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Top Reasons To Use Ajwain (Carom Seeds) In Food- Health Benefits, Nutrition, Side Effects

Every household in India is familiar with Ajwain, our go-to spice for a variety of mesmerizing dishes. The Ajwain or carom seeds as they are also known have colors varying from brown to olive green. Ajwain has a distinctive and signature scent in the manner of speaking. It is a spice which is also good for health. In fact, there are numerous Ajwain benefits including better digestion and relief for abdominal pain, stomach upsets and so on.

We already know about the Ajwain water benefits when consumed early in the morning as suggested by our elders. The seeds have rich mineral, fiber and vitamin content along with containing antioxidants. You can chew them as they are while adding them to water or even tea for getting benefits.

Let us understand more about the health benefits of carom seeds and nutritional value.

Ajwain Nutrition Value

Before delving deeper into the benefits of carom seeds, it should be mentioned that they have high nutritional value. Here is a list of nutrients present in 1 teaspoon of ajwain seeds:

Protein- Less than 1 g 

Fiber- 1 g

Fat –Less than 1 g

Sugar- 0 g

Carbohydrates- 1 g

You will learn more about the Ajwain seeds benefits in the next section.

Top Health Benefits of Ajwain

Here is a list of the biggest benefits of eating Ajwain:

1. Improves Digestion Powers 

One of the biggest Ajwain benefits is that it greatly enhances digestive abilities. Ajwain stimulates gastric juice releases within the system, enabling easier breakdown of food. Many people take this herb after eating heavy meals in order to combat stomach pain, gas, indigestion or heartburn.

2. Boosts Oral Hygiene 

One of the biggest Ajwain benefits for male and female users is its ability to improve oral hygiene. It has essential oils containing Thymol and this offers anti-bacterial, antiseptic and even anti-fungal features. This is used for making oral hygiene solutions. It is also a natural reliever of pain and helps in lowering toothaches considerably. Ajwain water is used for gargling for relieving toothaches at times.

3. Helps Combat Cough and Cold 

You can consider this as one of the major Ajwain benefits for females and males alike. Ajwain comes in handy for combating respiratory issues including common cold, cough and congestion on account of its antimicrobial features. Ajwain boosts the immune system while enabling swift recovery from cough and cold simultaneously.

4. Enables Wound Healing 

Ajwain comes with anti-bacterial and antiseptic attributes, cleansing infections of the skin and wounds of a minor nature. Thymol contained in Ajwain helps in quickening the procedure of healing as well. 

5. Enhances Health of the Heart 

Ajwain seed extracts are reportedly effective in lowering LDL or bad cholesterol levels along with triglycerides. 

6. Promotes Weight Loss 

Ajwain seeds enable faster digestion owing to their laxative attributes. Ajwain comes with the ability to combat gastrointestinal disorders including gas, indigestion and also flatulence. It enables smoother bowel movements and boosts metabolism which may help in weight loss. 

7. Reduces Acidity Levels 

Also note that ajwain comes with anti-spasmodic attributes and offers relief from conditions like dyspepsia, flatulence and also spasmodic issues. You will get help in treating indigestion and acidity of a severe nature. 

8. Tackles Constipation 

Ajwain has been used to relieve symptoms of constipation over several years. It comes with laxative features and helps in the regulation of bowel movements and loosening stools alongside. 

9. Relieves Asthma 

Ajwain seeds are helpful in treating asthma. Studies have clearly shown how Ajwain extracts have been beneficial in the treatment of patients suffering from asthma. 

10. Battles Infections 

Antiviral attributes of these seeds help in combating several types of infections. Thymol again plays a pivotal role in enhancing overall immunity while bypassing flu and cold alike. 

Ajwain Side Effects

There are some Ajwain water side effects or side effects of consuming the seeds. Here is a list:

  1. Excessive consumption may lead to gas and acid reflux. 
  2. Acidity may also arise upon extra consumption. 
  3. Some people may have allergies to the Ajwain seeds owing to Thymol. This may lead to vomiting, nausea and even dizziness. 

The Bottom Line

Ajwain seeds are excellent remedies for acidity, cough, cold and even wound-healing while enabling better heart health simultaneously. They also boost digestion while helping in relieving issues like constipation and several viral infections. You can start consuming them on a regular basis to witness the benefits for yourself. 


What are Ajwain seeds used for?

Ajwain seeds are used for enhancing body immunity while also combating bloating, indigestion and gas along with treating viral infections, peptic ulcers and esophageal sores. 

What is the English name for Ajwain seeds?

Ajwain seeds are also known as Carom seeds. They are derived from the Trachyspermum ammi or the herb we know as Ajwain. Carom seeds are the fruits of these herbs. 

Can I drink Ajwain water daily?

Yes, you can drink Ajwain water on a daily basis for getting multiple benefits. These include improved digestion powers, lower bloating, weight loss and more. It will ensure better gut health overall. 

How to consume Ajwain seeds? 

You can consume them by directly chewing them each day in the morning. You should chew them at least 30-40 minutes before consuming your daily breakfast. First thing in the morning, these seeds will help in stimulating the release of vital digestive juices that can enhance your digestive abilities in turn. 

What happens if we eat Ajwain daily?

You can expect several benefits including better digestion, immunity against viral infections and relief from gas and constipation along with acidity. Daily consumption of Ajwain is always beneficial in this regard. 

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