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Drinking Sugarcane Juice Is Good For Health And Skin- Nutrition And Health Benefits

The humble sugarcane juice that we often casually drink at home or outside, has more healing powers than we think! A glass of refreshing sugarcane juice is the best antidote towards exhaustion and strain in summers. At the same time, there are numerous uses of sugarcane that will surprise you pleasantly! You should know that it comes with zero fat and is 100% natural as well.

Let us dig deeper to understand all about the benefits of sugarcane juice and sugarcane nutritional value.

List of Nutrients in Sugarcane Juice

Before we proceed further, let us talk about the various health benefits of drinking sugarcane juice. Here is a list of nutrients contained in 1 glass of sugarcane juice:

  • Natural Sugar
  • Zero fat and Cholesterol
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Potassium
  • Sodium
  • Protein
  • Carbohydrates
  • Vitamins A, B-Complex and C
  • Flavonoids

A 240 ml serving will have roughly 250 sugarcane juice calories, making it a healthy and energetic drink for any season.

10 Biggest Health Sugarcane Juice Benefits

Here is a list of the top health benefits of consuming sugarcane juice on a regular basis: 

1. Provides Quick Energy – Sugarcane juice gives a burst of energy almost instantly upon consumption, helping fight dehydration and exhaustion. The natural sugar gets absorbed swiftly by your system and keeps blood sugar levels balanced at all times. 

2. Boosts Liver Functioning – Sugarcane juice is also helpful for enhancing liver functions and keeping ailments like jaundice away. This sweet juice of sugarcane has alkaline properties and can balance out electrolytes smoothly in the body. 

3. Combats Various Types of Cancer – Reports state that sugarcane juice can help in tackling various types of cancers including breast and prostate cancer. It has high potassium, magnesium, calcium, manganese and iron content which enables this attribute.

4. It Boosts Digestion – Sugarcane juice is excellent for those who have digestive issues. The potassium content maintains pH balance in the stomach while stimulating digestive juice secretions and combating infections. 

5. Helps Diabetics –This may sound weird because sugarcane is rich in sugar and diabetics may dread to drink it. Sugarcane juice, if consumed moderately, may help diabetics since it can combat frequent blood glucose jumps.

6. Improves Kidney Health – Sugarcane juice has zero cholesterol and is low I sodium without any saturated fat content. Hence, it helps in keeping the kidneys in good condition.

7. Relieves Pain from UTIs/STDs – Sugarcane juice may help in lowering inflammation in the body, especially if caused due to urinary tract infections or sexually transmitted diseases. 

8. Ensures Healthier Teeth and Bones – Sugarcane juice goes a long way towards stimulating the growth of better bones and teeth, with its calcium content. So, feel free to drink this delicious juice for your bones and teeth.

9. It keeps Bad Breath Away – The dental benefits do not end there. Sugarcane juice helps in combating bad breath while also helping prevent the possibilities of tooth decay. Drinking sugarcane juice regularly is good for your oral health as well. 

10. Helps with Acne – Sugarcane juice has a magical impact on acne. It can cure such skin problems with its alpha-hydroxy acids or AHAs including glycolic acid. These help in enhancing cell turnover and exfoliation and these combine to lower the chances of acne. 

Is sugarcane juice good for weight loss?

The high fibre keeps you feeling fuller for longer while there are zero fats or cholesterol to increase weight. It thus helps with weight loss in the long run. The usage of sugarcane juice in pregnancy is also recommended since it is immensely healthy for the system. However, those with any diabetes should avoid consumption of the same during their pregnancies. 

Is Sugarcane Juice Good For Liver

The liver benefits greatly from sugarcane juice. It aids the liver’s proper functioning by removing liver-related disorders.  
Drinking sugarcane juice boosts the body’s immunity. The body’s robust immune system protects it from a wide range of diseases.

Side Effects of Sugarcane Juice

There are some side effects of sugarcane juice owing to its policosanol content. It may lead to rare instances of stomach upsets, insomnia, headaches, dizziness and even sudden weight loss. It may lead to thinning of blood in some cases and also impact blood cholesterol levels. You should always consume sugarcane juice in moderate amounts without resorting to excessive intake of the same. 

The Bottom Line

Sugarcane juice is highly essential for a healthy and robust system. It not only takes care of dental health, but also improves liver and kidney health along with digestion. It is a natural and refreshing beverage that will give you tons of health benefits if you consume it on a regular basis. 


Is sugarcane juice good for you?

Sugarcane juice is always good for infusing more antioxidants and Vitamin C into the body along with other essential vitamins and minerals. It helps with better immunity and kidney functions. 

Can I drink sugarcane juice every day?

Yes, you can drink sugarcane juice every day. A glass each day will help you combat UTIs and various other infections as well. Yet, consume it in moderation without going overboard. A daily glass will help you harness several benefits while combating several types of infections. 

Is sugarcane juice harmful? 

Sugarcane juice is not usually harmful but it does have some side effects at times. Excessive consumption may lead to insomnia, headaches, upset stomachs, sudden loss of weight and even dizziness in some scenarios. 

What is the benefit of cane juice? 

Sugarcane comes packed with helpful antioxidants and helps in combating various types of infections while boosting overall immunity greatly. It also contains calcium, electrolytes, magnesium and iron, enabling relief from dehydration. It also boosts immunity against infections and colds. 

Which is better: coconut water or sugarcane juice?

This is a subjective question. Coconut water contains lower calories and sugar along with water. It also comes with higher potassium levels. Hence, it is usually considered a healthier option. Yet, sugarcane juice does come with its own set of benefits as well. 

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