, insulin release problems, kidney troubles, and more. However, side effects are rare. What you should do is check carefully with your doctor and work out the suitable dosage in your daily diet. 

How Does Biotin Work on Nails?

While scientific evidence is not abundant with regard to understanding the overall effectiveness and impact of Biotin on overall nail health and treating brittle nails, you should know that several studies have demonstrated how deficiencies do lead to brittleness. Supplementation or scaling up the daily dosage is highly recommended in several scenarios. If you do not want any supplements, you can consume your necessary dose of Biotin from items such as salmon, liver, sardines, egg yolks, bananas, sweet potatoes, carrots, and more. 

Symptoms of Biotin Deficiency

Some of the symptoms are seen in those who consume excessive alcohol or raw egg whites. Genetic Biotin deficiency disorders may lead to several symptoms. Some of the symptoms include red and scaly rashes, hair thinning, exhaustion, depression, tingling sensations in the legs and arms, hallucinations, etc. Other symptoms include brittleness of the nails although this may sometimes be a part of the aging procedure. However, the brittleness of the nails may indicate other ailments including thyroid. 

Brittleness symptoms include easy or frequent tearing, splitting of nails, cracking, breaking, and so on. If you find these symptoms occurring, consult your doctor at the earliest.


This is a brief idea regarding Biotin and how it impacts nail and hair health alike. You should stay watchful about any symptoms of Biotin deficiencies and consult your doctor for information regarding the right dosage each day. 

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