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Essential Health Benefits Of Drinking Hot Water For Overall Wellness

Drinking water (cold or hot) offers a handful of health benefits and keeps your body hydrated and healthy. Most people prefer to drink a glass of chilled water, especially in the sultry weather. But you must be astonished to know that the benefits of drinking hot water are endless. For hot water, the temperature of the water is between 130 and 160°F (54 and 71°C). Don’t consume water above this temperature, as it may cause burns or injuries.

In this article, we are going to mention some of the hot water benefits that you must be aware of.

9 Surprising Health Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

1. Relive from Nasal Congestion

This is one of the prime benefits of warm water. A cup of hot water will help you to deal with nasal congestion. If you inhale steam from hot water, it will also unclog your sinuses by making them looser. The benefits of drinking warm water are it gives you relief from sinus headaches; helps you to combat the symptoms of cold and flu, clears runny noses, and prevents mucus accumulation.

2. Constipation Relief from Hot Water

Constipation happens due to dehydration. One of the benefits of drinking hot water in the morning is it improves your bowel movement by breaking down all that clogged-up poop. If you have any difficulties in your bowel movement, a glass of hot water will work magically.

3. Drinking Hot Water for Smooth Digestion

Your GI tract plays an imperative role in your digestion. Warm water dissolves things faster than cold water, including sugar, which is certainly difficult for your body to digest.

Warm water dissolves foods in your stomach quickly that your digestive system might find difficult to break down. Though there is no scientific theory behind this, drinking water is beneficial for your health (at any temperature).

4. Hot Water for Weight Loss

The weight loss journey is an arduous endeavor. Many health experts believe that you need to drink at least 6-8 glasses of warm water to lose weight.

Warm water speeds up your body’s metabolism. Thus, drinking warm water in the morning is beneficial in many ways. When you drink warm water, your body adjusts to the temperature of the water and activates the metabolism. This stimulates weight loss. Warm water degenerates body fat into molecules, thus, your digestive system absorbs them quickly. Moreover, if you drink warm water before meals, then this will help you in managing calorie intake, as it gives a feeling of fullness.

5. Benefits of Drinking Hot Water for Skin

Hot water is also very effective for your skin. Let’s see how?

  • Minimizes the Appearance of Acne and Acne Scars: Warm water cleanses your system, including your pores, and thus, reduces the appearance of acne and scars.  Hot water cleanses your skin in no time.
  • Delays the Signs of Aging: Warm water repairs your skin cells and enhances elastane and collagen production. Thus, it improves the overall quality of the skin by making it smoother and clearer.
  • Prevents Skin Infections: When your skin looks dehydrated, it gets damaged easily. Damaged skin is more prone to skin infections. Drinking warm water boosts up the process of healing your skin from the inside. Drinking water removes toxins, including infection-producing bacteria.

6. It can Help in Curing Throat Congestion

Drinking warm water reduces the mucus that is built up during cough and cold. Hot water is very effective in curing a runny nose, sore throat and chest congestion.

7. Hot Water Minimizes Shivering

Many scientific studies have proved that drinking hot water will minimize shivering when you suffer from a cold and cough. To enhance your body’s temperature, you can keep a hot water bag above your belly. This improves your body’s heat management responses and makes a pause for it.

By expanding your arteries and veins, warm water enhances blood flow. A healthy and steady blood flow is the best defense against arterial and cardiovascular diseases.

8. Drinking Hot Water to Detox

Hot water is beneficial for your kidneys. Medical studies have proved that drinking warm water helps your kidneys filter the toxins from your blood. Moreover, warm water elevates your body temperature and as a result, you may sweat a lot. Sweating removes lethal toxins from your body.

9. Combat Achalasia Symptoms by Drinking Warm Water

Achalasia is a healthcare condition that affects the LES (lower esophageal sphincter) and makes it contract, not expand. As a result, a backup food heads to the stomach, which makes it hard to swallow.

Warm water eases achalasia symptoms for people who are suffering from it. On the other hand, cold water may enhance these contractions, making achalasia symptoms worse.

The Bottom Line

The above article gave you an adequate idea regarding some of the positive effects of drinking hot water daily. Drinking hot water is an excellent way to maintain your overall health, including weight management, skin, and hair. So, start your day with a glass of warm water to lead a healthy and disease-free life.

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